Best React Native App Hosting Services

Backends are essential for seamless mobile application development. Developers always prefer feature-rich backends for mobile application development and testing needs. There are numerous backend solutions available if you want to develop applications with the React Native framework.

Do you want to know more about React Native and the backend options available for this purpose? Let’s proceed below to learn more about it.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework for mobile applications. This open-source framework can let you develop different applications, including iOS and Android. 

  • It is a popular JS-based framework, effective for native rendering for iOS and Android apps. 
  • Developers are allowed to use React-Native with native platforms features. 
  • This framework is based on JavaScript library-based user-interface. Due to which developers can write JS libraries to write and share native app code. 
  • It facilitates better concurrent Android and iOS apps development. 
  • React Native apps are built with a combination of XML and JS. It can also bridge rendering native API invocation with JAVA and Object C for apps development. 
  • These applications can easily access unique features such as camera and location access. 

React Native Benefits

Here are some of the most amazing React Native Framework benefits that you must know:

  • Community support 

A massive community of developers is supporting this framework. It can make things easier for beginners who want to start their development processes with React Native Framework.

  • Code Reusability 

This framework offers code reusability. You can use the same code for both Android and iOS apps. Consequently, you can enhance time and cost-saving on development processes.

  • High Performance 

The architecture of React Native is better suited for mobile devices. It uses a GPU approach for native platforms. Therefore, it is faster than other hybrid technologies.

  • Live Reload 

It comes up with a live reload feature that can let developers know about changes made to the code. It is essential to speed up application development processes.

  • Simpler user-interface 

It offers a simple and easier to use interface, making it a more useful framework to create high-quality and responsive user-interface designs.

  • Simplified data binding 

React Native framework offers simplified data binding, which is essential to enhance mobile applications’ reliability and stability in the best possible way.

What is a Backend as a Service?

Backend as a Service, aka BaaS, is a cloud service approach of application development that offers backend development automation. It offers effortless cloud infrastructure management. BaaS providers are usually responsible for running and maintaining servers and infrastructure. 

However, the most convenient features of BaaS include data management, APIs, push notification, file storage, and more.

  • BaaS is meant to accelerate application development processes. 
  • These are easier to use and come up with plenty of features that are necessary to build modern apps. 
  • BaaS services offer enhanced flexibility and scalability to ensure hassle-free and agile application development. 

The best 5 React Native App Hosting Services

Following are the best 5 React-Native app hosting services.

1.   Back4app

Back4app is an open-source yet ideal solution for application development. Developers looking for more straightforward to use GraphQL APIs, and relational queries, can consider it one of the best BaaS solutions for them. 

It is the best-known solution for its next-level scalability and usability. Even more, it is a preferred platform for application development, hosting, and management within a single solution. It is also a suitable solution to host APIs, IoT, mobile, and web applications.

2.   Firebase

Firebase is another one of the most amazing BaaS platforms that you can consider for your React Native based applications. It can help you in the backend development processes of the web, mobile, and IoT applications. 

One of the most amazing things is that it can offer developers an extensive range of features that are easier to integrate into your applications to make them more outstanding and engaging in the best possible way.

Overall, Firebase is a robust BaaS solution that can offer you anything you need to provide a seamless application development platform for its users.

3.   Heroku

Heroku is one of the most impressive solutions that can let you develop and deploy React Native based applications quickly. It can also help you to host full-stack applications in the best possible way.

It is an effective solution that can let you develop data-driven applications with well-managed services. Heroku is effective for multiple reasons, including modern architecture, scalability, stability, and high innovation.

Overall, it can offer you a complete toolset necessary to develop, deploy, host, and manage powerful applications at the same place with ease.

4.   Kinvey

Kinvey is one of the best serverless backend development platforms that also offers React Native based development solutions as well. It can let you develop robust applications for multiple channels. It functions via frontend SDKs and a cloud backend. 

Overall, it can offer an excellent and high-quality user experience with the help of its pre-built features. Some of the most remarkable features include development, integration, and storage.

5.   Backendless

Whether you need to develop a cloud-based or full-service application development platform, Backendless is always an effective option to go with. It is because Backendless is bringing highly cost-effective backend services that make it easier for both beginners and pro developers to manage their application development, hosting, and deployment affordably.


React Native framework accelerates app development, allowing developers to create iOS and Android apps using pretty much the same code base. On the backend side, BaaS solutions are also useful to quicken your application development process.

You can consider any of the above-mentioned development platforms as per your application needs so that you can reap all of its benefits in the best possible way.


What is React Native?

React Native is a framework for mobile applications. This open-source framework can let you develop different applications, including iOS and Android. 

What are React Native benefits?

– Open-Source
– Cross-Platform
– Code Reusability
– Works for iOS and Android
– Community Support

What are the best React Native app hosting services?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– Heroku
– Kinvey
– Backendless

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