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BaaS vs Serverless | Learn the differences

BaaS vs Serverless | Learn the differences

Many developers fail to grasp the crucial distinction between serverless and BaaS computing, primarily because there are certain similarities between the same.

For instance, both of these options allow automated backend development without direct intervention from developers. Moreover, many BaaS providers also offer serverless computing alongside it, creating more confusion.

However, you must understand significant operational differences when it comes to BaaS vs serverless. Read on to know more.

Announcing the Database HUB: Easiest way to fetch data to your App

Today we’re thrilled to share with you the newest Back4App Platform: The Database HUB. As part of our mission to help developers build apps faster, the HUB is a public database repository designed to help you to populate your App with ready-to-use data in record time. With the Database HUB, you can both connect to or clone a public database into an app on Back4App in only a few steps.

How to build a Ecommerce app?

How to build a Ecommerce app?

Are you an online seller looking to get a unique eCommerce application developed? Do you have a bright idea for the next big app?

But how do you go about creating an eCommerce app?

The rate of mobile phone usage across the world is growing fast as devices become more available to everyone. Mobile usage has grown to such an extent that the world now has more phones than it has human beings.

Despite technology becoming more accessible, mobile application development is still expensive and complex. Take a look at 10 actionable tips mentioned in this article to know how to build an e-commerce app faster and cheaper.

Following these will let you create fluid and feature-rich applications that facilitate easy online commerce.

The things you can discover as you read on include:

  • The top 8 eCommerce platforms today
  • Ten essential steps to make an e-commerce app
  • Vital must-have features of eCommerce applications

How to Create a YouTube App Clone?

How to Create a YouTube App Clone?

All global businesses were once startups before they grew to become multinational companies we know today. The good news is that you can access the technology these companies used to power their platforms.

Let’s take YouTube as an example, three staff of PayPal resigned and partnered to develop a video-sharing platform.  In its early days, YouTube averages 30,000 daily visitors. Today, the platform has grown to become the world’s largest video hosting service that boasts over two billion users.

The success story of YouTube inspires developers and technology business owners to build an app like YouTube. If you also want to build a YouTube-like app, keep on reading this step-by-step guide.

While your quest to create a YouTube clone is a worthwhile endeavor, you must understand that creating an app is not child’s play. Several factors like costs, server procurement, development team, and project management are critical hurdles you must overcome.

This article will save you money, time, and avoidable headaches while creating your mobile app project. Here are the eight steps to take while building a YouTube clone app.

  • Note down your high-level goals.
  • Make a list of minimum features.
  • Create a sketch of your YouTube-like
  • Begin from a template.
  • Create the backend.
  • Generate code for the front end.
  • Seek user feedback.
  • Publish and promote your YouTube-like

Keep reading to discover how to create an app like Youtube. 

Why make an app using a template?

Why make an app using a template?

Templates have been around for some time now. Templates refer to a pre-existing structure that can help you reduce the time for app creation.

When it comes to mobile applications, templates can reduce the hassle and time to market for developing apps.

A few years ago, businesses mainly used templates for WordPress content and website designing.

However, with the advent of smart mobile devices, the times have since changed. Users can notice a major spike in the number of new apps across the App Store or Google Play Store year after year.

Today, apps have become the primary business for a majority of startups. On the other hand, skilled developers are every day more difficult to find, and app development costs are increasing pretty fast.

Therefore, there is a growing need for cheaper and faster development processes that do not compromise on the quality of the finished program. This is where app templates have proven their worth.

Want to know how app templates can benefit you? Continue reading…

How to Make an App Like Airbnb?

How to Make an App Like Airbnb?

You got it! Do you want to do something great? Something unique? Maybe creating the next multi-million dollar travel app? But,…

How to create an app like Airbnb?

The travel and tourism industry that enjoys consistent patronage in and out of season has embraced technology to enhance its operations. So, when the online travel industry emerged, it grew astronomically because it provides a useful service to a massive client base. For instance, travelers can now book through flight, accommodation, or vacation itineraries from the convenience of their homes. These types of applications have made the life of travelers more comfortable. It not surprising that these programs enjoy massive patronage.

