Appsflyer vs Firebase

Creating your application is just half of the battle. Once you have done this, you have to dive into app analytics to understand more about your users. It can let you know what they are swiping, typing, or buying? How long are they using your app, and more?

Well, using a mobile app analytics solution is the best way to know this. Even more, there are more than 5 million apps available on the leading app stores. The competition is getting higher with time.

However, mobile app analytics can help you to track insights into all platforms. As a result, you can take further steps accordingly to achieve your goals.

Key Takeaways

  • AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing analytics platform
  • Firebase is Google’s app development platform
  • Both platforms are free to starting using

Appsflyer Overview

Appsflyer is an interesting cloud-hosted, mobile attribution and marketing analytics tool that can help you in campaign management and conversion tracking. Key functionalities of Appsflyer are ranging from audience segmentation to customer journey tracking and much more.

This platform also comes up with modules that can let you attribute app installs, marketing campaigns, and specific media sources. Also, you can utilize its granular dashboard to attribute source networks or channels, ad type, ad group, and creatives for users.

The software can also offer cohort reports and dynamic links and permits you to filter your required information and compare the behavior and performance of the user more effectively.

Further, it can also let you use a flexible grouping feature for more effective analysis trends regarding users that have interacted with your application via the same country, ad, campaign, or media source.

Appsflyer Core Features

Do you want to know what makes Appsflyer an amazing platform? Let’s have a look at the core features of the platform below to know more about it:

  1. Smart banners
  2. Marketing analysis
  3. Fraud protection
  4. Mobile attribution
  5. Deep linking
  6. Security and privacy
  7. Connect with an ecosystem
  8. Attribution based on people

Appsflyer Advantages

Here we have enlisted some important advantages of Appsflyer you must know:

  • Appsflyer can let you track the journey of your user from app finding to in-app activities and more to make well-informed decisions in this regard.
  • This platform can let you learn about the concerns that require quick actions. Even more, you can also obtain insights from anywhere without any interruption for better monitoring.
  • Appsflyer offers robust deep linking and can have a big impact on the web-to-app journey of your customer. It can also help you in directing every user to make the right decision.
  • With Appsflyer, you can also observe your data live when an in-app activity happens or installs are logged for real-time tracking.

You can also get customizable reports and learn which of your campaigns and creatives aren’t working effectively. So, you can get to know where problems are making your users remove the application.

Firebase Overview

Firebase is a lucrative mobile app platform that can let you improve your user base on Android, web, and iOS. Firebase is backed by Google that acquired in 2014. Soon it became the flagship app platform of Google for developers.

Firebase can help you to measure everything from one central location. Here you can track everything from app crashes to user engagement in the best possible way. Even more, with a multiple funnel platform, Firebase is also offering cohort analysis, A/B testing, funnel visualization, and much more.

Generally, Firebase is meant to resolve three major aspects of app development. These include building feature-rich applications quicker, releasing and monitoring your applications with full confidence, and engaging more users to increase the user base.

Developers and marketers rely on Firebase to access all the essential tools required to build modern apps and promote them on different platforms without any hassle.

In short, the platform can let you have powerful features to develop, handle, and enhance applications. Fundamentally, Firebase is a lucrative collection of tools developers, and app marketers can easily rely on.

Creating feature-rich applications, scaling them based on their usage, and tracking their progress has become super easy with Firebase. As a result, it can help you grow your user base in the best possible way by making more informed decisions.

Firebase Core Features

Firebase comes up with an array of advanced features to help its users develop excellent apps and engage more users with their apps. However, here are the key features of Firebase that are making this platform a more exciting option to consider in this regard:

  1. Crashlytics
  2. Performance Monitoring
  3. App distributions
  4. Analytics
  5. Test Lab
  6. Real-time databases
  7. A/B testing
  8. Dynamic links
  9. Predictions

Firebase Advantages

Let’s have a look at Firebase advantages below to know how it can benefit you:

  • The biggest advantage of Firebase is that it’s free to start developing your applications. Even more, the free plan of Firebase comes up with pretty decent features to get started quickly.
  • Firebase is a suitable solution for quick application development that can reduce the time to develop and market applications drastically.
  • Most importantly, Firebase comes up with a list of all the essential tools necessary to develop and grow your apps in the best possible way. Even more, these tools are meant to accelerate the development and engagement process while keeping things simpler at your end.

While using Firebase, developers can easily turn their focus more on frontend development. As a result, improving the points of user experience is going to be easier.

Appsflyer vs Firebase

DescriptionMobile marketing analytics platform Google’s app development platform
Start Date20112011
Featured ClientsEbay
New York Times
The Economist
Free TierYesYes
PricingGrowth: $0.06/conversion
Under quotation
Pay as you go
Enterprise PlansYesNo


Both Appsflyer and Firebase come up with their features and benefits. Having a look at the overview of each platform given above can let you know which is a preferable option as per your app development, marketing, analytics, user engagement needs easily.


What is Appsflyer?

Mobile marketing analytics platform

What is Firebase?

Google’s app development platform

What are the differences between Appsflyer and Firebase?

– Appsflyear is focused on marketing analytics
– Firebase is a more comprehensive development platform
– Appsflyear provides enterprise support
– Firebase does not have enterprise plans

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