What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

To make things easier for users, platforms like web apps and mobile applications need to have all the features. One of those necessary features is integrated messaging. This feature is required because the chats relate to that application’s functionality to stay organized.

Due to the increase in the number of applications, different platforms offer their messaging feature. One of the most used service providers for messaging services is Firebase, and here we will discuss everything you need to know about Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

FCM or Firebase Cloud Messaging is Firebase’s feature that allows users to send push-notifications across Android, iOS, and web devices.

When it comes to using the backend services from Firebase, the users get a comprehensive list of features, and messaging is part of it. Firebase is one of the best messaging platform services because it is a cross-framework solution.

It means that if your application runs on all different platforms like web, mobile, Mac, iOS, and Windows, the application can have messaging services with Firebase. Apart from this, another great thing about Firebase Cloud Messaging is that it allows third-party application developers.

Firebase Cloud Messaging Advantages

Adding a messaging feature to an application is not as easy as it seems. Everyone can add the feature to an application, but the real deal here is to make things efficient. It is the platform that makes it possible for developers to add messaging features to their applications while maintaining the following standards.

Some of the benefits of Firebase Messaging include:

  • Reliability
  • Low-battery consumption
  • Free to use
  • Works for iOS, Android, and web applications

Apart from this, the developers will not have to do any server-client management for their applications’ messaging services. If we look at the users’ end, Firebase Cloud Messaging is also very attractive because it makes things extremely good for users by allowing free cross-platform messaging services.

Firebase Cloud Messaging Core Features

Here we will discuss all the features of Firebase Cloud Messaging services that make things better for you as a developer. So, here are all the core features that you get with it.

Works for iOS, Android and Web

When it comes to integrating the messaging services, things get very tricky for the developers. It is because they have to manage different things like server management and client connection. Apart from these, things get very slippery when it comes to messaging between different platforms. However, all of these problems are solved with the help of Firebase Cloud Messaging.

These services allow you to add the messaging feature to send and receive messages across all different types of devices like iOS and Android. Another fantastic thing is that all of these Firebase Cloud Messaging is free even if used for cross-framework messaging.

Advanced message targeting

Message targeting is vital when it comes to multimedia marketing and other services. It is a service that you can use to get advanced message targeting. The best part about these services is that you can not only use your segments for targeting, but you can also use the predefined segments to make things easier for you.

Additionally, you can use the demographics and behavior about the specific type of users and their interesting topics. Not only this but buying these message targeting services from Firebase Cloud Messaging can also help you to target messages on a single device.

Customized notification content

Not only is it a very feature-rich service, but it also pays great attention to the user experience. In the case of notifications, you can set different things related to the notification content. Here are some services that you can customize using this messaging service.

  • Priority notifications.
  • Custom sounds.
  • Notification expiration dates.
  • Location-based notifications.
  • Time zone based indication.

No code experience

The service is managed from the Firebase Cloud Messaging platform’s dashboard and requires little or even no code experience. With the SDKs and APIs coming from the Firebase Cloud Messaging services, you will not need to do a lot of coding for integrating these services.

Whether you are looking to make a simple messaging feature or looking for some analytics and detailed engagement with the conversion tracking, you will not need to do a lot of programming for any of the services.

A/B testing for notification services

Firebase Cloud Messaging provides A/B testing services for notifications. It is beneficial to improve your application over time and based on real-life customer data.

Firebase Cloud Messaging Pricing

One of the best things about Firebase Cloud Messaging is that it is entirely free to use. Both Spark and Blaze plans cover this feature, and you can use the full extent of it without investing a single penny.

Final Thoughts

This article explained Firebase Cloud Messaging, its benefits, core features, and pricing structure.

Firebase Cloud Messaging lets users send push-notifications for free to iOS, Android, and web applications. The core features include advanced targeting, customization, and A/B testing. Pricing-wise, it’s completely free to use, and there are no upper limits of usage.


What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

Cloud Messaging is Firebase’s feature that allows users to send push-notifications across Android, iOS, and web devices.

What are the benefits of Firebase Cloud Messaging?

– It’s free;
– There is no upper usage limit;
– Works for Android, iOS, and web applications.

What are the core features of FCM?

– Advanced targeting;
– A/B testing;
– Cross-Platform.

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