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BaasBox Alternatives: Top 3 Competitors

BaasBox Alternatives: Top 3 Competitors

The best alternatives to BaasBox

BaasBox is one of the most amazing backend solutions which can help you make your mobile backend easier. This will help you to build your applications quicker. Most importantly, it ensures zero vendor lock-in and will deploy you with SDKs for Android, web, and iOS anywhere. However, with BaasBox, here we have brought some of the best BaasBox alternatives which are a must for you to know.

Here are the best alternatives to BaasBox which you must consider:

Outsystems Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Outsystems Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Coding platforms are essential for developing mobile apps. Outsystems is one of the most popular coding platforms in use today. However, there are several Outsystems alternatives available in the market today to those looking for something different.

What is Outsystems?

Recognized by Forrester and Gartner for its quality and performance, Outsystems is a coding platform that can handle low-level operations.

Features of Outsystems

You can find the following features when using the Outsystems platform.

  • Data synchronization without Internet connectivity.
  • Convenient cross-platform support for apps.
  • App update through single clicks and the platform tracks every change.

Benefits of Outsystems

Listed below are some advantages of using Outsystems for app development.

  • Availability of free trial – Apart from a limited period free trial, the platform offers a free version to save money during app development.
  • Guides available – A handy guide is available to Outsystems users, which includes courses, study guides, and webinars detailing the workings of the platform.

Outsystems Pricings

You can choose from three versions of Outsystems. Each version has different offerings and their prices vary as well.

  • Free Version – This version is completely free with no hidden charges.
  • Enterprise Version – Billed annually, this version costs $6,250 per month.
  • Universal Version – Billed annually, this is the top version costing $15,000 per month.

How Two4Tea scaled its Game Application to 55 Million users with Back4App

How Two4Tea scaled its Game Application to 55 Million users with Back4App

There are a variety of different businesses that have made great use of Back4App’s services and flexible backend to launch and improve their applications. This particular partnership, with game-maker Two4Tea, is notable because Back4App was able to help provide support on all phases for a popular app, from building to launch to scaling to optimizing.  Here’s a closer look at how our platform helped this client refine and scale their operations.

Kii Alternatives: Top 5 Competitors

Kii Alternatives: Top 5 Competitors

Kii is a backend solution that comes with the highest performance and can provide you highly optimized and powerful solutions for the faster and efficient application development process. This is an amazing platform that can speed up your development process and can let you manage IoT initiatives more effectively.

Top 5 Kii Alternatives

Here are top Alternatives to Kii which you should know: Alternatives: Top 5 Competitors Alternatives: Top 5 Competitors

Another project of Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firehose is designed to help stream data into data lakes, stores, and analytics tools. Firehose is one of the best options to enable analytics onto major business intelligence tools and dashboards. Firehose is like a complete package when it comes to streaming and handling data related to analytics.

But if for some reason, you are unable to use, or don’t really like using it, here are some Firehose alternatives that you should know about:

Azure Mobile Apps Alternatives

Azure Mobile Apps Alternatives

Azure Mobile Apps is one of the most amazing mobile application development platforms which can let you build engaging applications faster than ever. Developers can build native and cross-platform applications more efficiently for Android, Windows, and iOS. This will let you send push notifications, and help you to add custom backend logic in Node.js or C#. You can authenticate your customers and can get an amazing opportunity to build responsive applications with off-line sync. Azure is here to provide you entire services that can help you to create amazing applications faster.

Do you want to know some Azure Mobile Apps Competitors? Here we have compiled a list of top options which you can consider in this regard. Top 5 Alternatives Top 5 Alternatives is an open-source backend that allows developers to quickly implement features without even needing to code. It is the first-ever offline Javascript backend and is mainly used by mobile application & game developers to make a backend that works without needing to waste dozens of hours into difficult backend coding. There are some alternatives to that might be better than itself in certain scenarios. We have listed five of them:

Oracle Mobile Hub: Top 5 Alternatives

Oracle Mobile Hub: Top 5 Alternatives

Oracle mobile hub is one of the best mobile platforms which can bring amazing and better opportunities to build, deploy and manage mobile applications quickly. This is not only offering real-time data access but also bringing better opportunities to manage multiple APIs in a more effective way. Even more, it will let developers connect the application with on-demand third-party systems with ease.

Top 5 Oracle Mobile Hub Competitors

Here are some top alternatives to Oracle mobile hub which you must know:

Locaweb Alternativas: Conheça 5 Fornecedores

Locaweb Alternativas: Conheça 5 Fornecedores

A hospedagem na Web é um serviço extremamente útil, sem o qual as empresas deixam de tornar seus sites acessíveis através da internet. A Locaweb é um popular provedor de serviços de hospedagem na web que oferece seus produtos a milhares de empresas de TI.

O que é a Locaweb?

A Locaweb fornece serviços de TI a consumidores, empresas de nível médio e pequeno e até empresas corporativas. Com milhares de clientes ativos, é considerado um dos mais importantes provedores de serviços de hospedagem na web no mundo. Se você precisa de serviços de hospedagem de qualidade, a Locaweb oferece uma solução confiável para sua marca. No entanto, além da oportunidade de hospedagem na web, a Locaweb também fornece outros serviços, como registro de domínio, recursos de computação em nuvem e serviços de call center virtual.

Serviços da Locaweb

Para saber mais sobre os tipos de serviços oferecidos pela Locaweb, dê uma olhada abaixo.

  • Hospedagem na Web – Esta é a principal operação da empresa. A hospedagem na Web da Locaweb inclui o serviço de hospedagem, registro de domínio e todos os outros serviços relacionados.
  • Serviços de terceirização – também oferece serviços de infraestrutura do Datacenter, que incluem servidores dedicados e computação em nuvem.
  • Comunicação – A Locaweb fornece serviços de call center virtual juntamente com PABX virtual para empresas que precisam do mesmo.

No entanto, a Locaweb não é o único provedor de serviços de hospedagem no mundo. Muitas empresas estão procurando alternativas da Locaweb. Listadas abaixo estão algumas opções abertas para você:

GraphQL Backend

GraphQL Backend

The task of creating a big-time mobile app is both cost-intensive and time-consuming. You will need financial resources, mental energy, and lots of time to transform an idea into a full-fledged mobile app. This article will explore how you can speed up the development timeline of your app and also reduce your speed to market.

In this article, we shall explore the benefits of synergizing the power of GraphQL with a Backend as a Service platform.  Without further ado, let’s delve into the tutorial.

An Overview of GraphQL

GraphQL is not completely new to the reader of this article. But many are not aware of the power it presents and the enhancement it can bring into their application development projects.  So, let’s get more acquainted with GraphQL.

 The genesis of GraphQL can be traced back to Facebook. The social media giant uses this application to achieve the following:

  • Streamlining and display posts that need to access an API
  • Make a post should display the list of users that liked it
  • Make user object display additional information such as a link to the profile, name and profile picture, and many more.

Well, these facts are apparent by accessing Facebook through the web browser. Unfortunately, the mobile app does not give us access to this information. All we see on the mobile platform is a list of likes and a link that leads to their profile.