The Top 10 Cloud Backend Services

The process of app development has become very slow in the past decade. It is all because of the better computers and the increased need for these mobile and web applications.

Another reason for this is that the applications come with many features. Such features bring functionality and ease to our lives. However, this has made things very difficult for the developers.

The developers have to implement the same things repeatedly, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Considering the amount of hard work needed to develop an application, the outcome for that application is not efficient in many ways.

As a solution to this problem, BaaS or Backend as a Service is a technology that many developers are using these days. So, here we will discuss this technology and the ten best platforms that offer these services.

What is a Backend as a service?

When any mobile application, computer application, or web application is developed, it is mainly developed in 2 parts. One is the front end of the application that the users can interact with. The other part of the application is the Backend. The front end has the user interface and design involved in the development.

However, the Backend has all the functionalities and tools implemented. Developing the front end is an easy job, but the back end takes a lot of time. So, a Backend as a Service makes the development of applications’ Backend very easy by offering predeveloped modules.

All that you need to do as a developer is to combine the necessary features to your front end, and your application will be useful to do. It comes with a lot of features and benefits that are mentioned below.

Some benefits of a Backend as a service

The following are the benefits and features of using the Backend as a service for application development.

  • Speed up development.
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Focus on core business
  • Less developers
  • Focus on frontend development

The Top10 Cloud Backend Services

Here we have sorted out the best BaaS providers of the whole world. Considering their features and services, you can easily decide on selecting the right one.

1.    Back4App

Back4App is the platform that can help you develop an excellent backend for your application with its low-code application development services. The REST and GraphQL APIs make the development process, while being open source makes everyone great.

Core features

  • Low-Code
  • Open-Source
  • Scalability
  • User management
  • Backup routines

2.    Parse

Parse is a platform that provides its managed backend service. It is an excellent option for application backend development and hosting because you do not need to control the servers and hosting when you use it.

Core features

  • Provides the option for both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Supports cloud code functions
  • Push notifications and email notifications

3.    Firebase

Firebase is a managed backend services platform offered by Google. It comes with the reliability and security of Google, and it can help in quick and high-quality application development that can make your business grow in no time.

Core features

  • NoSQL Databases
  • Scalable hosting
  • Static file hosting
  • File storage on Google Cloud Storage
  • APIs that are ready to use

4.    Backendless

Backendless is a great option if you are looking to make the backend of your application without the need to code each module, this is the best platform. It is because it offers “no-code visual application builder” services.

Core features

  • Real-time Database
  • Visual apps builder
  • User management and authentication
  • Caching

5.    Kinvey

Kinvey provides its users the Backend as a Service that you can use to develop user-friendly web, iOS, and Android native applications for the best performance. The applications are also deployed on the cloud backend for best accessibility.

Core features

  • Enterprise ready solution
  • Security
  • Automatic scalability
  • Robust app development
  • SDKs to make the development process very easy

6.    Heroku

Server management and hosting are the most significant issues of app development and running. Heroku is the platform that solves all of these problems because you can develop apps here. The ashcan is run entirely on the cloud.

Core features

  • Managed service
  • Security
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Provides continuous integration options
  • Supports modern open-source languages

7.    Digital Ocean App Platform

Digital Ocean is an IaaS provider but also delivers managed services. The App Platform is a managed platform as a service that can help you turn your ideas into a working application with its managed backend services. The features and benefits of this platform make the application development process less complicated and less time taking.

Core features

  • Ease of use to build, deploy and scale apps
  • Scalable hosting
  • Fully managed

8.    Kumulos

Kumulos is an excellent option for startups and enterprises. If you want to implement your application’s services according to user engagement, this is the best platform for you to get Backend as a Service. It is because it provides user behavior and location-based segmentation in your application.

Core features

  • Notifications
  • Automatic analytics and reports.
  • Diagnostics and reporting.

9.    Kuzzle

Kuzzle is an open-source solution for all developers looking to build outstanding applications with feature-rich backends. The best part of using it is that you can deploy applications anywhere, and these applications will provide business-grade performance.

Core features

  • Scalable servers are available.
  • Real-time pub/sub-options make the applications feature-rich.
  • Multiprotocol APIs make the app development process very fast and easy.

10. AWS Amplify

The development of full-stack applications is significant to increase brand credibility in the market. AWS Amplify is a platform that allows the users to develop the full stack application that is supported on a wide array of native and cross framework applications development platforms.

Core features

  • Storage and data management.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning integration
  • Analytics.


These were the best ten backends as a service platform that you can use for the application development process. Here we mentioned each of them’ core features to make it easier for you to know what you will be getting from them.

Using managed backend services has become very important in this era of rapid application development. However, selecting the right one is more important than using one. It is because the experience you get depends on the services that they provide.

That is why here we discussed the best ten managed backend services, providers. By knowing about all of them and their features and your requirements, you can make the best decision to select the right Backend as a Service provider for you.


What is a cloud backend?

It’s a fully managed and scalable hosting service used to accelerate application development.

What are the benefits of using a cloud backend?

– Speed up development.
– Reduce overall costs
– Focus on core business
– Less developers
– Focus on frontend development

What are the best cloud backend services?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Firebase
– Backendless
– Kinvey
– Heroku
– Digital Ocean App Platform
– Kumulos
– Kuzzle
– AWS Amplify

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