What is Outsystems?

Having software or an application has become very important for evolving your business in the right way. However, it is not the easiest thing for every business.

Especially where the business is run by non-technical people, it gets very difficult to build an application. In this case, platforms like Outsystems make things easier with their low-code features and other amazing benefits.

Outsystems Overview

Outsystems is a platform designed to help users looking for an amazing application for their business but lack the technical knowledge and skills. So, here you get the low-code environment for developing applications making the whole thing very quick, easy, and efficient.

It works by the visual development method where users can easily integrate different features and systems visually. Not only this, but the users also get the choice to add their custom code for additional features when they need it.

Outsystems Core Features

When it comes to professionally using Outsystems for business application development, you need every feature of the best quality. Well, Outsystems is the platform that can deliver very well, in this case, with all of its features. So, here are some of its most amazing features.

  • Application designing and development

With the newer technologies, more people are developing better applications, making things trickier for non-technical people. However, Outsystems provides amazing application design and development features which include no-code or low-code app development.

Things like programming code extending, custom branding, and application templates for both front end and back end make things extremely easy for everyone.

  • Data management

Data being the most important thing of all, is managed very well and carefully here. Things like data synchronization and data migration are very easy to deal with. Additionally, the data is very secure, which makes Outsystems a reliable platform.

  • Content management

After developing the application, you need to make sure that you are efficiently dealing with content management. The portals and sites from Outsystems application development help inefficient content management.

  • Publishing the application

From the start of the app development process to its being compatible with several platforms, everything goes amazingly with Outsystems. Not only this but the lifecycle management service from the publishing feature makes sure that the application performs very well in the long term.

Outsystems Advantages

Outsystems brings a lot of value for its users with its amazing features. What makes it even better is that it comes with several advantages over some of the similar platforms.

So, here we will be mentioning some of the advantages that you can enjoy using Outsystems as your basic app development platform.

  • It provides rapid user interface development.
  • The application developed here can be integrated with almost everything.
  • There is no lack in the performance that you get from Outsystems.
  • Scalability makes it an amazing platform for those who are looking for long-term peace of mind.
  • The user interface is clean and easy to use with a very short learning curve.

While these were some of the amazing advantages that come along with Outsystems, there are a lot more, so you can expect great value from using Outsystems.

Outsystems Pricing

When you select Outsystems, you get no limits to develop the applications so you can make them grow along with your business. Here you get everything you need for building enterprise-grade applications.

Whether those are mobile apps or web apps, you can develop them quickly using lesser code skills. So, all of this will cost you in the following manner.

  • There is a free package that will be an amazing way to start with the services from Outsystems.
  • The basic package starts at $4000 per month, although you have to pay annually.
  • The Standard package starts at $10000 per month, and it also is billed annually.

If you feel like these packages are not enough for your business needs, you can also get enterprise services. It will involve a custom quote according to the services you are using, and you also need to contact the support team to get this package.


Outsystems is an amazing platform that you can use for building applications that your business needs to grow. In this way, you will be able to let your business grow.

At the same time, you will be focusing more on the chores of your business because Outsystems will help you deal with all the technical work. Here we were elaborating on different facts on how Outsystems brings amazing value for its users.


What is Outsystems?

Nocode development platform.

What are the core features of Outsystems?

– Application designing and development
– Data management
– Content management
– Publishing the application

What are the advantages of Outsystems?

– Accelerates development
– Scalability
– Performance

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