What is Serverspace?

Whether you are running an online business or you are in the mood of starting a blog. There will be a need for cloud services because the era of server-based hosting has passed. It is the time of managed backend services where many service providers worldwide are providing their services.

Serverspace is one of those cloud service providers. Here we will be discussing more the services you can get here.

Serverspace Overview

Being a subscription-based platform, Serverspace provides its IT infrastructure services that can be used to deploy virtual servers. Being cloud-based, these servers are straightforward to manage worldwide, and those can be used for things like configuration of network circuits, SSL certificates, admin domain zones monitoring, and a lot more.

However, the exciting thing here is that the whole process is straightforward and easy because inn stead of networking and configurations, you can do all the world in a few clicks. So, within a few clicks, you can deploy a virtual IT infrastructure.

Serverspace Advantages

Being a solution to one of the leading issues in cloud technology and servers, Serverspace brings a lot of advantages along with its features. Here we will discuss some of them.

Predictable pricing to make you aware of what you are using and how much you need to pay

There are many online service providers, and most of them have the issue of hidden charges. The services seem to be cheap; however, as the payment time comes, the overall total increases make it problematic.

However, this is the case with Serverspace. The prices are very transparent here, and the users know exactly what they need to pay for the services they are utilizing.

Scalability makes it a platform work for everyone

When starting up a server, whether it is virtual or not, scalability is the most important thing. It is because a server that fulfills your requirements today may not be sufficient for you after some years or months. It is one of the most significant benefits of using the Serverspace services to have scalability wherever you need it.

Managing a server is a very hectic thing and what makes it even worse is that you have to deal with downtime. With Serverspace at your service, you will never have to deal with similar issues because you have the guarantee of 99.9% uptime. The fantastic thing is that this is agreed in the agreement, so the reliability cannot be questioned.

Serverspace Core Features

Apart from all these fantastic advantages of using Serverspace for your IT needs, you get many core features along with their services. Here is a word about some of them.

1.    The up-to-date hardware backend makes the platform perform very well

Serverspace knows that performance is significant for their services and to ensure this. They have up-to-date hardware. In terms of hardware, they have implemented Xeon gold CPUs in combination with the NVMe SSDs.

This combination provides blazing fast processing speeds and provides impressive data transfer speed because of the SSDs. It is the exact thing that makes their hardware perform very well in benchmarks as well.

2.    The fantastic control panel makes management very easy

Managing the server in the right way is very important, and Serverspace has also done exceptionally well in this regard. With their fantastic control panel, managing the cloud infrastructure becomes very easy, simple, and quick at the same time.

3.    The ultrafast deploy feature makes deployment quick

With the help of a renewable pool, all the virtual machines are provided in a reliable manner. It makes sure that the deployment speed is rapid. With this technique’s help, the deployment time is decreased by about 40 seconds on average.

4.    Freeze protection feature to make the website perform even better

The single-page application architecture means that the first page is successfully loaded, all other pages will be immediately uploaded. It makes the projects very fast and lag-free.

5.    Two Factor Authentication makes security more effective

The 2FA feature, with the help of mobile applications or SMS, makes our platform very secure where only users can access it with the correct codes.

Serverspace Pricing

There are two primary plans, the fixed plan and the flexible plan in terms of pricing. Here are the details about each of them.

  • Flexible plans start at about $5 per month, but the prices can vary as you change the requirements.
  • The fixed plan starts at $5 per month, and there are upper-end options available as well.
  • These were the prices of services from Serverspace.


Managing your virtual cloud for the IT infrastructure can make a lot of things better in many cases. Server space is the platform that can help you with this. Here we discussed how the advantages that you get with its services could make things very efficient at your end.


What is Server Space?

Cloud infrastructure service.

What are the advantages of Server Space?

– Predictable pricing
– Scalability
– Security

What are the core features of Server Space?

– 24/7 customer support
-99.9% SLA
– Pay as you go plans

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