What is Firebase Performance Monitoring?

Do you want to know more about what Firebase Performance Monitoring is and how it can benefit your business in the best possible way? Let’s have a look at the information given below. This detailed information about Firebase Performance Monitoring will undoubtedly help you to understand it more effectively. 

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Firebase Performance Overview

As this tool’s name suggests, Firebase Performance Monitoring is a fantastic service that is meant to allow developers to track and monitor their applications’ performance. The tool is available under Firebase’s Spark and Blaze plans, and it’s free to use. 

Performance monitoring can be enabled in an application by adding the SDK of Firebase performance monitoring. Most amazingly, you don’t have to add any additional code for this.

The SDK will automatically measure the range of performance metrics for application, including background and foreground activity, HTTPS network requests, and startup time.

Performance monitoring is usually based on traces. Trace represents the capture of performance data between two distinct points in an application’s execution cycle.

Additionally, performance monitoring can also allow the personalized performance traces to be implemented within the application code. It will enable the monitoring processes to be started and stopped at different points in the application’s lifecycle to gain performance insights of specific aspects of the application’s functionality.

Developers can also create counters to track to monitor the events’ frequency within a custom trace space. 

However, the data included in the app performance monitoring include country, device, app version, radio, carrier information, and OS. For HTTPS requests, data will be about payload size, response time, and success rate of the request. 

You can review the results of performance monitoring within the Firebase console’s performance monitoring section. 

Firebase Performance Monitoring Advantages

Here are some of the most notable benefits of the Firebase performance monitoring application that you must know:

  • Efficient and responsive applications 

Firebase performance monitoring will let you know how your app is performing from the user’s perspective. Its custom and automatic performance tracing features will let you improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your apps. 

  • Easier to get performance context with traces 

Custom traces in performance monitoring can let you understand the areas where performance issues are occurring. It will make it easier to address them. You can utilize automated traces as well. 

  • Track network behavior 

This service can help you understand the network latencies that are affecting users with automated HTTPS requests monitoring. It will let you track response time, payload size, success rate, and waiting time for downloading and payload. 

  • Understand the problem’s origin 

You can break down both networks’ data and trace it into multiple dimensions such as country, device, app version, operating system, and more to get to the bottom of the app problems with ease. 

Firebase Performance Monitoring Features

Do you want to know what makes Firebase performance monitoring more amazing? Let’s have a look at its key features to get a better idea about the things in this regard;

By integrating performance monitoring SDK into your app, your application will start monitoring multiple critical aspects of application performance ranging from SDK log startup time to HTTP requests and many more. 

Firebase performance monitoring will help you get performance insights into applications to understand where you can work to improve your app’s performance more effectively. 

You can set custom code traces to personalize the monitoring of your application for improved results. 

Firebase Performance Monitoring Pricing

One of the best aspects of the Firebase performance monitoring service is that it’s available to use for free. You don’t have to pay anything to use this fantastic solution for your app performance improvement.


Firebase Performance Monitoring is one of the best solutions you can consider to track and improve your app’s performance. It comes up with unique capabilities; it’s free to use and works seamlessly with other Firebase services.


What is Firebase Performance Monitoring?

Firebase Performance Monitoring is one of the best solutions you can consider to track and improve your app’s performance. It comes up with unique capabilities; it’s free to use and works seamlessly with other Firebase services.

What are the advantages of Firebase Performance Monitoring?

– It’s free;
– It works seamlessly with other Firebase services;
– Ease of use.

Is Firebase Performance Monitoring free?

Yes, the service is free and available under the Spark and Blaze plans.

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