What is Kinvey?

We are living in the era of digital technology. New mobile applications are arriving with every new day to bring new experiences to users. In the application development industry trend of MBaaS is emerging. This approach is meant to help developers in managing backend services of their application in a more effective and efficient way. However, with the growth of mobile devices, and mobile applications, a number of MBaaS platforms are also stepping into this market. However, going with the option which has the ability to meet the requirements of managing, developing and deploying your application cycle is always important. And, Kinvey can be one of the best picks to consider in this regard. Because this comes up with its unique features and advantages which you can’t avoid.

Introduction to Kinvey

Kinvey is meant to enable developers and established enterprises to deliver their different mobile, website and chat applications rapidly and more conveniently to their customers. This is an innovative and amazing platform which will let you develop and deploy applications on its full stack JavaScript, serverless platform which is similar to tech giants but has been engineered for enterprises. This can make it easier to combine developer’s talent with its innovative solutions to deliver consumer-grade experiences more effectively and faster. Developers can use this popular platform to deliver innovative cross platform applications. This solution can also let developers to maintain complete control over their applications and user-experience to make them more beautiful, user-friendly and inspiring.

Kinvey is offering no code or low code microservices, which can present complex systems of enterprises to applications as standard collections and OAuth2. Kinvey is having users all across field services including insurance, health care and much more. Kinvey is also offering multiple use cases as solutions. Major categories of these solutions which you can find are customer engagement, Internet of Things, employment engagement, and application modernization. However, it is also offering innovative and high-tech microservices solutions for healthcare, manufacturing and insurance industries to help enterprises in building more modern and simpler solutions.

Drag and drop builder of Kinvey is the coolest thing. Because this will offer you an easy to use interface and more convenient way to add functionalities in your applications. However, overall Kinvey is meant to offer great development experience to its clients.

Key Features of Kinvey

Do you want to know what makes Kinvey stand apart from other MBaaS solutions? Kinvey is a high productive tool which is offering amazing features to help professional developers in building faster applications. Have a look at key features of Kinvey to get a better idea about what it can offer you:

·      Serverless Backend

Web development studio of Kinvey is offering a template-based approach to develop multichannel application experience. Developers can focus on their app value and UX while Kinvey can manage and auto-scale functions and microservices when needed. Enjoy all the benefits of functions and microservices with easier and low-level development.

·      Code sharing

Kinvey can let you deliver cross platform applications across Native Android, iOS, Responsive web apps and Progressive Web applications. You can manage all this with a code base of single cross platform angular.

·      Easier authentication

Kinvey can let you manage authentication process easily. It will let you create quick login screens. Even more, you can also integrate enterprise or social login services into application to offer more convenient user authentication.

·      Complete integration with full control

Kinvey never holds your application source code as hostage. Rather it will allow you to utilize your favorite IDEs, CI Tools and source control. Even more, it will let you access legacy and enterprise data, online and offline data sync, cloud functions and much more.

·      Angular and Native Script

Kinvey can let you enjoy all the benefits of modern angular development. This will also let you 100% access to all of your native platform APIs. Even more, accessing third-party libraries with Native Script is also not a headache anymore.

·      Data Pipeline

With the help of no or low code microservices Kinvey will let you manage and visualize disparate enterprise systems rapidly. Multi-level cache of platform is powering sub-second data acceleration. This can protect the systems of records of enterprises from new multichannel digital experience demands. While, advance offline data capabilities are offering end to end sync and continuous connectivity from device to application systems when network connectivity will re-established.

Pricing of Kinvey

Pricing of Kinvey offers yearly plans for professionals, businesses and enterprises. However, its basic price plan is available for $ 2,500 per year which will allow 1 developer to access major features of Kinvey. While, you can also scale the services of Kinvey as per your application needs with ease.

Advantages of Kinvey

Here are some amazing benefits of Kinvey which will let you know why Kinvey is a preferable option to choose for developers:

  • Through Kinvey developers can save a lot of their time which they need to spend on setting up server, connecting cloud services, maintaining and scaling backend services.
  • Its drag and drop builder can make it easier for you to connect backend services to your application.
  • A dedicated team is helping developers to meet their requirements and needs in an effective way. Excellent support services are extremely helpful.
  • It offers ready to use front and backend solutions which can make your application, web and chat solutions development faster.


Overall, this is the fastest way for developers and enterprises to develop high-tech solutions. Kinvey is meant to speed up development process while retaining full control over your applications. While, top performing dedicated and passionate team of developers is focusing more on how to bring innovative and customer-focused solutions for different areas of an application. Professional developers will be able to maintain complete access over all application aspects. So, that they can easily use their preferred tools and services. Most of the visual tools are offering initial speed to their customers but later they can block developers from actual development processes. While, on the other hand Kinvey tool is meant to help its users in the best possible way. This is a high-performance tool which is meant to speed up the development and deployment processes.

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