Top BaaS Providers in 2024 – Which is the best option for you?

The use of cloud computing models has promptly enhanced among different kinds of businesses, and BaaS is also one of them. Indeed, Backend as a Service (BaaS) vendors grant the companies the best opportunities to emphasize frontend operations because BaaS providers take care of all server-side tasks.

Although the cloud computing industry is packed with numerous backend service vendors, but this article is going to mention one of the best BaaS providers with all of their essential details.

What is a BaaS?

Backing up data, having redundant servers, and thinking about scalability are time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks.

Using a backend as a service will allow you to outsource server-side management, automate boilerplate coding, and let you focus on creating amazing user experiences on your mobile app.

Top 20 BaaS Providers

BaaS Providers

Here is a detailed list of backend as a service providers.


The first and one of the most trusted names that come into your mind when you think about BaaS providers is Back4App.

This low code backend platform commenced its journey as a software consulting company in 2004. But, now, it is famous as a notable BaaS provider because of its dedicated features.


Highly Scalable — Whether you are considering the hosting plan of this BaaS vendor or interested in other server-side services, you will find all of them very scalable. Indeed, users can extend or limit the resources anytime with Back4App.

Real-Time Queries — This feature gives much comfort to coders and businesses when their users don’t have to wait for data delivery. Real-time queries spontaneously respond to every single request of clients.

Easy Interface — It is very smooth to operate the dashboard and interface of Back4App. It is familiar to spreadsheets so, developers can quickly delete, import, edit and export data with this BaaS provider.

Blockchain Storage — The facility to store data on the blockchain is another exciting functionality of Back4App. Users just need to select the ‘Blockchain’ option available under the Database section and proceed with the ‘add a new class to Blockchain’ button.

Push Notifications — It is also very convenient to engage targeted and potential clients by using push notifications with Back4App. The availability of cloud functions also assists the developers a lot in this regard.


Parse is one of the finest BaaS providers that enables developers to create modern applications within a short time and budget. Developers can build various applications using this platform, including gaming, social networking, IoT, payments, taxi and food delivery apps.


GraphQL & REST APIs — Businesses and developers don’t need to write complex codes to create REST or GraphQL APIs when they use Parse. Luckily, it builds these powerful APIs with low or no-code.

File System — This BaaS platform permits the users to garner their data with third-party services, including Back4App and AWS.

Data Modeling — Parse also organizes the information in a very structured manner. Surely, it classifies data into columns, file types and rows to quickly filter data.


Backendless is a full-stack Backend as a Service (BaaS) provider that has been serving the businesses and development community since 2012.

This Dallas-based BaaS vendor is well-known for its serverless backend development and codeless application creation services.

Around 500 leading companies are associated with this platform, and Dell, Orange Business Services and Vodafone are a few of them.


UI Themes — This visual app development platform gives businesses complete control over its apps’ themes, colour schemes and user interface. In this regard, developers can design the theme with the help of Adobe XD or Figma.

Cloud Code — To support serverless computing, Backendless backs app building process with API event handlers, API services and timers.

Scalable Database — If you are in search of a highly secure and scalable database to support your app-building project, then Backendless wouldn’t disappoint you. This platform doesn’t need any script to integrate APIs and provides both SQL and NoSQL data solutions.

Caching — The caching API of Backendless enables the coders to gather data on servers to enhance productivity transiently.


This is a serverless app development BaaS platform that was launched in 2008.

This software development company caters for a range of services, including data integration, hosting, storage, app administration and much more.

Developers can seamlessly build native and advanced iOS, Android, web and desktop applications on this open-source BaaS provider. Users can also easily connect this software development tool with Google Compute, HP Cloud Compute and Salesforce.


RapidData — Applications deal with tons of data daily, and it is tough to arrange, connect and manage this data. At the same time, Kinvey’s RapidData feature confers pre-built data connectors.

Mobile Identity Connect — This BaaS vendor made the authentication process very smooth. Indeed, companies can test a variety of authentication systems, including OAuth2, OpenID, Active Directory and SAML.

SDKs — It owns around 11 SDKs that are equally applicable for iOS and Android platforms. These are also suitable for Xamarin, JavaScript and NativeScript frameworks.

AWS Amplify

Amazon Web Services is one of the top cloud vendors, and AWS Amplify is its full-stack app development toolkit.

AWS Amplify is basically an array of tools that provides backend support to the web or mobile applications that are made on AWS. This BaaS platform uses Amplify Studio or CLI to perform different server-side operations like data storage, authentication and hosting.

Amazon Music, Credit Genie and Neiman Marcus are dominant customers of AWS Amplify.


Amplify Hosting — It delivers a fully managed and secure hosting service to businesses. Its pre-designed CI/CD workflows also speed up the backend functions.

Powerful Data Model — With the powerful data model of AWS Amplify and the presence of valuable libraries and CLI, it becomes seamless to perform all server-side operations in real-time.

