What is Netlify?

What is Netlify?

There exist numerous website hosting platforms out there at the present time. But when it comes to name some of the best ones available then you can never ignore Netlify to add in your list. It is because Netlify is making it amazingly easier and convenient for developers to host their websites in a more responsible way. This solution is meant to simplify your website deployment and hosting process and can let you manage the things in a more effective way with ease. Not only this, Netlify can bring numerous benefits to your way. 

Do you want to know more details about Netlify? Let’s have a look at full details of Netlify to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

What is Netlify?

Netlify is one of the most amazing web development platform which is meant to multiply your productivity in the best possible way. The platform helps developers to build, test, and deploy websites. By unifying the modern decoupled web elements from local development processes to advanced logics, Netlify is offering an amazingly faster way to ensure much more performant, scalable, and secure websites and applications.

The website industry is changing away on a continuous as well as rapid basis from monolithic to decoupled approaches. While, developers are storming ahead with much more power than ever before. However, Netlify has been developed to cater this moment. It is offering incredible web automation technology as well as web hosting infrastructure. Netlify is offering next-generation solutions in both aspects and most amazingly, at very affordable range. 

It will work by connecting your GitHub repository to pull your website’s source code. After that it will run a build process to pre-render your website’s pages into static HTML. The resulting pages will then be distributed and deployed across a wider range of content delivery networks. However, whenever, a user will request to access your website, it will choose a nearest data center automatically to serve users effectively. 

Netlify Pricing

Netlify is offering 3 different pricing packages. Have a look at all three of those to know more:

  • Start Package: 

If you want to host your personal project then this hosting solution can be the best for you to consider. This deal is available for Free. So, you can easily experiment with your hobby sites or personal projects here. This offer is available for one member only. 

  • Pro version: 

This version is available for $45 per month. Pro developers who want to build small websites or pilot projects can consider this offer. It offers entire starter package services along with some addition. 

  • Business plan

This offer is available for $1000 monthly. This offer will let you design custom packages on the basis of your organization’s needs with ease. 

Netlify Main Features

Do you want to know what makes Netlify an amazing option to consider? Have a look at the features enlisted below to get a better idea:


When it comes to use netlify then the easiest way to understand what this solution can do for you is your web applications hosting. This solution is hosting your static websites and ensures better security, performance, speed, and scalability in a more effective way. Most hosts out there are having free version. However, you can stand out with the custom domain name and HTTPS with Netlify. You don’t have to pay to get support for a custom domain name. Along with its free tier, it also offers pro version with interesting services. you can go with any of these hosting solution as per your needs. 

Serverless functions 

If you are developing your static site and don’t want to deal with backend services, you can use a third-party BaaS solution to do this. Although your site is decoupled but lambda functions will let you do anything needed here with ease. Don’t be worried about creating backend when using Netlify because it allows to integrate serverless functions for backend solutions. 


If you want to get information from your users, then creating forms is the easiest way to get done with this. Fortunately, Netlify is offering form submission feature which can let you get information from users via simple lambda function. 


Netlify is offering a wider tools and applications ecosystem. You can use Netlify add-ons like forms, identity, partner integration and analytics for enhanced functionality. 

Split Testing 

Split testing feature of Netlify will help you to deploy two different websites versions. So, that you can track which one of these is working better for your business in a more effective way. 

Continuous deployment 

When it comes to deploy your website, then Netlify is incredibly faster and easier with this process. You can easily setup continuous deployment by using GitLab, GitHub, or bitbucket. By this you just have to set an initial connection between your source code and site, then you can easily push all the changes to make an update. And that’s it.

Netlify Benefits

Have a look at the benefits of Netlify enlisted below to know how it can benefit your project in a more effective way:

  1. Netlify is offering a less expensive solution to build, host and deploy your websites or applications. Developing and hosting static applications can let you save more on a longer run. 
  2. Netlify build is an interesting solution which can help developers to create with any of the integrations. It can let you create unlimited branches of your site every time you need change content or alter its functionality.
  3. Netlify makes it super easier to launch your website with its built-in DNS management solution. 

Netlify Alternatives

GitHub Pages

GitHub pages is an alternative to Netlify which can let you host your personal or organization’s websites. It will let you host your project from GitHub library directly. 

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is one of the most amazing storage solutions for internet which is meant to make web-scale computing convenient and easier for developers.

GitLab Pages

Fully integrated with Gitlab, generates static content, and allow you to connect your custom domain.

General FAQ

What is Netlify?

Netlify is a web hosting and automation platform that accelerates development productivity. By unifying the modern decoupled web elements from local development processes to advanced logics, Netlify is offering an amazingly faster way to ensure much more performant, scalable, and secure websites and applications.

What’s the pricing of Netlify?

Start Package – Free Tier
Pro version – $45 per month
Business plan – $1,000 per month

What are the main features of Netlify?

– Webhosting
– Serverless Functions
– Continuous deployment 
– Forms

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