What is Visual LANSA?

Developing an application means that you are dealing with multiple technologies. There are frontend technologies, and then there are Backend technologies. Apart from these, there is a middleware that is used for connecting both of these.

It makes the application development process very difficult, complex, time taking, and skill demanding. However, Visual LANSA is a platform that takes care of all of these issues, and here we will be discussing how it is one of the best choices for you.

Visual LANSA Overview

Visual LANSA is a low-code application development platform that amazingly helps develop websites and mobile applications on enterprise-grade. It is why it is used by a lot of IT pros for developing all types of applications.

In addition to all of this, developing enterprise-grade applications here is faster and easier. Still, it costs low and reduces the need to be an expert in different technologies and programming languages.

While these things bring a lot of value for the users, what makes it an even better platform is that you can deploy the application to Windows, Linux, or IBM servers after the development process.

Visual LANSA Core Features

While being a low-code app development platform, Visual LANSA brings many amazing features for its users. Here we will be elaborating on some of those features and services.

1.    Better data integrity

When the applications are being developed in a traditional method, the main attention is on the interface and the application’s Backend methodology without paying attention to things like data integrity.

The reason behind this is that the main goal is first to get the application running. Visual LANSA helps in the application development process and pays attention to features like data integrity. It has an integrated business rules engine that acts as both security and enforcer of business rules. It significantly increases the data integrity of the applications developed here.

2.    No need for debugging and resolving errors

Debugging and resolving errors while the development of applications are the two most time-consuming things. Visual LANSA makes sure that you do not have to waste your time on such things soi it provides a consistent-looking and high-quality website or mobile application with almost no code.

With this low-voiced development at your side, there will hardly be a need for debugging to resolve errors. So, with the help of Visual LANSA, you get your application developed in the right way on the first attempt.

3.    Wide scope of integration options

Visual LANSA is a platform that has made it able to integrate the applications developed using it with anything. Whether you are looking to integrate cloud technology or your previous data and assets, you can do it as you wish. It makes applications developed using Visual LANSA widely applicable.

4.    Future proof platform

Technologies and platforms keep changing, and Visual LANSA pays great attention to this. It makes sure that whatever new technology comes, you can easily transform your underlying technology with it. It all together makes swapping platforms and migrating databases very easy.

Visual LANSA Advantages

Visual LANSA not only provides amazing features for the applications, but it also comes with several advantages making your application development process very fluent and streamline. Here are some of those advantages that Visual LANSA brings along.

  • You can build applications faster without needing to compromise on the quality.
  • With Visual LANSA, you do not need to hire or get additional resources like workforce and development costs.
  • Applications built on Visual LANSA can make you a lot more productive as you move from paper-based business management to digital.

Applications developed on Visual LANSA can be deployed anywhere, which increases availability. So, it cuts on the operational costs.

Visual LANSA Pricing

Visual LANSA is a platform that is not restricted to being awesome only for its services. It is equally awesome when it comes to the prices. So, here is all about the packages that you get here.

  • The free trial is available for 90 days.
  • The Entry Level package starts at $16.66 per user per month.
  • The Mid-Tier package starts at $13.34 per user per month.
  • The Enterprise package starts at $8.34 per user per month.

In this way, you can start with a free trial and select the package that suits your needs in the best way.


Developing mobile or web applications is not difficult anymore with platforms like Visual LANSA. Here we were discussing how much it costs and how it brings the best experience for its users.

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