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Cloud Compliance: Meeting Regulatory Requirements for Web-Based Apps

Cloud compliance is one of the most crucial aspects of developing a web-based application and operating a business around that application. 

According to the State of Cloud Security Report, 84% of companies only have basic security measures in place to protect their cloud infrastructure. The report also states that 79% of companies have experienced data breaches owing to a lack of security measures. 


You need to understand cloud compliance requirements to help you fix the vulnerabilities of your cloud infrastructure that could result in a data breach or unauthorized use of the data. Cloud compliance covers several aspects of how web-based applications can cloud services to store, manage, and use their data. Let’s understand what cloud compliance is and why is it necessary for web-based applications.

How Planning & Design Saves Time & Money in Software Development

It doesn’t matter if you have an elaborate tech stack or state-of-the-art technologies at your disposal if you lack planning and design.

But why are planning and design foundational to a successful software development lifecycle?

Simply put, that’s where the genesis of your software happens (so to speak). 

In the planning and design stages, you create roadmaps, set a timeline, determine deadlines, and the ultimate goal to drive your efforts.

So, let’s discuss in detail how planning and design can save you time and money in software development and which best practices you can follow.

Cloud Security Risks and How To Mitigate Them

Over the past several years, cloud computing has skyrocketed in popularity. New cloud technologies have made it easier than ever to access files on the go. You no longer need to use a specific computer to collaborate on work documents or just listen to your favorite music. Cloud tools like Google Drive and Dropbox have become ubiquitous in many industries, and many major corporations have even set up their own private clouds. 

Cloud technology has provided workers with a lot of freedom and flexibility, especially in the age of remote work. However, the cloud also presents some unique security risks that you won’t find with on-premise servers. These security risks can lead to devastating data losses and damage to your system if they aren’t managed properly. 

As your organization implements a new cloud strategy, it’s important to keep security in mind. You’ll need to be aware of common cloud security risks and take steps to mitigate them before they occur. Here are seven of the most common cloud security risks and how to manage them. 

Why Need To Develop Outbound Call Tracking Software

Call-tracking software allows you to capture all traffic sources, including offline conversions. As a result, this enriches statistics and improves analytics. Without call-tracking software, it’s impossible:

  • Fix offline conversions and be aware of the effectiveness of outdoor ads, business cards, radio, or TV ads.
  • Track the full conversion route of customers with accuracy down to the keyword and advertising image.
  • Improve sales scripts and avoid torturing customers with “How did you hear about us?” conversations.

This article will discuss why you need to develop outbound call-tracking software. But first, we will start with tasks that call tracking helps to solve.

Software Development Best Practices 

Developing and maintaining a software program is a complex process that requires a talented and knowledgeable team. Implementing software development best practices across your organization makes the process more efficient. 

Using these best practices keeps your entire development team on the same page to reduce back-and-forth and deliver better results for your stakeholders. Here are some key software development practices to implement across your organization. 

The Best 9 Coding Tools Powered by AI

The Best 9 Coding Tools Powered by AI
The Best AI Coding Tools

Are you tired of writing endless lines of code for simple programs? Say hello to the future of software development—artificial intelligence (AI)! No longer do you have to spend hours writing code for simple programs. With AI, you can streamline the development process and focus on the more creative aspects of programming. 

Are you in search of the top AI-based coding tools? This article will present you with a selection of highly effective coding tools driven by AI that can assist you in saving time and effort on your coding projects. 

Kubernetes Volumes in Rancher

What Are Kubernetes Volumes?

A Kubernetes volume is a way of storing data within a container that is running on a Kubernetes cluster. The data stored in a volume can persist even if the container is deleted or recreated. A Kubernetes volume is attached to a container and can be accessed by the container through the file system. The volume is a separate resource from the container and can be managed independently of the container, which makes it easy to add, change, or delete a volume without affecting the running container.

There are several types of Kubernetes volumes, including emptyDir, hostPath, configMap, secret, and PersistentVolumeClaim. Each type of volume is suited to different use cases, such as storing temporary data in an emptyDir volume or storing sensitive data in a secret volume.

In addition to the standard volume types, Kubernetes also supports custom volumes by using plugins. Custom volumes are third-party storage systems that are integrated with Kubernetes and can be used in the same way as standard volumes. This allows users to easily access storage from their preferred storage provider.

The Importance of Planning and Design in the Software Development Process

Whether you outsource or engage the in-house team, developing new software is essential to every tech-driven business. 

Companies allocate a lot of resources to software development, with the average company allotting 63% of their software budget to the development stage alone.

But does their software development process use this budget to the fullest?

Software development is a complicated process involving highly-skilled developers, complex code, and a good chunk of the company budget. 

If you want to maximize the use of these resources, then planning your software development process is crucial. 

But how do planning and design improve your software development process? This article tells you all about the importance of planning and design in software development and the various steps involved at every stage. 

The Future of Mobile and Web Development: Trends and Predictions 

The web and mobile development industry has experienced significant growth recently, with organizations increasingly utilizing the technological advancements effectively. These advancements include the integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and natural language processing into business solutions to reshape the way businesses work.

Furthermore, the cloud computing’s adoption has significantly impacted the web and mobile development market as they continues to grow exponentially. In 2021, the web development market is expected to see an estimated increase of $56,000 million. However, the mobile development market is projected to surpass that figure by generating $206.85 billion in 2022. 

These impressive growth figures show the increasing importance of web and mobile development as organizations continue to adopt technology to meet evolving business needs. That’s why, it’s better to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to deliver innovative solutions that meet the high expectations of businesses and their customers.


This article will focus on the major trends and predictions that will fuel market growth and expansion by 2030.