How to Create an App Like Instagram?

How to Create an App Like Instagram?

Do you want to do something remarkable? Something big? Something unique? Have this fantastic idea for the next photo-sharing app but do not know how to implement it? You are on the right article.

How to create an app like Instagram?

If you want to know how to make an app like Instagram, listed below are a few pointers commonly associated with developing a photo-sharing app.

We will share practical lessons that will save you thousands of dollars in development costs. Mobile application development requires considerable forethought and planning. To ensure smooth development, you should focus on the ahead work.

  1. Research the market to determine your target audience.
  2. Start with an MVP.
  3. Finalize the concept of your unique application and focus on how it differs from Instagram.
  4. Study the competing photo-sharing apps.
  5. Define factors, such as the scope, budget, goals, and technologies for the application.
  6. Come up with an eye-catching advertising and promotional strategy early in the app development cycle.
  7. Establish a channel to communicate with app users so that you can receive feedback from them.
  8. Pick a reputed and responsible app development agency to create an Instagram-like photo-sharing application.
  9. Keep in mind that the development procedure involves designing, creating, testing, and launching the program in question.
  10. Monitor the competitors and evolve your application accordingly with bug fixes, updates, and functionalities.

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Instagram Statistics 

Instagram is the most famous photo-sharing worldwide. Facebook acquired the company in 2012 for $1bi. The service was first launched in iOS, and the Android version only came after millions of downloads. According to Statista, here are some interesting statistics about Instagram:

  • 1 billion users worldwide 
  • Forecast of nearly 1.2 billion users in 2023
  • 120 million users only in the USA

How to create an app like Instagram?

Have you ever wondered how hard is it to make an app like Instagram? The following article should help you determine how much effort and work to create a similar app. 

If you are trying to develop an Instagram-like photo-sharing application, one of the first things you need to do is understand your direction of approach. Study the key features and choose how you want the app to work.

The Instagram interface is your best option for initial guidance. Take note of the elegant and straightforward user interface of that app. While maintaining its convenience, Instagram also supports a stylish design.

Even new users on the photo-sharing application can quickly figure out the various options and functionalities. You also need to adopt a similar approach toward your planned app. At the same time, pay close attention to the design aspect of your program.

For a detailed tutorial of how to make an app, please read the article below:

The ultimate 13 steps to make a successful app

Start with a unique MVP

Remember that the first version of your app is also the most simple and streamlined. It needs unique functionality, design, concept, and app branding. It would help if you also remembered the following pointers when considering making an app like Instagram.

  • Clear UI/UX
  • Simple and convenient user-navigation
  • Personalized feeds depending on the interests of the user
  • An attractive visual and graphical element
  • Proper functioning application

Understanding the basic features of a photo-sharing App

If you are still wondering how you make an app like Instagram, read on to know how the development process progresses. After setting up the functional specifications, work breakdown structure, project mind map, etc., you can begin with the development of the application. The image-sharing application must have the essential features listed below.

Creating a post

  • Uploading a picture taken through the in-app camera program.
  • Uploading an image from the existing gallery on the device.
  • Adding tags to the post and mentioning people.


  • Creating a new account on the application.
  • Signing in to an already existing account through social media handles.
  • Email login and email verification.
  • Reset Password.

Editing a profile

  • Adding personal information
  • Editing the existing personal information
  • Removing existing personal information

Feed optimization

  • Subscribing or following a page, account, or profile
  • Liking shared pictures
  • Commenting on shared posts

Social features

  • Sharing posts with others
  • Inviting friends on Facebook to use the app

Customizing Images

  • Applying filters to uploaded pictures
  • Rotating the uploaded photo
  • Cropping an image to the user’s liking and proportion
  • Additional image adjustments, including saturation, contrast, etc.

GPS features

  • Determining the location where the uploaded image was clicked
  • Determining the current location of the user and the addition of the same data in the post.


  • Exchanging text and photos with one or more contacts through personal messages.


  • Push notifications to alert users about updates or changes to their posts or messages.


