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Implementing data structures with ChatGPT

The contemporary digital world is undergoing a paradigm shift. AI-driven tools, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are reshaping the boundaries of what’s possible in technology.

When synergized with platforms like Back4app, these tools offer a revitalized way developers conceptualize and tackle tasks.

Through a video tutorial, Alex, the chief architect from Back4app, provided a vivid display of the capabilities of ChatGPT in sculpting and refining data structures via simple textual descriptions.

Step-by-step tutorial for Express JS hosting

It is essential to select the most appropriate hosting methods to make sure your app runs smoothly and scales seamlessly when required.

In this article, we shall be considering various options for hosting an Express.js app. We shall zero in on using Back4app for Express.js app hosting.

How to create an app using AI?

ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform from OpenAI has become incredibly popular worldwide.

Its impressive ability to comprehend and respond to questions has proven valuable in various fields, particularly in software development.

This guide provides deep insight about ChatGPT, its functions, and the ways it can be applied in software development.

After reading this guide, you will have the know-how to prompt ChatGPT effectively and leverage it for creating uncomplicated applications.

Nest JS Hosting | A step by step guide

Picking the right way to put your Nest.js app out there is really important. It helps your app run well and grow seamlessly when the need arises. This piece talks about various ways to make your  Nest.js apps go live. Specifically, it’s about hosting your Nest.js app in a Back4app container.

Top 10 Svelte Hosting Providers

Svelte is an open-source JS framework designed by Rich Harris in 2016. This web framework is typically used to build the frontend of web applications and reusable components for other JS frameworks.

The robust and lean development properties make this programming technology popular among users. Yes, the recent survey of Stack Overflow ranked Svelte in the 6th position among the most admired & desired web frameworks. 

However, finding the right Svelte hosting provider to get maximum results using this framework is also significant. Therefore, this article introduces one of the best Svelte hosting providers with their core competencies and pricing structure. 

Top 10 FastAPI Hosting Providers

Top 10 FastAPI Hosting Providers
FastAPI Hosting Providers

FastAPI is an advanced web-centric framework that Sebastián Ramírez introduced in 2018 to create RESTful application programming interfaces in Python.

The recent survey of Stack Overflow listed FastAPI among the most popular frameworks, with 7.42% votes of respondents. Although the use of FastAPI is snowballing because of its robustness, but it is still knotty to choose the right FastAPI hosting provider.

So, the main agenda of this article is to share one of the most decent FastAPI hosting providers with their essential details. Indeed, this guide will present the core characteristics and pricing structure of hosting providers for FastAPI.

How to Deploy a Redux JS Application?

How to Deploy a Redux JS Application?
How to Deploy a Redux JS Application_

Redux.js is a robust state management library tailored for JavaScript applications, commonly used in conjunction with React.

Its significance comes to the fore when dealing with intricate states across diverse components. It offers a centralized repository that guarantees coherent and foreseeable state modifications via a one-way data pathway.

Redux streamlines the debugging, testing, and management of asynchronous operations by presenting a solitary point of reference for the app’s state.

As complexity escalates within applications, the indispensability of Redux becomes apparent in upholding an organized and expandable strategy for state management.

In this tutorial, we will lead you through deploying a Redux. js-powered application, using the container capabilities of Back4app.

This approach combines the state management proficiency of Redux.js, which ensures efficient data flow and centralized state control, with the comprehensive hosting solutions offered by Back4app.

Top 10 Backend Programming Languages

The usefulness of backend programming languages is increasing day by day. However, selecting the right backend programming language is challenging whether you are a learner, startup or a big business. In this regard, we are sharing the best backend languages with their features and limitations here.

Top 10 Python Hosting Free Servers

Top 10 Python Hosting Free Servers
Python Hosting Free Servers

The popularity of Python as a programming language has burgeoned over the past decade, thanks to its clarity, flexibility, and broad applicability.

With this surge, there’s been an associated rise in the number of Python-based applications being developed. For both budding and seasoned developers, finding a reliable and cost-effective hosting server for these applications can be a daunting task.

While there’s no shortage of premium hosting services, the market also offers free hosting services that cater to those just dipping their toes, those on a budget, or those who want to prototype their applications.

This article takes an in-depth look into the top 10 free Python hosting servers that you can leverage for your programming endeavors.

How to build a backend for an Android app?

Back4app Android App Cover

In this article, we’ll talk about Android — one of the most popular operating systems. We’ll look at the pros and cons of Android development, backend options for mobile applications, and teach you how to build your own mobile backend.

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