What is Firebase Machine Learning?

The present article will explain Firebase ML Kit, and it will cover the following structure:

  • Machine Learning General Concepts
  • Firebase ML Overview
  • ML Advantages
  • Firebase ML Core Features
  • Firebase ML Pricing Structure

Machine learning is now being introduced to mobile and web applications. It helps in providing a better user experience. When it comes to machine learning for the applications, there is a lot to learn about. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about machine learning and Firebase machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

If we dig deep into the computer science terminologies, we will see that artificial intelligence is a computer science branch. It is also called intelligent because it is known to make several decisions by itself. Well, machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence.

Rather than focusing on making decisions by itself, machine learning is focused on developing computer programs. It is done with the help of training. Whenever machine learning is implemented, it takes some data set and tries to learn several types of data behaviors.

At the same time, the data set is improved with fresh data to enhance the learning process. Here the main aim is to make all the programs automatically learn from the dataset. There are many methods used for machine learning. Some of them are listed below.

  • Supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Reinforcement machine learning
  • Semi-supervised machine learning

What is Firebase Machine Learning?

Once it comes to implementing machine learning in any application or program, it needs to be coded in the backend of the application. However, this is not necessary because Firebase Machine Learning provides its machine learning algorithms. These machine learning algorithms from Firebase come in the form of SDK that you need to implement in the application.

It makes machine learning very simple, easy, and quick to be added to any application. Not only this, but the chances of errors are also significantly reduced. The best part of implementing this SDK is that you do not have to write a lot of code for your application to implement machine learning.

Firebase machine learning comes in 3 different variants. Here we will discuss each of them.

  • APIs

The API form of Firebase machine learning comes in pre-trained models that you need to implement and provide data. Once you do data, it will do all the jobs it is required to do.

  • Custom

If you want a custom behavior from your machine learning algorithm, you can upload it to the Firebase portal and implement it in your applications.

  • AutoML

It is the machine learning model that works with minimum effort while providing the maximum learning experience.

Machine Learning Advantages

Machine learning comes with many amazing benefits that are beneficial for the developers, but it is also beneficial for the computing world. Here we will discuss some of them.

1.    Trends and Patterns

To increase the system’s efficiency, machine learning algorithms can process a lot of trends and patterns in the form of data. It helps to understand the behavior of different users interacting with the applications.

If we take an example, the machine learning algorithm can learn how most users interact with an application or website. In this way, the applications and websites can be tactically designed to improve sales and profits.

2.    No human intervention is needed

One of the best benefits of machine learning models is that you do not need to train them or feed them with information. These are the algorithms that can perform on their own. It makes machine learning almost independent of human interference.

3.    Continuous improvement

Machine learning improvement will never end unless you stop it. It means that the models will keep getting newer data and keep learning from it. In this way, the process of learning will never stop, and the machine learning models will keep on getting better.

Firebase Machine Learning Core Features

If you are looking to implement Firebase machine learning in your application, you might want to know some of its features. So, here we have listed some features of Firebase machine learning.

  1. With Firebase machine learning, you can deploy custom models that will work on the device.
  2. Firebase machine learning can help you to add machine learning capabilities to any of your apps.
  3. With the help of Firebase machine learning, you can train your models on different types of data.
  4. You can use cloud-based APIs of Firebase machine learning for different activities.

Firebase Machine Learning Pricing

When it comes to the pricing of Firebase machine learning, things get very interesting. It is because it is available in both free and paid versions. However, things are not as attractive in the free tier. There is not a lot of machine learning stuff that you get in the free tier package.

(Pay as you Go)
Deployment of Custom ModulesAvailable and FreeAvailable and Free
Cloud Vision APIsNot availableAvailable

On the other hand, the paid package provides you with all the services that you will need. The best part is that the paid package is a pay as you go package, meaning you will only get charged for the services you use.

Another interesting thing about the paid package is that you also get the support for image-related ml called cloud vision API. However, this costs $1.5 for every 1000 Cloud Vision APIs. For more pricing information, please refer to Firebase’s Pricing Page.


Here we discussed all the working of machine learning and Firebase machine learning as well. You can focus on doing things regularly to get good results.

With all of its advantages and features, we can say that machine learning is the future of this world. Especially when it comes to automation, machine learning is at the top of the list.It is one of the biggest reasons it is now being implemented in small devices and apps like mobile phones and their apps.

To know more about Machine Learning, please refer to the article Top 50 Machine Learning Projects.


What is Firebase ML?

It’s a Machine Learning product available under Firebase console. It comes in 3 different variants that are APIs, Custom, and AutoML.

What are the benefits of ML?

– The use of trends and patterns;
– No human intervention needed;
– Continuous improvement.

How does Firebase ML pricing looks like?

– Firebase ML is available under the Spark and Blaze plans;
– Cloud Vision APIs are only available on the Blaze plan;
– It costs $1.5 for every 1000 Cloud Vision APIs

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