  • Search using tags
  • Search using profile name or full name of a user
  • Search using post description

Instagram App Templates

Why start from scratch? Using pre-built app templates will help you to speed up the development process, reduce time to market, and save you some money. Here are some templates you can start with:

Instagram Clone App – Developed with SwiftUI

Pikky – iOS/Android Instagram Similar Socia Media App

Instagram App Development Tutorials

We also produced a list of tutorials to encourage you to discover how to develop an Instagram app by yourself.

Here are the episodes:

Please check the Instagram Technical Documentation in our Docs.

Are you not a developer? That’s not a problem! Please find the right software development company on our curated partner page.

Development Partners

Instagram Clone Technology Stack

Apart from asking how to build an app like Instagram, it would help if you also wondered whether certain technologies are helpful in your development.

If you are looking to target specific platforms, for example, iOS or Android, you should go for native development. It delivers the best performance and has an excellent UX. Swift + XCode is perfect for iOS app development, while Java + Android Studio can help you create the program for Android devices. Another option is using a cross-platform compatible with both Android and iOS.

When it comes to the server-side aspect, your Instagram clone app may use a backend as a service to speed up development. Want to know more about how an MBaaS – Mobile Backend as a Service can increase your app development productivity by 200%? Please read the article below:

How an MBaaS Creates Value?

Here is an overview of the technology stack you can use to develop an application like Instagram:

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Backend as a Service

Apart from the coding, the photo-sharing app must rely on cloud computing services to handle its loaded service. Use service providers, such as Back4App, AWS, and Firebase.

How to make money with an app like Instagram?

Apart from concentrating on the user-experience portion of the application, you also need to consider the profitability of an Instagram-inspired photo-sharing app. Most Instagram’s revenue is generated through in-app sponsorship, advertising, and online shopping features.

Listed below are some of the most viable ways to monetize your application.

  • Advertisements and Sponsors – Businesses and brands can operate an account on the photo-sharing platform to promote and advertise their products. You can earn from such companies in the form of sponsorships.
  • Special deals to users – Offer discounts and other attractive deals to active users, enticing them to spend money on the application.
  • Purchase products in-app – From selling various products on the platform to monetizing photo-sharing for custom users, you can approach in-app purchases through various options.

Final touches to your Instagram app

When finalizing the photo-sharing application, here are a few things to consider.

  • Allow extensive photo editing options to the user within the application. New and exciting filters, effects, textures, and objects hook app users.
  • Specify your target group or audience based on their interests and work. For instance, your application can cater to dog lovers or foodies. Doing this increases community-building properties for the app, leading to more users.
  • Allow photo-sharing on all applicable devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers, without the need to log in or sign-up.
  • Offer themed photo album options to send invites to select app users who the album creator deems fit.
  • Provide guides or tutorials for effective photo editing through the application.


The main aim of a photo-sharing app is primarily about image processing, transfer, and, finally, storing. Make sure your app sets a standard for uploading photos, as doing so ensures enhanced quality images rather than distorted or blurred photos.

As the application progresses and evolves, you can also introduce video-sharing features. Video content is the most popular form of media on the Internet today, and introducing the feature to upload videos alongside pictures should do wonders for your app.

If you follow the pointers mentioned in this article and systematically approach app development, creating a photo-sharing app similar to Instagram should be reasonably simple.

Now that you have an answer to how you create an app like Instagram, get started.! Keep up with the latest trends while finding a unique and valuable feature that competing applications lack. It should guarantee enormous success and recognition for your product.

What is the first step to build a sharing app like Instagram?

First step is to plan and analyze the Instagram app itself. It will act as a hub for you to plan it properly. It has great interface and design. You need to take help from it and make a list of points you are going to follow while developing the actual app.

How can we build the app for a specific operation system?

If your aim is to build an app on one specific OS then native development is recommended. 

Following two points will help.

-Swift + XCode for Ios app development.
-Java + Android studio for android users

What is the complete cycle for Development of Apps Like Instagram?

The complete cycle will involve the following points.

-Planning and Analyzing
-Development of Interface
-Using Baas to develop
-Re using of resources
-Building great UI
-Giving final touches
-Making money from sponsors on app or with in app purchases.

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