What is Kii?

Whatever you are building an application for, there are some things that you need to make sure of, and the most important of them is that the backend must be excellent.

If you design a great user interface, but the backend is not good in terms of performance and reliability, then the application is not good by any means.

Paying attention to this phenomenon, many companies are providing their platform for excellent backend development capabilities and features. Kii is one of them, and here we will be discussing how it brings value for you.

Kii Overview

As the technologies are getting advanced, many new features are being added as necessary features in most of the applications. Although it makes things easier for the users, the complexity increases at the developer’s end.

In this case, platforms like Kii bring their features for allowing the developers to develop high-performance and high-reliability backend for their IOT software and applications.

Not only this, but the best part is that the backend services are optimized for your requirements, making it perform very well. The feat that you can select between public cloud and private cloud deployment brings a lot of value.

Kii Features to know about

To make the whole development and deployment process easier for you, Kii provides a lot of features. These features make Kii the best in its field as these add a lot to the value for the users. So, here are some of the features that you get when you select Kii for backend development.

  • You can cloud-enable any device with Kii

When you are providing services on a vast scale, making your devices and services cloud-enabled is not an easy task to achieve. However, with Kii, you can quickly get this done. The API provided by Kii helps you in this regard to excel in the IoT initiatives for your applications.

  • Premises flexible deployment

Premises are not an issue when you have Kii at your side because it provides flexibility in deployment options. This feature is supported with the public and private deployment options, where the performance is also monitored for the best results.

  • Device management is easier than ever before

With the rapid deployment services and easy interaction, managing devices is not a difficult thing at all. In addition to this, the configuration management and report firmware updates make device management even more accessible than ever before.

  • Security is ensured

Kii not only provides fantastic quality in terms of performance-related and experience-related features. But it is fantastic when it comes to security as well. Kii ensures that your data never escapes your environment when using Kii for cloud deployment services for your IoT needs.

Kii Advantages to know about

The features you get from Kii are not the only way it brings a lot of value for you. There are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy by using Kii as your IoT deployment platform. So, here are some of those advantages that you can enjoy.

  • With Kii, you can speed up your IoT initiatives to significantly reduce the overall development and deployment time.
  • Kii provides scalability in its features. It makes Kii a fantastic choice for people who are looking for long-term peace of mind.
  • Kii is a platform that provides global services, and its performance is remarkable everywhere on the earth, making it one of the best backend platforms for IoT needs.

Kii Pricing

The pricing model in not available on the website.


Every device is getting smarter with the implementation of IoT in almost every device. However, it makes things somewhat difficult for the developers but not as long as there are platforms like Kii.

Kii is a platform that allows you to build and deploy a great backend for all the IoT needs of your software and devices. Here we were discussing how it brings the most value for its users with the features and benefits.


What is Kii?

High performance backend platform.

What are the core features of Kii?

– IoT
– User Management
– Data Management
– Device Management
– Push Notifications

What are the advantages of Kii?

– Fully managed
– Full stack
– Built for growth

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