Top 10 Backend Development Services

This article will explore backend development services It will cover the most used backend platforms, programming languages, frameworks, and the best backend development companies.

Backend development is essential in making an application because it deals with databases, APIs and servers.

That is why it is the priority of every business to choose the best backend development service for their tech stacks.

Therefore, this article presents one of the best backend development services with sufficient details of server-side functions.

What is a Backend?

Backend refers to the server-side activities of a program that can be only accessed or modified by developers.

Yes, application users cannot approach these operations and data. The backend is known as the ‘data access layer’ and comprises an application, APIs, database and server.

What to Consider When Developing a Backend?

Here are the core factors that you must consider while developing a backend:


Backend performance matters a lot to improve the functioning of an application. Primarily it should work effectively when an application’s traffic and user requests increase. Hereof, several things play a significant role, but we are sharing the major ones below:

  • First of all, coders should optimize the query. In this regard, it is better to utilize only indexed columns, avoid using duplicate calls and choose limited database actions that are beneficial.
  • Similarly, you should also optimize the database to improve the server-side performance. It should be easy and quick to access data and split the information into meaningful blocks. Moreover, coders shouldn’t forget to clean unnecessary data regularly.
  • Programmers should also avoid investing time in bad requests. The use of a circuit breaker is beneficial here to get rid of cascading failures.
  • By the same token, the development team should wisely use the CDN. It also helps to reduce the load time. However, businesses should optimize hardware and overcome the data transfer and distance to refine the performance of CDN.

Time to Market

Backend services are handy to reduce the time to market. Mainly, when businesses choose BaaS platforms to build the backend of their applications, they are able to create them within 4 weeks instead of 10.

Withal, businesses must discuss this factor with different backend development services and how much time they will take.

Less time to market definitely aids the businesses to quickly launch their MVPs and get the attention of investors. Similarly, with MVPs, they can also get the review of potential clients.


Backends of applications are more prone to hacking and cyber-attacks. Businesses should safeguard the information of their users, employees and developers through a proper infrastructure to prevent such risks.

Outdated hardware or software, lack of authentication and misconfigurations are considered significant reasons to lead a cyber-attack. It is vital to overview how your backend development process works to avoid such threats.


Most of the time, when the users or features of an application grow, it becomes hard for development teams to deal with.

That is why a backend must be scalable enough to extend resources when the app grows. The use of extensible backend development tools, platforms, languages, frameworks and libraries could be very helpful in this regard.

Types of Backend Development

Here are the basic types of backend development:

Backend Application Development

Backend application development typically covers scalable server-side solutions for web portals, enterprise systems, complicated web applications and VoIP service providers.

With this type of backend development, you can also connect your programs with third-party apps or tools.

Mobile App Backend Development

This is one of the most popular kinds of backend development. Mobile app backend development basically facilitates the businesses in the creation of server-side of wearable, mobile and smart device applications.

Backend development of social media applications, multimedia solutions and messengers are also listed in this category.

Backend development companies that offer such services take care of proper data synchronization across platforms and devices. These services also promise fast performance, better integration, scalability and business logic.

IoT Backends

IoT backend development services enable businesses and startups to administer their IoT fleet, set up business operations and complete IoT systems skillfully.

In addition, these solutions are not only reasonable for optimizing workflows but also help to feed the IoT systems, generate reports and capture signals.

Cloud Infrastructure & Migration Solutions

It is another type of backend development that deals with computing operations. This type of development assists businesses in smoothly building and managing scalable and elastic computing resources. Similarly, it permits developers to migrate their backends to hybrid, public or private clouds.

Technical Backend Audit

A technical backend audit is crucial when it comes to examining the performance of your existing application.

With these backend services, you can clearly analyze application health and improve data schemas and infrastructure.

This category of backend development also helps businesses to shift their server-side from one platform to another.

What Tech Stacks are commonly Used for Backend Development?

A variety of tech stacks are commonly used for backend development. However, we are sharing the significant tech stacks that businesses and coders can utilize to build quality backends.


