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60% of Organizations Turn to Outsourcing for App Development. Should You Do the Same or Keep It In-House?

With the ever-increasing demand for mobile applications and digital solutions showing no signs of slowing down, more and more organizations are turning to outsourcing for app development. 60% of organizations rely on third-party providers to help create and maintain software applications as part of their digital transformation. 

Outsourcing is a relatively faster and more efficient way of getting the job done, but there are also some drawbacks to consider. Whether or not you should outsource app development to an external IT team depends on various factors, from project complexity to time constraints.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of outsourced and in-house app development so you can decide which option is best for your organization.

9 Effective Cyber Security Tips for Non-profit Organizations

Cyber security is placed side by side with cyber attacks and cybercrime. As much as we would like to think that nothing like that would happen to us, it happens when you least expect it, especially if you run a nonprofit organisation

Cyber security, though one of the things that people care less about, is one of the things that can jeopardise your organisation. Various hackers wait for you to use a less effective software to scoop in and steal your data and other information about your company. 

However, you can avoid these kinds of problems. For example, you can use nonprofit membership software, the encrypted one, to protect your data like a pro. 

This article discusses why nonprofits face more cyber attack risks and various cyber threats you should look for, and we shall also discuss multiple cybersecurity tips for nonprofits.

Top 10 Tools for an Organized Routine of a Developer

Being organized in one’s work is important not only for providing good results but also for one’s peace of mind. An organized person is more in control of their work, time, and life (why not), than someone who is not. 

Developers are no exception. In order to be productive at their work, they need to have an organized routine as well. 

If you are a developer looking for ways to organize your routine easily, there are luckily a number of tools that will help you take the matter into your hands.

What does an organized routine of a developer look like?

An organized developer is in control of their time and knows how to distribute it evenly in order to manage their work on time. Deadlines do not worry them, as they are confident in their workflow. 

If you have trouble meeting deadlines or organizing your work in general, here are the top 10 tools that will help you have an organized routine.

List of the tools:

  1. ClickUp
  2. WebWork Time Tracker
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Calendly
  5. Google Drive
  6. GitHub
  7. Zoho Projects
  8. Pomofocus
  9. Notion
  10. Squoosh – also has a WordPress plugin – 

These are the basic tools that will ensure your work process and routine are organized. 

Let’s take a look at each one separately.

7 App Monetization Techniques to Increase App Revenue

You might have created an app out of passion but now looking for ways to generate a handsome amount of revenue through the app so that you don’t have to rely on 9 to 5 job.

Then you are at the right place. There are various app monetization strategies that you can consider for your application and reduce your app marketing cost. App monetization is a process through which you can turn your users into revenue-generating machines.

In this post, we will learn about the seven best app monetization strategies that you can use to monetize your app and start earning money. 

Healthcare apps you need to know!

With several health issues becoming common day by day, people have taken matters into their own hands by personally downloading health apps to regularly monitor their health. As mobile apps are heavily used by everyone, it is immensely easy for people to get their health updates with just a tap of their finger.

Considering how health concerns are frequent today, people are looking for medical apps for patients that will aid them effectively without having to go for a physical visit to a hospital or an infirmary.

Mobile health apps are very popular among people. According to current statistics, there are approximately 50,000 health apps scattered throughout iOS and android software combined.

But not every health app is for everyone. Some apps provide generic health updates, like heart rate and blood pressure range, etc. Then, some health apps are exclusively specific to certain health issues.

Health companies are equally immersed in providing their patients with an app that can provide an all-in-one solution for them. App development Dubai is famous for its top-notch healthcare mobile apps. They take the assistance of iPhone app developers Dubai to provide a better health solution.

Some health companies are focusing on making android health apps because of their target market. For this, they need professional android app developers that can deliver accordingly.

The burning question here is which type of healthcare you need to know to get a better understanding of your health.

Here are some healthcare apps that will come in handy for you in 2023:

Flutter Update Timeline – What’s new?

Flutter has changed the mobile app development game since its first release in 2018. Over all these years, there have been major and minor updates to Flutter, adding new functionalities, features, and performance improvements. Today we will walk you through all the updates included in the latest 3.3.0 release, Vikings while covering other updates released over the years and the major changes they packed.  

Google announced the Vikings update of Flutter’s version: 3.3.0, and everyone is excited to find out more about the amazing new features incorporated this time. Flutter 3.3 update is a major one, which has been expected since Google merged pull requests to provide mobile app developers with more options and ammunition. 

This blog will discuss the seven major highlights of the Vikings Flutter 3.3 update, which every developer should be aware of. But first things first. 

Top 15 REST API Interview Q&A

Building web APIs, microservices, and other web services have become one of the basic business needs nowadays. And one of the most popular approaches to it is to use REST APIs. Of course, you can build some top-notch quality software using the best programming languages but when you are offering services, you are offering a package of such software applications or features built using a different programming language that works in sync to fulfill the requirements of the users. 

And to integrate this software, you have to use the REST API. of course you already know all of this. But delivering the same information when asked for or showing how it all works can be a little tough. And that’s why many developers tend to fail the interview. Although they are skilled enough, they don’t know what questions are going to be asked of them. Also, even if you know the answers, you are not sure about how to convey them.

And that’s why, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most important and frequent questions. 

Why Are Vectors Important in Web Design?

The abundance of different products and services makes it difficult for businesses to differentiate themselves from others. When a product’s price, quality, and customer service are never enough to win over customers, business owners turn to other methods, such as website UI and UX. 

User-friendly and visually appealing web resources are now as important as quality and useful products. And what helps make them that way? Designs with vector graphics. They maintain their quality at any size and allow pages to load faster. Curious to learn more? Keep reading to find out other benefits of vector files in web design.

How to Build a Car Rental App Like Turo

In the sharing economy, the Peer-to-Peer car rental app, Turo, is quite popular. It was first launched as RelayRides in 2010 and then got rebranded in 2015. Today, Turo provides car rental services in over 7500 cities in the UK, USA and Canada.

On the Turo app, car owners lend their spare cars and earn some money for the rental duration. In the entire transaction, there’s also a commission for Turo, which is its primary source of revenue generation. It also has several other channels in its revenue model, which we will be discussing later in this blog.