Cloudboost vs Firebase

Having an application has become very important for almost every business of every scale. People do not usually find it efficient to do so as for some of the businesses. The expenditures are more than the benefits.

Regardless of what platform and device your apps will be running on, it is necessary to have a well-performing backend of your application. That is only possible when your application is developed on backend infrastructure.

Setting your infrastructure by getting the hardware and workforce to manage it may not seem the best option, but getting some backend as a service might be the best choice for you.

It not only works for the smaller business, but these services are exceptionally good for the large scale business. While Firebase and Cloudboost are both known for providing exceptional services in this regard, there are still some differences between them.

Cloudboost Overview

Cloudboost is the real-time JavaScript backend that provides many services, including data protection for the applications. These services are tailored right for enterprise-grade apps as well as smaller apps. 

Moreover, the protection provided by Cloudboost is perfect for running the applications on the public cloud and the on-premises infrastructure, meaning that you can get things done the way you want.

The way Cloudboost works is with the help of its Data Protection Suite. It is the unified solution for all the data protection issues that accelerates the recovery and backup, centralizes, and automates all other tasks of your cloud workloads.

Cloudboost Core Features

Some of the important features are given below.

Authentication feature added within minutes

When you use Cloudboost, the authentication feature can be added within minutes. There is no need to write extensive code lines just to add this little feature.

Cloudboost comes with a working model where most of the features do not need a lot of coding, and you can use ready-to-use features by simply integrating them into your application.

Online storage as well as file storage

One of the best features provided by Cloudboost is the combination of online storage in the database and file storage. It enables the users to store all kinds of data and files they want to store regarding the efficient usage of the applications.

Offline Synchronization

One of the most attractive features of Cloudboost is the offline sync feature. While most of the other platforms only provide an online sync feature, Cloudboost provides its users with offline sync, which means none of the sync details or data would be missed regardless of the connection between device and network.

Cloudboost Advantages


Every business has one goal in common: to grow, and when it comes to using Cloudboost, every need of a growing business is fulfilled here. Cloudboost provides a scalable backend that ensures that you always get the resources according to your requirements.

Reliability and Security

These are the features that most cloud service platforms lack. However, Cloudboost ensures to provide the best of reliability and security along with its services. So, you can seamlessly run your applications without any security issues.


Another amazing feature of Cloudboost is Modifiability. It means that there are options to modify the application according to requirements making it more productive and efficient.

Firebase Overview

Firebase is a cloud platform that fulfills all of your needs to develop an amazingly functional mobile or web application. Google provides it, and it comes with all the latest features that any application needs so that your app development experience gets better and better.

Firebase Core Features

Realtime database and file storage

Both file storage and database being real-time means that data storage will be done in real-time, and the data sync will be done in real-time.

Audience segmentation

Using Firebase for developing applications ads is a feature of audience segmentation that is very helpful in marketing. It allows identifying audiences based on different events as well as data and properties.

Seamless integration

Firebase understands that there are several things that you need to do with your application, and there might be something that is not available on Firebase itself. So, it provides a seamless integration feature making it not only possible but extremely easy to integrate several features and services within your application.

Firebase Advantages

Easy login and signup functionality

The login and signup feature is one of the easiest things to do with Firebase. It is not only allowed to add authentication functionality without any coding, but there are a lot of valuable functionalities here as well. For example, Social Connect helps to ensure that the chances of people signing up with different accounts are as minimal as possible.

Ready-made APIs

The Ready-made APIs mean that you need not write even a single line of code. If you want, you can write code, but these APIs will be more than enough to meet all of your Application Requirements.


Scalability is another major benefit provided by Firebase. While many cloud platforms still do not provide flexibility and scalability, Firebase provides Scalable services so you can select the hardware resources all according to your needs. It will not only be beneficial for your business and application all the time, and it will be good for your budget as well.


When you are starting to develop an application, you need to make every step in the right direction to achieve success, and the first step in the development phase is selecting the right backend. If the importance of this step is ignored, then the whole experience of your application might be inefficient.

So, when you are at this step, you must not select the backend platform according to what someone else says or what suits your budget in a better way. The best method is to pay attention to your requirements and fulfill each of your application’s requirements. It is the only way every need of your application will be backed and fulfilled in the best manner.

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