Adjust vs Firebase – Which is the best?

This article will compare Adjust vs Firebase according to its features, pricing, and customers.

With millions of mobile applications available on the App Store and Google Store, mobile app marketing is something you must consider.

Almost every business and brand now have its mobile application. Therefore, you need the right help to grow your application and make it stand out among the crowd. 

Choosing the right mobile marketing platform can help you engage and grow your audience in the best possible way.

The right mobile platform for application marketing will also help you optimize and achieve all your marketing goals in the best possible way. 

What is Adjust?

Adjust is one of the leading mobile marketing and attribution modeling platforms. Mobile application marketers and marketing agencies usually utilize this platform.

This mobile attribution platform can let you track attribute customers and marketing channels to determine the sources these came from. 

Adjust platform also offers a wide range of use access tools to its consumers. These tools can help marketers determine and analyze what customers are doing in their clients’ applications.

The platform users can also group and segment their applications’ customers based on different criteria and application marketing goals.

This customer segmentation can help them optimize their marketing campaigns in the best possible way. Consequently, mobile marketers can target the right customers with ease. 

Adjust platform also helps its consumers in fraud prevention with a top-notch fraud prevention suite. This suite makes users avoid attributing fake app traffic to different paid marketing channels. 

Ultimately, the app developer will keep themselves from paying for fake app installs. 

Adjust also help its consumers to utilize personalized links to ensure a seamless download experience before even going into the app 

Adjust Features

Here are the key features of Adjust you must know:

  • Mobile application attribution

Being a leading mobile app attribution tool, Adjust allows individual marketers and marketing agencies to track and understand their customers’ journey on an app.

With this, marketers can attribute their customers to certain content and advertisements, leading to conversions. This feature also helps in understanding the marketing channel customers are coming from. 

Tracking marketing channels can let the marketers understand which of their advertisements are converting more customers. 

  • Create and control audience segmentation 

Any marketing campaign is successful only when launched to the right audience through the right medium and at the right time.

Fortunately, Adjust can help you market your applications to the best possible audience. You can create detailed audience segmentation to get engaged with customers better.

This feature can help marketers specify the criteria and details to define how they will group their app users. The audience builder feature of Adjust has made creating and controlling audience segments super easy. 

  • Fraud prevention 

Another key feature of Adjust platform is fraud prevention. This feature helps the marketers and app developers to keep their applications from false or fake installs.

Fake installs usually add up more in marketing costs and benefit nothing to the application. However, fraud prevention is one of the most powerful Adjust features that helps stop mobile ad frauds. 

  • Additional features include
  • Real-Time TV Attribution
  • Every marketing channel tracking 
  • Hyper engagement filter 
  • Campaigns measurements 
  • Anonymous IP filtering 
  • Intuitive dashboard, etc. 

Adjust Pricing

Adjust offers a free plan for its users. On the other hand, its pro plan has quote-based pricing plans. So, you can contact the vendor to understand what you’ll have to pay for your required services. 

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a top-notch mobile application development platform powered by Google. This platform helps develop, launch, maintain, and grow mobile applications successfully.

This platform offers you a complete toolset to cover a significant services portion that developers require to build feature-rich applications. 

Fortunately, Firebase doesn’t have only power the backend of your mobile and web applications. This also helps you to focus on creating an extraordinary user experience.

It also gives app developers access to the right tools to help them market and manage their applications in the best possible way. 

Consequently, you can boost application engagement by using key growth features of Firebase. These features include A/B testing, messaging campaigns, and rich analytics.

By accessing the right analytics, you can easily develop top-notch mobile marketing strategies to optimize the mobile app experience and keep your app users happier. 

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Firebase Features

Let’s have a look at the key features of Firebase to know more about the platform below:

  • Google Analytics 

This Firebase features provide unlimited reporting on up to 500 distinct app events. The Google Analytics SDK can automatically capture specific key events and app user properties.

App marketing teams can also add custom events to measure results that matter to their businesses more. 

  • A/B testing 

A/B testing feature of Firebase can help the marketing teams to improve and grow applications by making it easier to run, scale, and analyze with different marketing experiments.

This feature can give the teams power to test their applications interface, engagement and features for improvement. 

  • Cloud messaging 

This feature offers an efficient and reliable connection between your devices and application servers. It will help developers deliver messages and notifications to their applications without additional cost. 

  • Other key features include
  • User authentication 
  • Dynamic links 
  • Crashlytics 
  • In-app messaging 
  • App extensions 

Firebase Pricing

With Firebase, you can get started with app development and deployment at no cost. It is because the platform offers a free demo account where you can access different Firebase features for free.

However, if you need to access more Firebase features, you can upgrade your service to any of its premium plans. 

The premium plan is available at pay as you go, model. It means to pay for the Firebase features you have used only. 

Adjust vs Firebase Comparison

OverviewMobile measurement platformApp development platform
Parent CompanyApp LovinGoogle
Core FeaturesAttribution
Audience Builder
Fraud Prevention
Dynamic links
Free TierYesYes
Pay as you go
Featured clientsDuolingo


So, that’s it for Adjust vs. Firebase. Compare both platforms and their features. Then choose the right platform based on your application needs easily. 

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What is Adjust?

Mobile measurement platform.

What is Firebase?

App development platform.

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