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Elastic Beanstalk vs Comparison

Managing the backend hardware and IT team management may be efficient for large businesses but not small businesses.

That’s why several platforms provide their PaaS(platform as a service) to SMBs to meet their digital needs without managing most of the hardware or IT teams. and Elastic Beanstalk are among two of those PaaS providers that bring an amazing experience in every aspect. From the features to the pricing, everything brings good value.

However, you can only select one of them for your IT needs, and here we will help you select.

Google App Engine vs

PaaS has become necessary for every medium and small business that wants to maintain an online presence. A PaaS takes care of all the infrastructure requirements for a business while the business focuses on its main goals. 

Today we have a lot of PaaS providers, including Google and If you want to select one of these, this comparison will help you make the right decision.

Elastic Beanstalk vs.

An online system is essential for every business regardless of its size, and that online system needs a reliable enough backend. Managing on-site hardware and IT infrastructure is not that efficient.

Especially when a small or medium business has to deploy its website, there are a lot of hurdles, and PaaS solves all of those problems.

Today, many platforms provide their PaaS, and the ones we will be comparing here are Elastic Beanstalk from Amazon Web Services and

Both offer competitive services with top-notch features and a quality experience. By the end of this comparison, you will be able to tell which one offers better services for you.

10 Globally Most Downloaded Apps of All Time 

Everyone wants their app to be successful, like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, or Uber. However, no one has a clue about how to do it. They make assumptions and create something that’s either a horrible replica of these successful mobile apps or a mobile app that completely misses the mark.

So, how do you learn from these successful apps and apply those learnings to build a mobile app that users download and love to use? You can start by analyzing the latest mobile app trends or studying popular apps to learn why they stand out. To make this easier for you, we list the top 10 global most-downloaded mobile apps and what makes them stand out. Let’s begin:

Google App Engine vs Render

Google App Engine and Render are among the top PaaS providers for small and medium businesses. Every business needs a website today, so it is not their best choice to manage their IT infrastructure, and that’s where these PaaS providers come in.

Selecting the right service provider between Google App Engine and Render can simplify over half of your app development job. 

AWS vs Heroku | Which is the Best?

Cloud services are getting more popular among development teams and businesses day by day. Indeed, cloud platforms allow companies to emphasize core competencies rather than investing energies in software, hardware and server infrastructure.

In this regard, if we discuss the leading cloud platforms, IaaS or PaaS vendors, then Heroku and AWS are on the top. Therefore, this article will provide a detailed overview of Heroku vs AWS and their features & pricing models.

Deploying a PHP application on Heroku

Since its first appearance back in 1995, PHP is among the most used programming languages to develop web applications. Its simplicity and efficiency allowed developers to build miscellaneous web applications like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and more.

In order to deploy a PHP web application, we usually need to set up an Apache server. Fortunately, nowadays cloud platforms like Heroku allow us to easily have our project up and running in a few steps.

In this tutorial, we will deploy a PHP web application on the Heroku platform. This platform offers to developers different ways to deploy their applications. In particular, since GitHub is widely used for managing projects, we will focus on deploying a PHP project on the Heroku platform, from a GitHub repository.

What Is XML And JSON? Their Applications And 5 Best Tools For Converting XML Files To JSON

Converting XML to JSON seems to be the trend nowadays. So, why should you be doing it? 

XML and JSON are two of the leading coding languages for web-based applications. Their implications in modern apps and software go far beyond, and we use them daily. So, what exactly are they? How would you define the two of them?

Today, we’re going to talk about the key aspects of XML and JSON and what makes them unique. Then, we’ll also talk about their applications and the best tools you can use to convert XML files into JSON. So, let’s get started. 

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