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How to Scale Parse Server?

How to Scale Parse Server?
Can Parse Server Scale

Things you need to know about scaling Parse Server.

In January 2017 Facebook Parse hosting service was completely closed. We feel proud for the number of people that trusted in Back4App`s Parse hosting service. From the start of this journey, we learnt some lessons which we want to share with our community.

When launched, it provided exceptional NodeJS framework for the app building and scaling process. It was launched as an open source version of We took total control of the backend and avoided locks and limitations that occurred with Black Box solutions. Due to this, we were able to scale some apps up to 10.000 Req/s at the rate of about 80.000 simultaneous users.

The figures mentioned above show us that we were far better than many black box backends as Parse server was able to scale more than 600 Req/s that was told on the pricing page. There were numerous features that ensured that Parse server was the best app scaling option at that time.

Parse vs. Firebase

Parse vs. Firebase
Parse vs Firebase

Google has been investing a lot in improving Firebase during the last couple of year. It has the ability to provide unified platform to build iOS, android, and web applications. Authentication, AdMob, indexing, Analytics, notifications, VR/AR, and test lab are some of the new features have been introduced in this Firebase’s latest versions. While, on the other hand, Parse Server can be a better choice to build new APIs and applications. If you want to know more about both Parse server and Firebase then keep on reading the following information to get an effective sense of comparison between them.

Managed Parse Server

Managed Parse Server
Managed Parse Server

Reading this article you will learn the benefits of using a managed Parse Server provider vs. the Open Source framework, the productivity gains Parse framework provides to developers, the categories of apps you can create using Parse, and the most important features of managed Parse platform.

How to reduce your cloud costs?

How to reduce your cloud costs?

This article explains how Back4App reduced their AWS cloud costs from $55k per month to $20k per month and accomplished more than 500k yearly savings. This article will also provide you with our experience-based practical advice for AWS cost management along with some tips that work in our case.

AWS has developed so much that it has to turn out to be a significant part of the Amazon strategy. Being an enthusiastic user of AWS, my concerns about its cost and complexity have headed me to search for different ways to optimize cloud usage. Although it offers an increasingly sophisticated set of services yet it is not the most straightforward, fastest, or most affordable option. This demand for a personalized architecture to optimize costs once you have moved to the cloud. 

Follow this guide to accelerate the optimization of AWS costs. The article will provide you with the following details.

  • Ask for AWS credits, and earn up to $ 100k
  • Utilize spot instances and save up to 90%;
  • Buy reserved elastic cache nodes to save up to 77%;
  • Go for the new AWS savings plan to save up to 72%.
  • Move to Cloud Front and save up to 75%;
  • Use a private IP, and there is no need to pay for data transfer data between A to Z;
  • Reduction of data transfer expenses with the implementation of the GraphQL API;
  • Buy reserved instances on the AWS market to save up to 75%;
  • Save your data on S3 rather than EBS to save 75%;
  • Apply auto-scaling for inactive resources;
  • Choose Northern Virginia and get away from Tokyo.
  • Upgrade to new generation families, saving up to 20%
  • Place the S3 endpoint on your VPC and the optimized network activation on EC2.

GraphQL Backend Framework

GraphQL Backend Framework

Are you thinking about creating a successful mobile app? Its quite possible, but the process is stressful, time-consuming, and quite expensive too. However, the procedure can be a lot easier when you use technology like the GraphQL Backend Framework. This article discusses the benefits of GraphQL and the value you can get when you deploy the technology on a backend as a service platform.

Here is the summary of crucial titles in this article

  • A Brief Overview of Graphql
  • Optimizing Query for Performance
  • What is GraphQL?
  • Mutations, Queries, and Subscriptions
  • Comparing GraphQL and REST
  • Why use GraphQL?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of GraphQL
  • Benefits of GraphQL
  • Shortfalls of GraphQL
  • The Best Time to Use GraphQL?
  • Deploying GraphQL with a BaaS
  • GraphQL BaaS Providers

AWS Amplify vs Firebase

AWS Amplify vs Firebase

Technology is evolving with every passing day. And over time, mobile consumers are also demanding more and more features and top-notch technology in their applications. From social integrations to easier data management and cloud storage, they want everything to make a great application with ease.

Due to more requirements of feature-rich applications, it seems complicated for developers to manage development processes. But the reality is not the same anymore. It is because the arrival of useful backend as a service platforms are helping developers to accelerate their development process. 

Here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is AWS Amplify Key Features, Pricing Structure, Advantages
  • What is Google Firebase? Key Features, Pricing Structure, Advantages
  • AWS Amplify vs. Google Firebase Comparison

Are you ready to know more about Firebase vs AWS Amplify? Keep on reading.

Parse Server Architecture

Parse Server Architecture

What is Parse Server? 

Parse server is an efficient open source backend as a service platform which was initially developed by Facebook. But currently, this open source platform is backed by vigorous and active community of dedicated developers who are working behind the scene. The dedicated community of developers is working consistently to bring innovative and latest solutions with parse server as well as to improve overall performance of this great and impressive platform. So that users can deal with any kind of modern and feature rich applications in the best possible way. 

The Top 5 backend services for iOS apps

The Top 5 backend services for iOS apps
backend for iOS

Are you planning to develop an iOS app? Then you need to give attention to planning before you venture into your project.  For instance, there are many options for iOS backend, which makes the procedure of choosing the right iOS backend service overwhelming.  However, you are better off taking your time to select the platform that provides the best value for your project.

One of the critical aspects of mobile app development is streamlining the required components for the project.  This procedure involves selecting the best iOS backend service that would meet your needs.

A critical factor you need to consider is whether the iOS backend service has all the features you need for your project. You also need to think about pricing as well. Can you accommodate the fees of the iOS backend service with your available budget?

This article takes an overview of the leading iOS backend providers in the world today. Thee platform are Back4App, Parse, CloudKit, Firebase, and AWS Amplify.

Best Free Mobile Backend Services

Best Free Mobile Backend Services

“Mobile Backend as a Service” solutions are helping developers to accelerate their application development process. At the present time more and more mobile applications are arriving in the market which are loaded with features. Therefore, to remain competitive in the market, developers have to focus more on enhanced user-experience and features. However, the emerging trend of MBaaS can help them to achieve this in the best possible way. MBaaS is an amazing approach which can help developers to build amazing mobile and web applications without spending much of their time on backend coding anymore. These solutions can bring tons of easier to integrate Features which you can use in your applications to make them more amazing. 

Backend for your Android app

Backend for your Android app

To create an effective application, it is always important to invest in a right backend as a service. Here we have few possible backend solutions as well as major features which must be a part of Backend for android app. This information will certainly help you in the process of development. These platforms will help you to launch of an application which can make you able to reach a huge audience to start a new business greatly or enhance your previous one.