Several renowned platforms offer backend development services nowadays. If you are looking for a low-code backend platform with a spreadsheet-like interface, then Back4App is the best option. Businesses can quickly build server-side of all kinds of applications with this BaaS platform.

Similarly, if you like Google Cloud Products, then you must consider the backend development services of Firebase.

It comes with real-time databases, analytics, testing and hosting support. Heroku, DigitalOcean and AWS are also some credible platforms to build backends.

Programming Languages

Although developers have many choices when it comes to picking a programming language for backend development but you should shortlist the most suitable ones.

Likewise, if you want a backend language for serverless computing, business, IoT or cloud-native applications, then the use of Python is a great idea.

By the same token, PHP is an old but still classy choice for building standard web applications. By the way, Ruby, JavaScript, C++, C# and Kotlin are also considerable programming languages for server-side development.


The framework selection depends on the languages you are using for your project. For example, if your programming language is Python, you shouldn’t ignore Django.

It is a very scalable, SEO-optimized and secure framework for backend development. Uniformly, Spring and Express are highly recommended frameworks for JavaScript developers.

There are also a few authoritative frameworks like Laravel and Rails that you can use for PHP and Ruby, respectively.


Databases are also one of the core parts of a backend. However, databases should be compatible with your requirements and other tech stacks.

According to a recent Stack Overflow survey, MySQL is the most popular database with 46.85% votes. Other databases that developers like to use are PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and Redis.

What are Ten of The Best Backend Development Service Companies?

Here are ten of the best backend development service providers.

1. MindK

MindK is a custom software development company. With 7 years of working experience, it is doing very well in the Norwegian IT market.

This company has innovation and automation hand to hand for better business and customer satisfaction.

Mindk developers are known for their best quality software development, expert technical support, and wide range of products & services.


Frontend Development — A website’s frontend is the part you see, so it’s the graphic design element. If you’re building a website for yourself or someone else, this can mean using CSS to style the layout. Mindk is definitely a fine place to get frontend development.

Backend Development — The backend of a website is the part that’s not visible to the user but interacts with the server and database. It includes writing code in languages like PHP or Ruby on Rails (RoR).

Manual Testing — Manual testing is done manually by testers who use test cases to examine the application manually. Manual testing is typically not automated, but it can be if you have a large number of tests that are run frequently.

Automated Testing — Automated testing is performed by software tools that automatically check application bugs without human interference or intervention.

2. Kellton Tech

Kellton Tech is one of the industry’s best backend development service companies. It focuses on digital solutions rather than technology. Furthermore, this company also has a team with collaborative thinking.

Moreover, Kellton Tech has a Fortune 500 clientele base spread across the world, and they have developed many websites and applications for their clients.


Digital Commerce and Marketing — The Kellton Tech team profoundly understands the e-commerce landscape and the technologies that power it. They have expertise in developing custom solutions for online retailers, marketplaces, and other businesses that need to manage their digital presence.

Technology Consulting — Kellton Tech provides technology consulting services so you can take advantage of new technologies without hiring more staff or buying more hardware.

Agile Software Development — Agile software development allows you to create an application that works well for your customers while also maintaining flexibility in case any changes need to be made during the development process.

Outsourced Product Development — The company takes over all your product development needs in this service. They provide you with a team of developers who will work on your project and ensure that it is delivered on time and within budget.

3. Softeq

Softeq is a leading software development company providing Backend Development, Frontend Development, and Mobile Application Development services to clients across the globe.

Softeq believes in building products that solve problems and help businesses grow. Nike, Microsoft, Disney and HP are featured clients of this backend development company.


Custom Software Development — Software development is one of the essential components of any business strategy. Softeq provides custom software development services that help businesses bring their ideas into reality.

Embedded System Development — Softeq is specialized in developing embedded systems for various industries, including medical, industrial automation, telecom, etc. Their expertise lies in designing customized embedded systems that work seamlessly with other systems and technologies within an enterprise’s ecosystem.

