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Best React Native App Hosting Services

Backends are essential for seamless mobile application development. Developers always prefer feature-rich backends for mobile application development and testing needs. There are numerous backend solutions available if you want to develop applications with the React Native framework.

Do you want to know more about React Native and the backend options available for this purpose? Let’s proceed below to learn more about it.

Cordova vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

With the advancement of mobile technology, many changes are happening in the cross-platform app development sector. Cordova and React Native – both of them are cross-platform application development frameworks.

While both of them stand firm in their rights, comparisons are a part of the process. They have pros and cons to look into. We will discuss these two cross-platform app development frameworks and leave it to the audience to decide the better of the two. Reading this article you will learn:

  • Cordova | Overview, Pros, and Cons
  • React Native | Overview, Pros, and Cons
  • Cordova vs. React Native | Comparison Table
  • Conclusion

Ready to move on? Keep reading…

Announcing Parse Server 4.4

Announcing Parse Server 4.4

Parse Platform nurtures a vibrant open source community reaching +33K stars on Github’s official repo. According to npm, the number of Parse Server installations grew up over 50% in the last 12 months and reached over 30K per week. Parse Javascript SDK installations are already +100K per week, growing up over 50% in the previous 12 months.

Today we are pleased to announce that the most recent Parse Server version, the 4.4, is available on Back4App (How to upgrade Parse Server). This is a big release with a new cloud code validation feature, a new afterLiveQueryEvent trigger, and fixes/improvements on GraphQL API, security, auth, and more. For a detailed change list, please visit the repo release page

On the next topics, I’m going to deep dive into some of those changes showing practical examples.

Top 10 Alternatives to Xamarin

This article will discuss the best ten alternatives to Xamarin and review the pros & cons of each framework.

The introduction of mobile technology has made it easier for people to access the Internet. To be more specific, mobile technology has given rise to several applications to manage different activities like banking, ticket booking, watching live videos, getting connected to people through live streaming, and many more. Mobile apps are developed primarily for two different platforms, Android and iOS.

Cross-platforms like Xamarin help to accelerate mobile app development and reduce the total application cost. Although it’s a great platform, Xamarin may not be ideal for specific use cases.

So, this article will help you to understand the best Xamarin alternatives.

Where to host your mobile app?

Hosting a mobile application backend is one of the essential requirements for any application developer/company. A robust and agile backend directly impacts the level of performance and reliability an application offers to end-users. While there are many backend options available right now, it is essential not to be overwhelmed.

The first thing to consider is whether one needs an IaaS, PaaS, or BaaS for the application requirements. Then there is the prospect of choosing a suitable backend service provider.

Here is a summary of the article:

  • Hosting options categories (IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS)
  • BaaS and PaaS | Comparison
  • PaaS and IaaS | Comparison
  • Top 10 hosting services for a mobile app
  • Mobile app hosting platforms comparison table

Read on to explore the different types of backends and some of the leading providers out there.

Which is better? Flutter or React Native

Which is better? Flutter or React Native
which is better flutter or react native

The developers used to face a lot of issues regarding the development of software for different platforms. It is because most of the operating systems use different frameworks. Because of this, the tools, and languages for developing the applications and software are also different. As different platforms use different native frameworks, it gets hectic for the developers.

It is because they not only have to develop the application as many times as many platforms, but they also want it to run on. But due to the difference of different frameworks, developers also have to learn different applications. As this is a very time-consuming process, a great solution is to use the cross-platform frameworks.

The cross-platform frameworks make the development of applications for the developers because they only need to design and code for one application and it can run on all different platforms and operating systems.

Being a very time-saving solution, it is attracting many developers not only because of its time-saving properties, but it also comes with a lot of benefits and features. There are a lot of cross-platform framework tools that allow developers to develop applications for different platforms however Flutter and React Native are the most popular ones.

Here we will discuss all about them and we will also have a comparison between them to know which is the better one.

Top 10 Serverless Backends for your Mobile App

As the demands of application development keep growing, most developers are looking towards backends that require less maintenance. Serverless backends are fast becoming a lot more popular as mobile application developers adopt them.

Many developers are witnessing better development outcomes and reduced hassle with serverless architecture offerings. It can be the best option to consider for your development requirements. Take a look at the information given below to gain further insight into these backends. Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • Serverless overview
  • Serverless benefits
  • Types of serverless providers
  • The best ten serverless backend for a mobile app
  • Comparison table

You will also find some suggestions for the top 10 serverless backends for your mobile application.

A guide to the best backend services to host your app

Everyone has dreams of making an application that everyone else will fawn over. However, in this immense sea of software, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find enough energy and manpower to start development. You have to worry about making the barebones – backend – of the software and the face – interface or frontend – so users can interact. Because the current world is all about User Interface/Experience (UI/UX) – no one wants to invest their extra time and effort into developing the backend.

Top 10 Cordova Alternatives

This article will provide an overview of Cordova and the best ten alternatives for this cross-platform framework.

This is the era of mobile devices. That is why most people do almost 80 to 90% of their tasks on their phones. It is only possible because of the user-friendly operating systems and interfaces of those mobile phones. Even more, the thing that matters is the mobile application that helps people do all their tasks.

We have seen that in the past few years, the functionalities and the level of convenience mobile applications provide have significantly increased. It is all because of the advancement in the technologies of the tools used to make these applications.

These tools have not added a lot of efficiency in the applications for the users. Still, it has also become straightforward and less time consuming for the developers to develop stunning mobile applications.

One of the primary reasons behind this is that mobile applications are currently built as hybrid web applications that work for different types of mobile devices with different operating systems. This is the reason why the scope of mobile applications has significantly increased.

To make it convenient for the developers, many tools have been made that help them develop hybrid web applications to work cross-platform. However, here we will discuss what Cordova is and what are the top 10 alternatives for Cordova.

Keep reading to know more about the best Cordova alternatives.

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