Top 10 Startups using Flutter

Do you know the fact that Flutter has become one of the fastest-growing available cross-platform framework?

Flutter has experienced a usage increase of 9% during the last year. This statistic becomes more important when you know that the competitors of Flutter were stagnant.

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is an open-source, free UI framework of Google for developing cross-platform applications.

It is meant to help developers create applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and others that are too even with a single codebase. It has made it easier and quicker for developers to develop rich cross-platform applications without any hassle.

Flutter commonly works well with existing code. Due to which it is commonly used by developers and companies alike for cross-platform app development.

Top 10 Startups using Flutter

It seems like a normal routine that a new company uses Flutter to release a new application. Or there is a company that just has switched to flutter due to its lucrative benefits.

Flutter is all set to supercharge the development processes. Therefore, companies of almost any size benefit from using Flutter to release their apps.

However, here we have enlisted some of the best companies using Flutter to make you understand things better in this regard.

So, here we go:


In 2019, Nubank decided to switch to Flutter for their mobile app. They wrote a comprehensive overview regarding the criteria and roadmap of scaling their app with Flutter.

Unsurprisingly, the team here still loves working with Flutter. And the team has claimed that Flutter has become an important part of their culture, especially when they talk about app development.


Dream11 is a service supporting about 50 million fantasy sports users in India.

Dream11 utilized Flutter for the development of multiplatform solutions. This solution is meant to deliver a highly innovative user experience more quickly. 3 persons from the Dream11 team firstly decided to test Flutter.

Later their project went on well. Therefore, they decided to stick to the Flutter for their project.


Crowdsource is a fun and innovative way at Google that offers a gamified method for millions of users to help in training artificial intelligence and machine learning models of Google.

It is a fun way of helping Google products such as Maps, photos, translate, etc., to better serve users across cultures and regions.

About 3 million users are contributing to Crowdsource from 190 different countries. However, crowdsource had used Flutter previously to implement the smart camera feature.

It was a complex feature that used an on-device machine learning model for a live camera. Even though the complexity of this feature was high, however, the Flutter development by Crowdsource turned into a success. That’s from where Crowdsource team developed confidence in a Flutter.

After this success, crowdsource team also rebuilt their overall android application into a flutter. While using Flutter for their development projects is not a major challenge anymore for the team of crowdsourcing.

Quinto Andar

This company has been making strides using Flutter in the real estate market of Brazil.

Their app is meant to help users through different stages of sales and rentals of real estate. According to an article documenting the company’s experience regarding this app, their team tested both Flutter and React Native for their mobile apps.

However, due to more flexibility and benefits, they used Flutter for the app.


Reflectly has used Flutter to design exclusive digital experiences for its users. Despite working with 2 engineers only, the Reflectly team delivered both iOS and Android apps within 2 and a half months.

The developers experienced about a 50% decrease in their overall development time. While the company also experienced a 10% growth in its active users.

Byte Dance

In 201, Byte Dance needed to develop different apps that could work well across the platforms. Fortunately, the company’s existing solution involved a lot of duplicate work.

The team was assured that they could streamline the process using a more efficient toolkit, just like a Flutter. So, they used Flutter to create each application once instead of creating multiple versions of the same app.


Etsy is a one-stop shop for collectors and artists. Most importantly, Etsy is also building its app using Flutter for sellers. The company has been looking for Flutter engineers to help in this regard.

The company is all set to use Flutter and provide its users with an experience that will help Etsy sellers to grow and build their business via mobile in the best possible way.

Invoice Ninja

More than 180,000 businesses are utilizing Invoice Ninja for easy billing, invoices, as well as expense tracking.

Fortunately, this application is also using the multiplatform prowess of Flutter with all its desktop, web, and mobile versions. Most importantly, this is also one of the first Flutter apps to launch on the Windows Microsoft store.

Invoice Ninja is also a prominent option to consider here because the entire code of this app is open source.


Wunderlist makers are at Flutter once again for superlist. It is basically a productivity application for both individuals and teams to collaborate for their projects to complete them on time.

This application is based on an open-source rich text editor based on Flutter. This package can also be useful for various applications that will use Flutter in the future.


It is a tool meant to collect feedback within the applications made with Flutter. The functionality of the Wiredash is within the Flutter framework. It offers quality feedback options for apps without impacting their performance.


Overall, Flutter has become an excellent framework to develop performant and beautiful applications for almost any screen.

At the same time, the new releases are making companies more excited about the future of cross-app development and Flutter itself. However, we have enlisted some of the big names who are using Flutter for their apps.

So, you can easily get to know about the companies that are performing noteworthy work using Flutter.


What is Flutter?

Open-source cross development platform.

What are the top 10 startups using Flutter?

– Nubank
– Dream11
– Crowdsource
– Quinto Andar
– Reflectly
– Byte Dance
– Etsy
– Invoice Ninja
– Superlist
– Wiredash

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