Where are mobile hosted?

The mobile industry is continuously growing while attracting businesses from everywhere. The exploding popularity of mobile apps has made app developers famous. In 2020 alone, app revenues heightened to about $600B rendering this business a boom. 

So what are these mobile apps that people keep talking about? What benefits do mobile apps bring to a business? These are the numerous frequent queries posed by many people. To answer these questions and more about mobile hosting, here’s an article to explain more. 

What is a mobile app?

Mobile apps can be described as application types designated to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Although mobile apps are typically minute software units, they still offer top-notch experiences and services for a user.

Unlike desktop-designated apps, mobile apps can easily move from an integrated software system. Each app can effortlessly provide limited and isolated functionality. 

What is mobile hosting?

A mobile app usually is the end product after development. Before users can be permitted to install and discover your app, there is an entire universe behind it. An app needs a user account, wherein users’ info should be stored. This place can be a database directly linked to your app.

It is invisible to the users from their end, but it should be functioning properly for essential purposes. This database permits you to keep vital info of your users like user names, email addresses, et al. if it is a mobile app for a business; the server can store information such as invoices, customer details, technician identifications, and others.

However, not all mobile apps require mobile hosting, such as standalone offline games that don’t necessarily need to be online when in use. 

Why use the cloud for hosting a mobile app?

These are some reasons to cloud host your mobile app.

  • Cost-effective alternative

Cloud hosting is undeniably the best and cheaper alternative to the olden dedicated servers requiring companies to have independent data centers. With the traditional models, storage and servers have dedicated virtual and hardware resources resided on premises which is very costly to start for that particular organization.

  • Enhances business Continuity

There’s no guarantee that an in-house server won’t fail unexpectedly. Therefore, you should always have a backup plan in case an in-house server goes down. With a cloud server, you are assured of minimal impacts correlated with service losses.   

  • Speedy data delivery 

CDNs or content delivery networks can effectively host various forms of data such as sound, media content, streaming video, and images that can be resource-intensive. Therefore, when a mobile app is hosted, everything is speedy, and loading time is speedy hence delivering whatever is required within no time.  

  • Quick access to Critical Services 

Mobile hosting has a lot of benefits, such as offering speedy access to critical services. Modern hosting can automatically detect the server that’s closest to a user. This will help in providing content hence minimizing delay as well as loading time.  

Another benefit is cost-efficient and flexible scalability when building sites, apps as well as other services. Since users can effortlessly scale as they want, they get to pay for services used only.  With this system of payment, cloud hosting for mobile apps is a cost-effective storage method. 

Where are mobile apps hosted?

Mobile apps are hosted in mobile backend platforms. Some examples below:

1. Back4app

Back4app is a good mobile app hosting service. This is because it’s entirely open-source; hence you needn’t worry about status updates next time. It is effortless to update it manually. Should you need to develop a mobile app that will natively scale, Back4app is a great choice. Besides, it offers space for deleting and editing some things in the app, making it simply customizable. 

2. Heroku

 This PaaS Salesforce-acquired platform accelerates app development and then hosts it without any issues. Heroku is appropriate for various mobile and business applications generally.  

3. Firebase

It’s a unique, innovative Google platform that undeniably provides hosting services exceedingly beyond expectations. It is inclusive of various features such as analytics, scalable hosting, real-time database et al.   

4. Vultr

Vultr offers high-performance solid-state drive, aka SSD cloud servers which are famous globally. It aims to make efficient and reliable hosting for mobile apps worldwide.The owners can achieve this effortlessly through its standardized platform that’s useable by all customers.  

5. Digital Ocean

The platform boasts of assisting many developers all over the world, increasing reliability and speed. Due to its complete marketplace and open-source type of nature, people can purchase components, packaged services, and tools at the same time all over the world. It is a versatile option too. 

6. Backendless

Backendless is often hailed amongst the best and peculiar platforms for various purposes. As its name suggests, Backendless can also effortlessly build a whole application from zero coding. That’s how efficient and cool it is.  

7. AWS

These are a set of several JavaScript scripts combined under one platform. If you are a mobile app developer, you can utilize these scripts for making a robust backend to support all your apps based on the services of Amazon. 

8. Azure

Designated by Microsoft, Azure is a very big platform that has earned impressive popularity over the last years due to the various features it offers. Some of the best features from Azure that make it attractive and famous for hosting mobile apps are cross-platform. 

Apps developed via AMA will be utilized on macOS, Windows, Androids, iOS seamlessly. With it, users are able to communicate easily with one another. It also develops apps speedily. This is courtesy of AMA as it reduces development times considerably. 

9. Kinvey

Kinvey develops several online and mobile apps apart from the usual business apps. It is an effective backend that provides efficiency and cloud functionality overall. 

10. Alibaba Cloud

Finally, the Alibaba Cloud mobile app hosting service effectively offers to host solutions to all mobile apps. If you are a developer, Alibaba will assist you in reducing IT costs, maintenance, and other development issues while guaranteeing stability and security of your mobile app. You can’t go wrong with the Alibaba Cloud hosting server for mobile apps. 


All the above mobile apps backend are highly efficient and good at the job. It all boils down to what you want as a developer. Hopefully, this article has helped you gain some insight regarding the topic. In case of queries, drop them in the comment section. 


What is a mobile app?

Mobile apps can be described as application types designated to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What is mobile hosting?

A cloud service that store data, files, and provides computing power.

Where to host a mobile app?

– Back4app
– Heroku
– Firebase
– Digital Ocean
– Vultr
– Kinvey
– Backendless
– Azure
– Alibaba Cloud

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