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Flutter vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

Flutter vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

Cross-platform mobile frameworks help application developers achieve enhanced development outcomes. An increasing number of developers are now opting for cross-platform technologies and preferring them over native ones. React Native and Flutter are two of the most popular cross-platform frameworks today. Both of these platforms offer various powerful features and advantages. Outweighing the perks of Flutter vs. React Native is necessary for selecting the most suitable option. Read on to know more about each. 

Here is a summary of what you will learn reading this article:

  • Overview of cross-platform mobile framework
  • Flutter
    • Overview
    • Best use cases for using Flutter
    • When not to use Flutter?
    • Most famous Flutter apps
    • Flutter Advantages
    • Flutter Disadvantages
    • Flutter Overview
  • React Native
    • Overview
    • Best use cases for using React-Native
    • When not to use React-Native?
    • Most famous React-Native apps
    • React-Native Advantages
    • React-Native Disadvantages
  • Flutter vs. React Native Comparison
    • Similarities
    • Comparison Table
    • Notoriety
    • Programming Language
    • Productivity
    • Performance
    • Learning Curve
    • User Interface
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • Publishing on Google Play and App Store

Mastering Parse Live Queries

Because I’ve seen some developers in the Back4App and Parse communities sometimes struggling to understand how Parse Live Query works, I wrote this article to explain all different events that Parse Live Query can fire and how to maintain a collection of Parse objects real-time updated on the client-side. So let’s get started! First of all, I created a Parse App at Back4App and a very simple class to illustrate the many different events that Parse Live Query can fire. The name of my class is Todo and I added two columns:

Xamarin Backend | Top 5 Providers

Xamarin is a leading open-source, cross-platform application platform for the development of high-performance mobile apps. Cross-platform Android and iOS applications developed with this platform are used by businesses across industries today. 

Finding the right Xamarin backend is crucial for any development team. There are many options available in the market and read on to discover the top 5 Xamarin backends available today. 

Ionic Backend Service | Top 4 Providers

Having the right backend service can be quite important for mobile application developers focussed on performance and security. Many developers use Ionic as their preferred solution for the features it offers for creating robust mobile applications.

Selecting the appropriate Ionic backend service can have a massive impact on development outcomes. Read on to explore some of the best backend options available today. 

Parse BaaS

The conventional procedure for app development is challenging. It requires the writing of codes for both the backend and frontend function of the app. However, with the advent of Parse, the complicated coding is no longer required. This article introduces Parse to newcomers and explains the various benefits of using Parse backend for app development.

Angular Backend | Top 5 Providers

If you are engaged in software development, you have undoubtedly heard about Angular. One of the most well-known frameworks of JavaScript, developers make use of it to create dynamic websites.

This article delves into the AngularJS, its advantages, and five Angular backend providers. 

Parse Backend as a Service

Parse Backend as a Service

If you are a developer, you must have coded your way through a mobile or web app at least once. This article delves into the technicalities of Parse Server. If you have never heard its name, enlighten yourself, for it’s worthy of your interest and time. 

What is a DevTool?

Web developer tools, also known as DevTools that are meant to help developers in the process of testing as well as debugging their codes. These development tools are utterly different from IDEs and other website builders. It is because these are not meant to help in the direct process of a webpage creation; instead, these are the tools that will help you in testing your webpage or web application.

NodeJS Backend – Top 5 Providers

Node.js plays a vital role in the technology stack of several high-end firms that rely on various benefits. But, before getting into the advantages and different providers of Node.js, find out what it is.

GraphQL vs. REST | What are the differences?

GraphQL vs. REST | What are the differences?
GraphQL vs REST

APIs are invaluable for the needs of most businesses that offer services to their customers through the web and mobile platforms. Every API requires a feature-rich and easy-to-use framework to facilitate the required functionality. 

The security, accessibility, and authentication options provided by frameworks like GraphQL and REST are vital for programmers. GraphQL vs. REST can be a puzzling choice for many who are new to development and API functionality. Read on to gain a better understanding of both and their differences. 

Reading this article you will learn:

  • What is a GraphQL API
    • The advantages of GraphQL
    • The downsides of GraphQL
  • What is a REST API
    • The advantages of REST
    • The downsides of REST
  • The differences between GraphQL and REST
  • A comparison table

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