Engine Yard vs Dokku Comparison

Platform as a Service, aka PaaS, benefits businesses that want services from a cloud service provider. PaaS can provide and maintain efficient IT infrastructure for such businesses.

Some common PaaS services comprise IT infrastructure, for example, servers, networking, data centers, etc. These infrastructures also manage application development tools, operating systems, middleware, virtualization, runtime, databases, and more. 

Engine Yard vs. Dokku: What do you need to know?

However, the exact services a PaaS can offer widely depend upon your chosen service provider. A variety of PaaS providers are available out there. Engine Yard and Dokku are some of the most popular PaaS providers that you can consider in this regard. 

Here we have brought a detailed overview of both Engine Yard and Dokku to let you make a more informed choice. 

So, here we go:

Engine Yard Overview

Engine Yard is arguably one of the leading Platform as a Service provider. This platform can help you automate, configure, and deploy applications without hassle in a cloud environment. Moreover, this is a robust and one of the most powerful cloud application management platforms. 

It is here to empower DevOps and developers to control, monitor, and deliver cloud applications. You can get unmatched control with this platform and top-notch support services. Consequently, you can stay focused on creating apps at a faster pace. 

Most importantly, you must spend your time and efforts on platform configuration, Operating System installation, and system updates. 

The platform also helps consumers to get an advantage from cloud computing without greasing their elbows in operation management. 

In short, this PaaS solution is an efficient and reliable platform for developers using PHP, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails deployment and management.  

Engine Yard Features

Do you want to know the key features of the Engine Yard? Let’s have a look at the ones enlisted below. 

So, here we go:

  • Built-in monitoring 

Engine yard offers built-in monitoring tools and keeps you from spending more on third-party monitoring solutions. Every app developed in Engine Yard is linked with the Grafana instance. So, if it offers basic metrics, including memory, scale, CPU usage, etc. 

  • Logs and diagnosis 

The KLE capabilities in Engine Yard help you to monitor your application logs at the same place. You can quickly analyze app errors with this amazing feature. Consequently, diagnosing performance issues becomes quicker than you think. 

  • Autoscaling 

Engine yard can automatically auto-scale as per your application demand to boost performance. This platform can also help in source utilization. 

  • Pre-built stacks 

Engine yard offers highly optimized stacks for applications. Due to this, developers can experience quicker start timing, greater scalability, and better performance. The platform can monitor app performance and use insights to optimize infrastructure intelligently with machine learning technologies.

Engine Yard Pricing

Engine Yard also has a free trial with which you can check various features to some extent. However, Engine Yard also offers 4 different pro versions, including:

  • The solo version is available at $25 / month/instance.
  • Standard version for $150 / month/instance. 
  • Premium version $300 / month/instance. 
  • Platinum version $450 /month/instance.

Dokku Overview

Dokku is an amazing open-source PaaS alternative available out there. This amazing platform helps you own your Platform as a Service solution using the tools you are already familiar with.

Dokku is powered by Docker, and you can easily install it on any system or hardware. Most importantly, you can even utilize this solution on cheap cloud providers. Consequently, this will help you to save more money. 

Once you have set up Dokku on a host, you can even push pre-built applications to Dokku through GIT. These build-pack developed applications can run in isolated Dokku containers. 

Most importantly, it is extremely easier to get started with Dokku. It is always here to make developers’ lives easier and more peaceful. 

Dokku Features

Do you want to know the key features of Dokku that make it an amazing platform? Here are some of the best features that you must know about it.

So, here we go:

  • User-friendly PaaS interface 

Dokku offers a user-friendly interface. This PaaS can also help you enjoy the ease of your app development experience. Therefore, you will have to spend less time managing your apps. Consequently, you can spare more time to deliver your audience business value in the best possible way. 

  • Process scaling and Log-tailing

Dokku also helps scale up or down your applications quickly using the intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Moreover, the platform can also offer you service logs life and tail app within your browser for added convenience.  

  • Build applications on the go 

Dokku is an open-source, extensible Platform as a Service solution. You can run Dokku on any single server as per your choice.

Most amazingly, this platform can help you create applications on the go via a git push. You can either autodetect your application language using Dokku Build-packs or do it using Dockerfile. 

Moreover, Dokku offers you techniques such as cron and nginx that can help automatically route web processes. At the same time, cron automation and background process tasks are managed by Dokku. 

  • Datastore support 

Fortunately, Dokku also offers built-in support for every Dokku datastore plugin available. 

  • Extensible and customizable 

Most importantly, developers can write Dokku plugins in their preferred languages. They can also share their created plugins with others online. Besides that, the platform also helps you to extend the already available plugins to enjoy added benefits. 

Dokku plugins can efficiently add support to the available features of Dokku. 

Dokku Pricing

Firstly, Dokku is an open-source platform that is available to use for free to some extent. However, if you want to unveil all the effectiveness of Dokku, you can consider upgrading to its pro version. 

Fortunately, the pro version is available for $849 for life!

However, you must remember that this is an early bid pricing of Dokku that’s only available for a limited time. 

Dokku vs Engine Yard Comparison

Engine YardDokku
Category PaaSPaaS
Open SourceNoYes
Parent company CrossoverIndependent


So, here we have reviewed Engine Yard and Dokku in detail. Both of these platforms come up with their unique features and benefits. So, now you can consider these features and choose the right option per your project needs. 


What is Engine Yard?

Engine Yard is a cloud computing platform that enables you to quickly and easily deploy, manage, and scale applications in the cloud.

What is Dokku?

Dokku is a platform to quickly and easily deploy and manage your applications in a lightweight, cost-effective way.

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