Libraries & Studio — Amplify Studio allows coders to build applications with a visual backend builder. By the same token, Amplify Libraries are beneficial for JavaScript, Flutter and all other iOS and Android projects.


Firebase is a candid BaaS platform to build responsive mobile and web applications with Google’s support.

It provides multiple app testing, management, database and building properties to all sizes of businesses. Yes, its fully managed server-side infrastructure is equally beneficial for young businesses and big enterprises.

The major applications that use Firebase’s tech stack are Lyft, Venmo and Duolingo.


Databases — Firebase confers two types of databases to its users. The one is Cloud Firestore that backs all NoSQL documentation and brilliantly structures the entire data. Realtime Database is the other option that corresponds with JSON data.

Cloud Messaging — If you want to improve your marketing campaign through push notifications and advanced messaging options, then you can use Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) tool without paying anything. Moreover, businesses can also customize this messaging feature anytime.

Analytics — Google Analytics is one of the best choices when it comes to monitoring the health and performance of your web or mobile applications. Fortunately, you can consume it free of cost with Firebase.

Authentication — Businesses can’t only proceed with Firebase with other applications like Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Gmail etc. But to improve user security, companies can also go with viable 2-step or other authentications.


Appwrite is a perfect BaaS provider for web and mobile application builders, mainly Flutter app developers, who must consider this platform. With 14,500+ GitHub stars and 6700+ Discord commits, it is a simple solution to execute all server-side operations.

In the same way, coders can also integrate it with Flutter, JS, Apple, Android, Node.js, Python, Dart and Swift projects to design both client-side and backend chores.


Security & Privacy — To eliminate all security-centric concerns of companies, Appwrite grants audit logs, built-in SSL certificates, abuse control, RBAC and secure encryptions.

Realtime Database — Like other leading BaaS providers, Appwrite also offers its customers one of the most established and effective real-time databases to spontaneously fetch, edit and remove data.

Appwrite Functions — Users can include a new function with an ‘add function’ button on its dashboard and customize its properties anytime within a few clicks.


Kuzzle is a popular choice to build, run and administer backends of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, mobile and web applications. Its ready-to-use features allow the businesses to develop an app in minimum time and improve its time to market.


Realtime Engine — It uses a volatile pub or sub system and a real-time database to issue notifications to target audiences instantaneously.

Data Storage — To perform data storage tasks, it follows NoSQL storage and structures data into documents, fields, indexes and collections formats.

Kuzzle User Identifier — This tool plays a primary role to perform authentication duties with the help of user credentials.


Nhost is also a GraphQL BaaS provider that permits businesses to administer the server sides of their applications without managing infrastructure. With this tool, coders can develop backends of Flutter, Dart, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, and many other projects.


Serverless Functions — Users can modify the server-side scripts with error handling and logs.

User Management — It facilitates the development teams with a variety of login methods where user access could be controlled according to the designation of different team members. Similarly, it also permits social logins.

Image Transformation — Interestingly, you can resize images for your app projects within a few clicks without losing their charm with the help of this BaaS platform.


Are you finding an all-in-one app management cloud backend platform? If yes, Kumulos will end your search. Undoubtedly, Kumulos is an ideal BaaS provider that has been helping the programming community and businesses since 2011.

The major brands that use Kumulos to attain and retain their customers through applications are Canon, ATP, and Sandals.


Mobile Backend — Kumulos is famous among developers because of its MBaaS features. Although it supports web and desktop applications. But to back mobile backend as a service operation, it effectively works with Unity, Android, Swift, Objective-C and Huawei platforms.

API Endpoint Monitoring — Companies can connect their applications with Jira, Trello or Slack to monitor everything. This feature of Kumulos confers a 360-degree view of API endpoints and further problems.

Crash Reporting — It is quick to identify the root cause of any problem with an application by using this feature.


Under the umbrella of Microsoft Azure, PlayFab is an absolute backend solution to build, run and manage gaming applications.

It is an efficient BaaS platform that supervises live gaming services and shares their analytical reports spontaneously.

Additionally, PlayFab should be the first choice of game developers when their target audience belongs to different countries of the world. Yes, PlayFab has a comprehensive server infrastructure because Azure is present in 42 territories of the world.


Complete Backend Solution — With PlayFab, developers don’t need different third-party toolkits because it performs all functions associated with creating, running and administering gaming apps.

Multiplayer Servers — Its dedicated servers confer excellent real-time gaming experience globally with cost-efficient and scalable properties.

LiveOps — To attain and retain the users effectively, LiveOps provides daily reports, a game manager web portal, player profiles and achievement systems.


Supabase is famous among app development communities as an alternative to Firebase. Yes, you can consider it a trusted Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform because of excellent file storage, database, auto-generated APIs, and other authentication features.

Moreover, businesses can quickly start building the backend of their Expo, Angular, Flutter, JS, Vue, React, Next.js and Svelte projects with Supabase.


