Top 10 Alternatives to Javascript for Front end

This article will explore ten of the best alternatives to Javascript for front end. The list includes Typescript, Elm, Dart, PHP, Kotlin, etc.

Modern business can’t exist without websites and technology. The way your web page looks matters a lot since it is users’ first interaction. Likewise, frontend development of any web page is very important in similar terms. 

There are the majority of cases where you might wonder how the team working behind the Frontend development made the web apps quite interactively active. However, the simple fact for such a case is JavaScript. 

JavaScript is the most common yet popular programming language for web page development. It is being used by almost 98 percent of websites. 

Hence, due to such fame and use, today we will discuss more JavaScript and the top ten JavaScript alternatives for the Frontend. 

What is JavaScript?

In simpler terms, JavaScript is scripting and a programming language enabling users to put some technically complex issues to use, particularly on web pages. 

JavaScript is the programming that is mainly used for the web. It can be used for updating and changing HTML and CSS. It can also be used to calculate, manipulate, and validate data or information. 

Top 10 alternatives to JavaScript for Frontend

Some of the JavaScript alternatives for the Frontend are explained in detail below. 

1.     Typescript

Typescript is an object-oriented programming language that is gaining quite a lot of popularity, especially in Frontend development. Microsoft is the initial developer of typescript software language and is very similar to JavaScript. 

However, it has a few added features that make it a better choice for the users. You can use it for larger app projects as it has powerful tools for development and higher scalability and cross-platform features.

2.     Elm 

The majority of users wonder if elm is a good language or not. But it should be known that it is an Excellent programming language, but it also offers an ideal ecosystem. 

Elm is considered statically written and is a backend type of program. Here it uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. It also enables the users to break the data into smaller portions that are often regarded as modules. 

3.     Dart

Dart is a type of programming language that is developed for client use. Mainly for the web apps and mobile phone apps. It was first developed by Google and can also be known for the layout of the bases of applications related to servers and desktops. It is object-oriented, cross-platform, class level, and has a c style syntax system.

 It is a good programming language with quite interactively active features like better sound type and acts following the requirements of IOS systems.

4.     PHP

It is a server-side language used for scripting and is usually embedded in the HTML system. It is important to manage dynamic range content, data records, tracking of meetings, and much more. The language that PHP uses is C and a few parts of C++. It is commonly used for backend uses only. 

It is used for secure development for many major websites and portal. It has a lot of frameworks such as WordPress etc. So, it can be one of the key alternative to add in the list.

5.     CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is a language in programming similar to JavaScript and is among the top ten JavaScript Frontend development alternatives. CoffeeScript was first typed in ruby language, but it used CoffeeScript later on. 

Using it, you can make the code of JavaScript much better, and it is known to put together everything that JavaScript can perform. However, the code operated by it is short and easier to read. 

6.     ClojureScript

It is a binder for Clojure that is present to target JavaScript. It is important to emit out the JavaScript operating code that is known to work fine with the latest binding part of the Google optimizing binder feature. The content of ClojureScript is superior as compared with JavaScript. 

7.     Kotlin

The majority of the time, Kotlin is primarily is used for the development of android based applications. The introductory body of Kotlin is named JetBrains and is a very interactive programming language. It has a short Syntax and offers equal functionality with JavaScript. It makes everything much easy to understand, read for any developer.

8.     Flutter

It is also an open-source software development system that Google established. It is used to develop applications that are primarily for Android, IOS, Windows, and much more. 

The programming languages that flutter uses are Dart, C, C++, and much more. It is used to make beautiful applications and can work ideally on mobile phones, the web, or desktops. It is free to use. 

9.     Phoenix framework

Phoenix framework is a web development framework that is often typed in the programming language named Elixir. It is useful for modern applications to provide them with high performance. It is much faster, but it depends on your knowledge about it. Most companies have known to use the phoenix framework due to its rising fame or popularity. 

10.  Scala

The last programming language to be among the alternative to JavaScript is Scala. It is a strong all-purpose programming language known as a statically written language. It supports offering the bases of object-oriented applications. 

Moreover, Scala is used for data processing, distribution of computing, and the development of the web. It allows the powering of information that is related to many companies. 

However, some surveys have proved that Scala is faster than JavaScript. Hence, if you want to operate and learn coding on a fast and advanced level similar to JavaScript but much better than Scala can be your go-to option. 


Programming languages are the classes that are held responsible for controlling the commands. It gives orders to the server or system to complete certain tasks. For this, it is important to know the right programming languages.

Thereby, if you search for something similar to JavaScript, then make sure to go through the mentioned details throughout the article. As described, the JavaScript Alternatives for Frontend to help you out efficiently. 


What is Javascript?

In simpler terms, JavaScript is scripting and a programming language enabling users to put some technically complex issues to use, particularly on web pages. 

What are the benefits of Javascript?

– Simplicity
– Popularity
– Versatility

What are the alternatives to Javascript for frontend?

– Typescript
– Elm
– Dart
– CoffeScript
– Clojure
– Kotlin
– Flutter
– Phoenix
– Scala

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