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How to start a SaaS business


A SaaS company delivers value to its customers through its platform.  When a founder decides to start a startup he’s well aware of the fact that he’ll need to invest time in two big activities: talking to prospects and building consumer-focused products. That’s the path to reach the product-market-fit. For SaaS startups, the second task frequently is where they(and all his team) will need to invest more time and effort. On the other hand, software vendors who are already selling applications on-premises and wishing to move to a SaaS/recurring revenue model will need to invest a lot in platform development.

Top 10 Alternatives to Heroku

Top 10 Alternatives to Heroku

Heroku is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) and one of the pioneers of cloud services. Before they came into the scene, developers were facing considerable challenges in building and configuring servers from scratch. Other bottlenecks include shared hosting limitations and the complication of cloud technology and its deployment strategies. However, the Heroku platform introduced a technology that makes building, scaling, and deploying apps faster and easier than ever. That is why the company became a household name in the developer community.

Heroku is an innovative company that created novel standards for a commercially sustainable cloud service, such as Platform as a Service (PaaS). The company has accomplished a lot, helping many enterprise companies achieve their business objectives.  However, I recently began to notice that developers were researching for Heroku alternatives.  So, I started wondering, “Why would developers want to jump ship to a Heroku alternative?”

In this article, you’ll learn why developers want alternatives and available options to Heroku. You’ll also see a comparison table that shows the pros and cons of each option and how they compete with Heroku. Here is a summary of the article:

  • Why look for an alternative to Heruku?
  • The best 10 Heroku alternatives
  • Comparison Table 
  • Conclusion

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