Scalable Architecture — Instead of a NoSQL store, Supabase depends on Postgres. This feature differentiates this platform from others and makes it highly scalable.

Third-Party Logins — Authentication and user login are very straightforward with Supabase. It creates an exclusive user ID for every consumer. Similarly, it also supports OAuth through Apple, Facebook, Slack, Twilio, GitHub, GitLab and much more.

Storage — Businesses can store data into files, folders and buckets on this platform. The login access of these files could also be customized.


PubNub is another Backend as a Service provider that is known because of its reliable real-time solutions. This California-based platform was made public in 2010, and it is equally helpful to build IoT, mobile and web applications.

Bunch and Hinge are companies that have declared on StackShare about using this BaaS platform.


Push Notifications — It sends automatic alerts, SMS, emails, and further push notifications to engage potential customers.

In-App Chat — Businesses can create powerful and protected in-app chats with this tool.

Location Tracking — It also provides complete information about the geolocation of application users.


If you are in search of a tool or API to perform backend tasks within minutes or hours, then Deployd should be your preference. Compared to other BaaS platforms, it integrates APIs into minutes instead of days with the help of its 1-step deploy component.


No Boilerplate — To run API with Deployd, programmers don’t need to add boilerplate code because it can work on the empty canvas.

File Support — It backs all kinds of files, including images, static and HTML files.

User-Friendly Interface — With limitless modification features, it confers the companies a user-friendly interface where it is also easy to give access to teams.

Azure Mobile Apps

Azure also introduced Azure Mobile Apps to host, create and operate backends of mobile applications. This BaaS platform supports iOS, Android, Mac and Windows applications. The leading customers of Azure Mobile Apps are NBC News, TalkTalk Group and Hearst Corporation.


Quick Development — Whether you are using a cloud platform or preferring on-premises solutions, it is always cost-efficient to produce engaging applications with Azure Mobile Apps.

Offline Sync — This BaaS vendor also permits the users to sync data when they are having internet difficulties or when they are offline.

Autoscaling — Companies don’t need to enhance their resources when traffic grows because this BaaS provider grants autoscaling and spins up or reduces resources when it is required.


Kii is another BaaS solution that is useful for public cloud, on-premises and private cloud backend operations. This fully managed server-side solution is more helpful when it comes to building and managing IoT applications.


Unlimited Bursts — With limitless bursts, it is able to manage 150 requests per second.

Trustworthy Option — This platform has been serving the programming world since 2007. With 99.99% uptime, it has 140 million international users.

Secure — Kii promises complete data security with private cloud deployment properties to its customers.


CloudKit is basically known as a framework or API that performs BaaS operations for web, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS applications.

Apple introduced this BaaS API in 2014 under its iCloud solutions. Coders can securely store up to 1PB data on this platform.


CloudKit Console — This control panel deals with database, telemetry and analyzes server logs. In simple words, it supervises the coders throughout the evolution process of an application.

Smooth Sharing — CloudKit enables businesses to simply share all kinds of files and data without compromising security.

Automated Syncing — It doesn’t only automate the development procedure but also sync this BaaS solution with all Apple and web applications.


If, as a programmer or project head, you want to focus on the core competencies of your application and its client-side activities, then you can pick 8Base.

Yes, this BaaS vendor allows the companies to keep their 80% focus on frontend tasks. It smartly administers server-side computing, data and securely deploys APIs.


Serverless Functions — The serverless functions of 8Base support popular languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript because they are popular among coders. Similarly, users can benefit from elastic computing and sub-second metering without handling servers.

Exceptional Development — To improve the app development experience of coders, this Backend as a Service vendor provides GraphQL engine, advanced syntax, real-time data, auto-documented and CRUD operations.

Data Infrastructure — 8Base also uses advanced data API to deliver high-level, fully distributed and encrypted data infrastructure to businesses. Easy integration with third-party applications like AWS S3, HubSpot and SAP are other benefits of using 8Base.


Usergrid is an open-source BaaS framework that is a perfect option for seasoned app developers.

This BaaS has been aiding businesses to build applications, not servers, since 2011. In this regard, it gives core assistance to Ruby, Java, PHP, iOS, Node.js, HTML5 and Android projects.


Data Storage — It gathers all kinds of data and relates it with app users without complications. Moreover, it supports all data types, including images, video, audio and files.

User Management — With OAuth 2.0, it allows third-party authentication and efficiently manages users. It also differentiates users into groups and divides them according to their roles.

Community Support — Developers can also join its community to get solutions to their different BaaS and Usergrid centric problems.


Backend as a Service platforms are getting popular among users because they enable businesses to emphasize client-side operations and core competencies. This article presents one of the top BaaS providers with the necessary credentials.

Hopefully, it would be easy for Startups, development teams and all sizes of businesses to choose the right BaaS platform for their different projects.

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