What is Backendless?

For most of the front-end developers out there MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) looks like a startup application nirvana. This can help them replace their complete backend infrastructure with an API driven, cloud-based service which they can drive and direct with ease. Even more, Mobile Backend as a Service has also become one of the largest trends in mobile development market of the present day. While, various ambitious developers are lacking the ability to manage AWS instances. So, entering MBaaS market with an option which can bring a newest flavor to your application development process. Backendless is an amazing option which you can consider in this regard. Because this is a MBaaS solution which has a lot to offer you.

Introduction to Backendless

Backendless is an amazing, yet effective application development platform which has been designed to serve individual application developers as well as agencies. This solution has the ability to make you efficient in developing your applications. This can provide end to end solutions which are designed for mobile or web development.

This is one of the best open-source MBaaS solutions which has brought a complete toolset to help developers in making their backend development task easier, efficient and more convenient in a more effective way. Fortunately, the pro version of Backendless can let the developers to run their services on their own servers. It is also bringing entire services to the developers which are required to build backend. This includes Deployment Management, Data Modeling, mobile development, Debugging, and source control all at one place. All of these facilities are making Backendless an amazing takeout for generic services. Because in addition to the very basic APIs such as database, user, file, geolocation, messaging, etc. it also offers best user-defined APIs. Any feature which you want to add in your application can be gotten by Backendless in the form of a unique API.

The coolest thing about Backendless is that every API you need to for your application will be generated by this software automatically. And developers can easily manage and consume those auto-generated APIs into their development projects with ease. Automatic API generation is the coolest feature which is setting Backendless apart from its competitors.

Key Features of Backendless

Do you want to know some amazing yet attractive features of Backendless? Here we have some features which are making it a more effective and unique solution for developers.


Backendless database is a scalable, dynamic and secure persistence solution. It can provide the best of SQL and NoSQL worlds. The security features of Backendless database will let you define permissions for user roles graphically. With the help of Backendless code generators, you can download client-side code mapped with database schema instantly.

Cloud Code

Cloud code will help you to customize the code of your backend solutions as per needs and requirements of your application. It comes up with three cloud code forms Cloud code timers, API events handlers, and API services.


This feature can help you to speed up your application working. With this you can store data of your application backend on Backendless servers temporarily in a highly efficient, effective and in-memory cache with an API of cross-platform data caching.


Do you want to make your application aware of location? Well, geolocation is your solution to consider in this regard. This software will let you establish your geo-relations with data objects and geofencing set-up. While search of geo data is being driven by SQL


This feature will let you construct code logic visually. In this no code APIs are required. However, building and testing your codeless logics in the console can help you to reuse these logics anywhere any time when needed.


Managing your log files centralized can help you improve testing efficiency of your application. This software can offer you multi-level logging system to ensure more effectiveness.

Security features

Backendless will let you enjoy bullet-proof security features. It comes up with a multi-layered security system which offers easy to use permission interface for messaging channels, geolocation data, files, and even complete database.

Real-time Data

This can help you in keeping your application data up to data even across multiple platforms. You can also send and receive notifications on the basis of specific criteria. This works in real-time in both cloud code and console.


User-management system of Backendless is offering vast functionality. This will cover systems ranging from users’ authentication to sorting users’ data. User-management APIs can make developers to manage their users with ease. These APIs can handle their login options, ser registration process, password management. Even more, it can also manage Backendless login, social media integrations. With the help of Backendless console developers will be able to manage every aspect of user account just like enable/disable users, changing user properties, reset passwords, and much more.

Pricing of Backendless

Developer plan of Backendless is available at $15 per month while, you can increase the resources as per needs of your application. Ultimately, this can increase your price plans too.

Advantages of Backendless

Have a look at the following benefits to know what things are making it a best option for you:

  • Backendless comes up with attractive and easier to use management and analytics tools.
  • Auto generated APIs are a key service of Backendless. These APIs are not only easier to manage and use. But developers can also extend them as per their application’s needs in the best possible way.
  • This solution is meant to provide ease in the process of backend development.
  • It offers support to developers. Even technical support services of Backendless are also pretty fast, and effective.


Backendless is one of the best Mobile Backend as a Service solutions which comes with some unique features. Its features and benefits are making it an effective option for developers and agencies to consider. However, its automatically generated APIs are making it one of the coolest options to consider in this regard. Even more its scalable plans will let you pay for the services you are going to use only.

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