Digital Transformation — Softeq helps startups to build their digital presence by developing websites, e-commerce portals, mobile apps, and other digital solutions. It also allows large enterprises to take advantage of emerging technologies like IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, etc.

Hardware Design — Softeq has expertise in designing hardware devices from scratch or integrating them with software applications for creating innovative products.

Product Engineering — Softeq engineers can help you design new products from scratch or improve existing ones by making them more efficient, less expensive, and user-friendly.

4. Amsterdam Standard

Amsterdam Standard is a leading software development company that owns a team of 130+ experts. They have been developing complex and custom-made software products over the years.

In addition, they have worked with clients from different industries and delivered highly scalable and robust applications.


Dedicated Nearshore Development Teams — Their developers are based in Amsterdam but work remotely with clients worldwide. This means that they can work together with you to create a new product or service from scratch or improve an existing one.

Your Design Partner for the Best UX — They work closely with designers to create user-friendly interfaces that provide an excellent user experience regardless of device or location.

Agile Software Development — Agile software development is a methodology that values rapid feedback and adaptability. Agile development aims to deliver products quickly, with the minimum viable features to satisfy early adopters.

Backend Development — Backend development is the process of building the “backend” of an application or website, which is essentially everything that is not visible to users in their browser window (and their interaction with it).

5. Apriorit

Apriorit is a top-notch software development and engineering services firm that has been in the industry for over two decades. Apriorit helps its clients build their businesses by providing high-quality cloud, mobile, desktop, and web application development services.


Kernel & Driver Development — The kernel is the core of an operating system, which manages everything that happens on your computer. It’s the nerve center of your system, and it controls all other processes and applications.

System Programming — System programming is a subcategory of kernel development that focuses on writing code for low-level parts of an operating system, such as device drivers.

Mobile Development — Mobile apps power our smartphones and tablets, but they can also be used to create powerful software tools that run on desktops and laptops, like social media sites or web browsers!

Cybersecurity — Apriorit has cybersecurity solutions that protect your data and applications from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats. Their security solutions include anti-phishing services, secure VPNs, and remote access solutions.

6. Code & Pepper

Code & Pepper is a dedicated web and mobile application development outsourcing company. They are a team of highly skilled web developers, software engineers, UI/UX designers, and project managers who have worked on various projects in various domains.


Complete Agile Teams — The company uses agile methodology as its primary software development process, ensuring seamless communication between team members and customers throughout the project lifecycle to deliver high-quality products within given deadlines.

React.js Development — React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building complex frontend applications like websites and mobile apps. It allows developers to create reusable UI components easily without writing much.

React Native Development — The React Native framework is one of the most popular frameworks for building mobile apps. It allows developers to create native applications using JavaScript, which means they can reuse their existing knowledge and skills.

React Outsourcing — The React framework is an excellent choice for building apps, but it’s not always possible to hire an expert who knows how to use it.

Vue.js Development Services — Code & Pepper also offers Vue.js development services for companies looking for a lightweight alternative to AngularJS and ReactJS.


SCAND is another top backend development company that we are including in our list. They are a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who can help you build your dream application.

Their services include Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.


Desktop Application Development Services — SCAND developers provide desktop application development services to meet our clients’ business needs. They have helped many companies create desktop applications that offer solutions to their business needs.

DevOps Solutions — They offer DevOps Solutions that help in developing high-performing applications with the help of cutting-edge technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. Their DevOps experts will ensure that your app performs well at all times, irrespective of whether it’s under heavy load or not being used at all times!

Cloud Computing Services — Cloud computing has changed how businesses operate by providing them with an easy way to store data and other resources such as servers and storage systems.

IT Staff Augmentation Services — This service enables firms to increase their productivity without spending too much on hiring new resources. This service is for you if you want to focus on core business activities without worrying about technical support. This service also helps firms manage their projects better by having dedicated resources at their disposal 24×7.

