Creating an app with ChatGPT without writing code

In the software development world, a notable revolution is brewing – the ability to generate both backend and frontend without physically writing any code.

The confluence of ChatGPT and Back4app makes this not just possible, but remarkably easy. Today, we delve into how to harness the combined strength of both tools to craft a comprehensive application.

Overview about ChatGPT

ChatGPT, rooted in OpenAI’s GPT-4 architecture, isn’t just another chatbot. It’s an adaptive, intelligent language model designed to understand and respond to prompts with human-like accuracy.

This deep understanding transcends mere conversational capabilities, spilling over into generating complex tasks, like creating code.

Its prowess in interpreting human language-based instructions, without compromising on the complexity of tasks it can undertake, earmarks it as an indispensable tool for developers.

Overview about Back4app

Back4app, a cloud-based backend development platform, democratizes the process of creating intricate backend systems.

Its user-centric design streamlines tasks that otherwise would require vast amounts of code. By providing features such as data management and intuitive dashboards, Back4app fosters rapid application development.

When paired with a powerful tool like ChatGPT, the duo promises unparalleled efficiency.

How to Create a Full App with ChatGPT Without Writing Code?

Creating a full-fledged application integrating backend and frontend with just a prompt is no longer a futuristic fantasy. Here’s how:

  • Setting up the Environment: Start by selecting the GPT-4 model on ChatGPT. Make sure to enable the Back4app plugin for ChatGPT.
  • Crafting the Prompt: Unlike typical coding, your instruction is merely a human language prompt. For instance, instructing the plugin to create an app in Back4app to host “owners” and “dogs” data, and an elementary frontend to display it.
  • Execution: Post the prompt, a quick “Enter” triggers the magic. ChatGPT, armed with the Back4app plugin, begins crafting the application.
  • Observing the Results: Venturing over to Back4app, one can spot the newly created application – in this case, titled “Dog’s App”. Navigating to the data management dashboard reveals the registered entities: dogs and owners.
  • Frontend Verification: The frontend isn’t just a dummy display. It’s interactive. A list of owners becomes visible, and upon selecting any, their associated dogs are displayed.

It’s noteworthy how this entire process was initiated by a simple, human-language prompt without the need for intricate coding.


The synthesis of ChatGPT and Back4app has ushered in a new era of development – one where efficiency and simplicity reign supreme.

By eliminating the barriers of traditional coding, this dynamic duo enables even those unfamiliar with intricate code to venture into app development.

As technology continues to advance, such integrations signify a promising shift towards more accessible and efficient development solutions.

For developers, it’s not just a leap, but a quantum jump in how applications will be crafted in the future.


How to Create a Full App with ChatGPT Without Writing Code?

– Set up the Environment
– Create the right prompt
– Connect ChatGPT to Back4app’s plugin
– Check the results

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