 Airbnb is arguably the leading travel aggregator on earth today, thanks to the useful features and the effective management of the app.  The success of Airbnb has inspired many application developers who try to replicate the platform. If you have such an idea, this article will guide you through creating a mobile app like Airbnb

 We have broken down the steps you need to create your Airbnb app clone into ten simple steps. Follow this guide to create your app and save time and money in the process. Before we stand to analyze the procedure on how to create a vacation app line Airbnb, let’s take a brief overview of the company and the service they offer.

How to create an app like Facebook?

How to create an app like Facebook?

Today when people think about social media, Facebook is the first website that comes to mind. Launched in February 2004, Facebook’s origin and slow rise to global fame are legendary. The story is so exciting that Hollywood made a feature film concerning Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and the start of the social media craze as we know it today.

Since its inception more than 15 years ago, several companies have tried to duplicate Facebook’s success. However, only a few have managed to make a mark, while most of these Facebook clones failed miserably to create an impression. If you are planning to create a social media website similar to Facebook, you will need knowledge, expertise, and brilliant app development and website management team today.

However, before proceeding to the development process you should follow, you should learn more about Facebook and its history and background.

Ready to know more?

Como criar um aplicativo de hotel como o

Como criar um aplicativo de hotel como o

O setor de viagens e turismo está prosperando continuamente e está mostrando um crescimento constante ano a ano em todo o mundo. Hoje, o setor de viagens on-line é a principal razão do boom do turismo. A Internet facilitou a vida de muitos, trazendo serviços para as salas de estar das pessoas. A capacidade de reservar quartos de hotel, itinerários de férias, voos e outros serviços on-line tornou os preparativos de viagem muito mais simples do que nos dias anteriores.

A é um dos principais agregadores de tarifas de viagens do mundo. Está em constante desenvolvimento devido ao gerenciamento eficaz e aos recursos úteis. Portanto, os desenvolvedores de aplicativos estão tentando duplicar o sucesso da o tempo todo. Este artigo detalha como criar um aplicativo de hotel como o

Etapas envolvidas na criação de um aplicativo de hotel como o Para simplificar o processo de desenvolvimento de aplicativos, dê uma olhada nas etapas mencionadas abaixo. Seguir esse procedimento não apenas produz um aplicativo como o, mas o faz de maneira econômica.

  • Não comece a codificar o aplicativo primeiro
  • Entenda seus objetivos de alto nível
  • Enumere os recursos em seu aplicativo
  • Escolha o sistema operacional perfeito para o aplicativo
  • Design da aplicação
  • Codificação de back-end
  • Codificação de front-end
  • Criação da página de destino
  • Criando um sistema de análise
  • Publicação de aplicativo

How to make an app like LinkedIn?

How to make an app like LinkedIn?

Many tech startups have grown to become global businesses. Since the technology they used for their platform is within your reach, your app can also be the next success story.

What about developing a social network app? Let’s take a look at how you can develop a platform like LinkedIn.

The procedure for creating an app is actually daunting. There are lots of factors that can be discouraging, such as costs, putting the teams together, server issues, projects management hassles, and the likes.

Well, thank goodness that you found this article! This guide will help you avoid lots of headaches and save thousands of dollars while executing your mobile app project.

Before we delve into the detail, let’s take an overview of the LinkedIn platform.

How to Make a Hotel App Like Booking

How to Make a Hotel App Like Booking

The travel and tourism industry is prospering continually and is showing a steady year-on-year growth around the globe. This boom in tourism can be attributed to the online tourism subsector of the industry.

The ability to book hotel rooms, vacation itineraries, flights, and other services online has made travel preparations simpler than before. Advancements in technology allow tourism companies to serve their clients right in the comfort of their homes. is one of the leading travel fare aggregators in the world. The user base of this platform continues to increase due to its effective management and useful features. That is why app developers are trying to duplicate the success of This article details how to make a hotel app like

Steps involved in creating a hotel app like

To simplify the app development process, take a look at the steps mentioned below. Following this procedure helps you develop an application like cost-efficiently.

  • Do not begin coding the app at first
  • Understand your high-level objectives
  • Enumerate the features in your application
  • Choose the perfect OS for the app
  • Application design
  • Backend coding
  • Frontend coding
  • Landing page creation
  • Creating an analysis system
  • App publication

Before you can understand how to make a hotel app similar to, you need to know more about this service.

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