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Firestore vs. Parse Database – A comprehensive comparison for iOS development in 2020

Firestore vs. Parse Database – A comprehensive comparison for iOS development in 2020

In Part 1 of this series, we compared the process of creating an App and integrating frameworks to your XCode project.

In this second part, we will approach the Databases used for both platforms.

Firebase and Parse take distinct approaches for storing and querying data, so depending on your project, one technology might be better fitted to your specific case than the other.

Flutter App Backend

Flutter App Backend

SDK or software development kits are essential assets for the development of high-quality websites and applications. They include a wide variety of important tools, including documentation, libraries, processes, sample code, and guides, which developers can utilize.

Flutter is one of the most popular SDK options out there for modern businesses’ needs. It offers various convenient features and BaaS integrations for users. Flutter can be the right choice for your development needs. Read on to know more about the service to know why.

Firebase vs Couchbase

Every business with online resources such as websites and applications requires a robust and reliable database service. It is currently the bare minimum requirement for ensuring secure and fast data storage and on-demand accessibility, both of which impact functionality and user experiences. 

Firebase and Couchbase are two popular services offering real-time features suitable for fluid mobile application development. Both these databases have a wide variety of features and provide specific advantages for developers. If you are trying to weigh out the Firebase vs. Couchbase option for your business, there are various aspects to consider. Read on to gain a better idea about which service can benefit your business. 

What is Firebase?

What is Firebase?
firebase storage

Modern developers are privileged to access a wide variety of server-side technologies that enhances app development tasks. The sheer number of options makes the procedure of choosing a backend platform a bit overwhelming. This article takes an in-depth look at Google Firebase, one of the leading backend technologies today.

What is Cloud Firestore?

What is Cloud Firestore?
Cloud Firestore

One of the functions that support high-performance web or mobile applications is a robust database. An excellent database makes it easy to store information in a well-organized manner. It also creates an avenue to retrieve and manage the data effortlessly while providing functions that help automate various database management tasks. All these qualities make the database an indispensable tool for business across industry verticals.

One of the database platforms preferred by businesses around the world is Google Firestore. It provides features for advanced data management and realtime functions that enhance application development. In this discourse, we shall make an overview of the Google Firestore and the benefits it brings to developers.

Here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is Cloud Firestore?
  • Advantages of using Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Firestore Features
  • How Firestore pricing works
  • Cloud Firestore Alternatives

Firebase vs. Pusher | Which is better?

Firebase vs. Pusher | Which is better?

Every business needs a reliable hosting service to power its applications across multiple platforms and devices. The hosting quality has a significant impact on the website or application’s performance, functionality, and reliability.

However, Firebase and Pusher are two of the most popular hosting providers used by numerous businesses today. Primarily, both of these are real-time API and backend tools that can take the hassle out of your development processes. Simultaneously, both of these can offer distinct benefits and features to businesses.

Have a look at the following Firebase vs. Pusher details to know each of these service providers’ key features and benefits:

The best backend platforms for your React Native app

The best backend platforms for your React Native app

Backends are vital components necessary for the swift and hassle-free development of mobile platform applications. Developers require versatile and feature-rich backends for all of their mobile application development and testing requirements. 

There are several currently available backend options if you are developing applications for mobile platforms with the React Native framework. The decision of a backend for your React Native app can be quite crucial for ensuring ideal development results. 

Please read in to know more about the React Native framework and some of its best backend options. 

Firebase vs. Parse – A comprehensive comparison for iOS development in 2020 – Part 1

Firebase vs. Parse  – A comprehensive comparison for iOS development in 2020 – Part 1


Parse and Firebase are platforms created to make the developer’s life easier, building the server-side of your application much faster, solid, and scalable.

Those two products hit the market a few years back and evolved since, always bringing new functionalities and keeping up with newer technologies.

The two take different approaches to how they do what they do. Also in how they support the iOS development specifically.

As an iOS developer myself, I decided to write a totally unbiased view of both platforms for the iOS world and see how they approach this market share specifically.

Cloud Firestore Alternatives

Cloud Firestore Alternatives
Cloud Firestore Alternatives

A high-end database is one of the most vital prerequisites for any business that aims to host high-performance apps and websites. There is a great deal of popular database service options available today. One of the widely popular options is Firestore from the Google stable, known for the level of features and functionality it offers to developers. 

Firestore may not meet your needs in terms of relational queries or vendor lock-in. So, there are many credible Google Firestore alternatives that you should consider before committing to it. Doing so can help you make the right decision if you are evaluating hosting options. 

What is Google Firestore?

What is Google Firestore?
What is Firestore

A powerful database is quite important for any business that intends to host high-performance applications for mobile and web platforms. Easy access to well-organized information, effortless data management, and robust automation features make databases invaluable for most companies.

Google Firestore is one of the standout cloud database services preferred by a large number of businesses today. It facilitates advanced data management and real-time functionality for comprehensive application development. Read on to gain a detailed insight into Google Firestore features and advantages.