Azure Mobile Apps Alternatives

Azure Mobile Apps Alternatives

Azure Mobile Apps is one of the most amazing mobile application development platforms which can let you build engaging applications faster than ever. Developers can build native and cross-platform applications more efficiently for Android, Windows, and iOS. This will let you send push notifications, and help you to add custom backend logic in Node.js or C#. You can authenticate your customers and can get an amazing opportunity to build responsive applications with off-line sync. Azure is here to provide you entire services that can help you to create amazing applications faster.

Do you want to know some Azure Mobile Apps Competitors? Here we have compiled a list of top options which you can consider in this regard.

Top 5 Azure Mobile Apps Competitors

Have a look at the top Azure mobile apps alternatives given below:


Back4App is the most effective, simpler and best application development platform which can help developers to optimize backend services. It can help them to manage their backend resources including APIs, server infrastructure and databases.


  • Data modeling
  • Data Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Real-time notifications
  • Email and Social integrations
  • GraphQL APIs
  • Geo Queries

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  • Open-Source
  • Reduced software development cost
  • More time to focus on high-level activities
  • Comprehensive app stack
  • Easier to use platform

AWS Amplify

AWS amplify is an open-source and effective library of Amazon. It can help developers in integrating backend functionality. It comes with an amazing range of features to provide a broader vision to developers. Even more, it comes up with effective cloud-powered solutions.


  • Real-time database
  • APIs
  • Geofencing
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications


  • Scalable solutions
  • Smoother integrations
  • Manageable interface
  • Flexibility


This is a cross development platform that can help developers for Android and iOS. BaaS services of Kinvey are meant to reduce the time of database management processes. This can be the best platform for the users who want to build an application with customizable backend which can give them full functionality of a native application.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Access to complete source code
  • Data-connected templates
  • Code sharing between web and mobile


  • Easy to build a serverless backend
  • Flexibility to support frequent modifications
  • Auto-scale to the highest levels

Oracle Mobile Hub

Oracle has named as one of the top mobile application development platforms. This can let the developers create and deploy mobile applications and artificial intelligence-based chatbots that can connect to any of the required backend systems with the help of autonomous mobile cloud enterprise. This platform can accelerate the process of application development.


  • progressive web apps development
  • AI-based chatbots.
  • Built-in analytics
  • Personalized digital assistance


  • Work smarter with AI-based applications
  • Optimized application experience
  • Better opportunities to monitor and manage the application development process.


KissFlow is a cloud-hosted application development platform that can help business users to design, customize and create a business application. It requires a PBM lightweight approach and can put the power of creating effective workflows back in the people’s hands, who will understand the problems at best.


  • Hands-­off Workflows
  • Zapier Support for SaaS Integration
  • Progress Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Collaboration Features


  • The human-centric approach of application development
  • It can help the users to get started with a great application within 15 minutes only.
  • Users can create unlimited applications
  • Tasks can be defined both dynamically and statically.


Tons of people are looking for low code application development platforms which can help them in the process of application development process. However, to choose the best Alternatives to Azure Mobile Apps can be a difficult task to perform. Here we have brought some of the top Azure mobile app alternatives which you can consider to use.

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What is Azure Mobile Apps?

Azure Mobile Apps is a mobile application development platform which can let you build engaging applications faster than ever. Developers can build native and cross-platform applications more efficiently for Android, Windows, and iOS.

What are the alternatives to Azure Mobile Apps?

– Back4app
– AWS Amplify
– Kinvey
– Oracle Mobile Hub
– KissFlow

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