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What is Parse?

Parse is a widely used open-source framework for the development of application backends. The framework aids developers in speeding up application development to a considerable extent. It also cuts down on the effort necessary for developing an application. A large community of developers supports the platform and has been helping users since its inception. It is a useful development platform for fast and cost-effective development.

Firebase vs Netlify | Secrets Unlocked

Firebase vs Netlify | Secrets Unlocked

Cloud services are making a world of difference for businesses across all industry sectors today. Numerous organizations implement agile cloud computing solutions into their workflows to obtain better website and application management outcomes. If you are launching a new website or mobile app for your business, it makes sense to opt for a reliable cloud hosting and storage service. 

Firebase and Netlify are two of the leading cloud-based hosting services with advanced features. Both of these offer various benefits for users. The Firebase vs. Netlify question is not easy to answer unless you know what each offers. Take a look at the information given below to get a better idea.

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • What is Firebase? Pricing, features, and advantages
  • What is Netlify? Pricing, features, and advantages
  • Firebase vs. Netlify | Differences
  • When to use Firebase?
  • When to use Netlify?
  • Netlify vs Firebase | Comparison Table

Firebase Storage: What It Is and How It Works

Firebase is a web and mobile application development platform powered by Google. Cloud Storage is incorporated natively into the Firebase architecture.

When creating Firebase projects, you’re also creating Google Cloud projects, because this is where Firebase stores data. This integration enables you to leverage Google Cloud security features for Firebase apps, as well as manage media directly through your storage account. 

This article explains how Firebase architecture works, and walks you through the process of  accessing and uploading files, setting up monitoring, and configuring user-based security rules.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Firebase storage?
  • Firebase architecture in the cloud
  • Firebase storage methods

PaaS vs CaaS | Secrets Unlocked

The many benefits of cloud computing technology have led many businesses to adopt this computing model in their operations. However, selecting the right cloud technology goes a long way to determine the benefits an organization derives from it.

This article explains the difference between Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Container as a Service (CaaS) computing model to help you understand these cloud service models.

Linode vs Heroku | Secrets Unlocked

Linode vs Heroku | Secrets Unlocked

Cloud computing has changed the entire landscape of how businesses operate across a plethora of industry sectors. Innovations keep coming in terms of improved security, agile business processing, web and application hosting, and data management. Linode and Heroku are two of the several highly relied upon cloud computing solutions providers today.

Both these companies offer useful features for developers, and business owners looking to enhance their infrastructural capabilities. Opting for either one can enhance your business outcomes as they are tried-and-tested by users worldwide.

The Linode vs Heroku argument has no simple conclusion. But, one can judge which one is better for them by looking at their pricing, features, and benefits. Here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is Linode? Pricing, features, and benefits
  • What is Heroku? Pricing, features, and benefits
  • Linode vs Heroku | Comparison

Read on to get a better idea of the subject. 

DigitalOcean vs AWS | Secrets Unlocked

Infrastructure as a service or IaaS cloud computing is highly reliable as a service model for countless businesses across the world. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Digital Ocean are two of the most prominent IaaS providers for organizations belonging to diverse industry sectors. 

Both of these IaaS platforms offer distinct sets of features and benefits for their users, and AWS also offers PaaS and SaaS options. The DigitalOcean vs AWS question is usually difficult to answer for most business owners and developers. Knowing exactly what each platform offers is crucial for making the right choice. Take a look at the detailed information provided below to get a clearer idea about DigitalOcean and AWS. 

I will unlock the secrets of these two suppliers and here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is DigitalOcean? Pricing, features, advantages
  • What is AWS? Pricing, features, advantages
  • DigitalOcean vs AWS | Comparison