8. Yojji

Yojji is a backend development company engaged in providing high-quality services to its clients. This company’s primary aim is to provide its clients with the best possible solution. It works hard every day to achieve this goal and strives to give the best service possible.


Web Development Services — Yojji offers a broad range of web development services, including custom web design, e-commerce solutions, web application development, and mobile-friendly website development.

Mobile Development Services — It provides high-quality mobile app development services for Android and iOS platforms. The developers use their expertise to create apps that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Software Development Services — Their software development services help you get a competitive advantage by developing customized applications with the latest technologies. Moreover, they integrate applications with your existing systems using our tailor-made software solutions.

Content Management System (CMS) Solutions — They provide effective content management solutions that help you manage your website without hassle. Their CMS solutions will help you improve your site’s performance and increase visitor engagement on your website through accessible content management features.

9. Concise Software

Concise Software is a leading software development company that offers its clients high-end backend services.

The company has been in the industry for years and has earned a reputation for developing innovative and scalable software products.


Web Development — Concise Software is a web development company that helps businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. They are experts in building SaaS products, custom web applications, native mobile apps, and more.

Mobile Development — They are mobile-first developers who build native applications for iOS and Android platforms. Their mobile team has more than 10 years of experience developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Backend Development — If you need backend services, Concise Software can help you build scalable APIs using NodeJS, Python, or PHP frameworks like Laravel or Symfony, or even Ruby on Rails!

UI/UX Design — This backend company understands that good design is not just a matter of aesthetics but also about providing an intuitive user experience (UX). Their designers create pixel-perfect plans that integrate seamlessly with your business goals while ensuring they look beautiful.

10. ThinkSys Inc

ThinkSys Inc is a software development company focused on backend development services. They create web and mobile apps from scratch or integrate existing systems with new ones. Moreover, this company has worked for over 200 clients and completed 500 projects.


Web Frontend — ThinkSys Inc is a web design and development company that provides custom web solutions for businesses. The web frontend refers to the part of the website you see, including the design, layout, user interface, and content.

Web Backend — The backend of a website includes all of the programming languages and scripts that make it work properly. ThinkSys Inc uses PHP as its primary programming language for creating dynamic websites with secure databases.

Mobile Apps — Mobile apps are essential for businesses to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. ThinkSys Inc designs mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS devices so that customers can enjoy your products or services on the go.

E-Commerce Solutions — ThinkSys Inc offers eCommerce solutions so that you can sell products and services online without having to worry about managing inventory or shipping orders manually through a third-party site like eBay or Amazon Marketplace Seller Central.

10+ Bamboo Agile

Bamboo Agile is an Estonian software development company operating since 2002.

Having experience in a variety of industries (including EdTech, eCommerce, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and more), it stands as a strong competitor in the European tech market.

Bamboo Agile has collaborated with customers from dozens of countries worldwide and continues to deliver powerful backends for all types of solutions.


Application Modernization — In the long run, legacy systems are a money drain. Which is why companies should look into giving their outdated solutions an upgrade.

Backend Development — The team creates fast and highly reliable backends using a diverse tech stack.

Custom Software Development — Bamboo Agile creates software tailored to the client’s specific needs, no matter how complex.

MVP Development — A minimum viable product is a great way to speed up a project’s time to market. Bamboo Agile offers efficient MVP consulting and development services.


Finding an appropriate backend development service among too many options is complicated. However, we tried to display one of the best and most authoritative backend development companies with businesses, startups and developers to ease their work. Hopefully, our list of backend development services will help you find the right solution.

Backend Development Services

What is a backend?

Backend refers to the server-side activities of a program that can be only accessed or modified by developers.

What to Consider When Developing a Backend?

– Performance
– Time to market
– Security
– Scalability

What Tech Stacks are commonly Used for Backend Development?

– Platforms – Back4App, Heroku, Firebase
– Programming languages – Javascript, Ruby, Kotlin
– Databases – MySQL, Redis, Postgres
– Frameworks – Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Spring

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