What is Firebase Predictions?

This article will explain Firebase Predictions, its features, advantages, and pricing.

App predictions usually seem just like magic. This tool can help you get an idea of what your potential app will do with your app. About a decade back, it was something impossible to do.

However, thanks to machine learning, app prediction can help you know various essential things about your app, including its performance.

Firebase Predictions is one of the most impressive services to consider in this regard. Let’s get to know everything about Firebase Predictions to understand the things in this regard better. 

An insight into what is Firebase Predictions

Firebase Predictions is based on machine learning technology. It learns your analytical data to develop dynamic user segments based on the predicted behavior of your users.

These predictions are available for firebase service users. It is including the notification composer, firebase remote config A/B testing, and Firebase in-app messaging automatically.

The user will also be able to export the prediction data of applications to Big Query. It will make it easier for you to perform any further analysis on your data. You can also push this data to any third-party service to make the most out of it in the best possible way.

However, when you are going to use Firebase Predictions with Firebase Remote Config service, you will be able to boost conversions with a custom experience based on every user’s anticipated needs.

Moreover, you will also be able to use Firebase Predictions with notification composers’ service to deliver highly-effective one-time messaging and recurring applications in a more effective way.

For example, you can automatically send a notification to your application users, which are predicted to stop further using your application.

However, when you are going to use Firebase Predictions with the service of A/B testing, you will be able to compare the effectiveness between different variants of your application with varying campaigns of notification composer.

Even you can experiment with remote app config to test the performance and engagement results of your applications in various ways of customizing in-app user experience but in predicted segments.

Firebase Predictions Advantages

Have a look at some of the essential benefits of Firebase Predictions given below to know more:

  • Take actions based on informed decisions

Firebase Predictions has made it easier for developers to grow their applications by giving you insights. So that making informed decisions can become more comfortable for you. 

  • Personalize experiences

Firebase Predictions can help you personalize your applications’ experience to boost both conversion and retention rates in the best possible way. 

This service can let you run in-app messaging campaigns from the Firebase console. It will make it easier for you to engage your app users before they churn. 

  • Leverage the power with BigQuery

You can export your Firebase Predictions to BigQuery to perform more analysis on these.

You can have insights into the machine learning model’s factors to develop every predictive segment, and seeing performance metrics can let you understand how accurate these predictions are.

Firebase Predictions Features

Here are the key features of the Firebase Predictions service you must know:

  • Utilize machine learning power of Google

Firebase Predictions are applying the expertise of Google to your app’s analytical data in machine learning. It can let you develop a dynamic segment of users based on users’ predictive behavior. 

  • Offer customize user-experience to boost app conversions 

You can integrate this service with FCM, Firebase in-app messaging, and remote config to customize app users’ experience based on predicted behavior for improved conversions. 

  • Use smarter notifications to improve retention

Even though re-engaging your previous app users is hard. But you can engage them by sending more intelligent messages, which will ultimately impact your user retention rate positively. 

  • Custom predictions are more comfortable to create 

Besides built-in predictions, Firebase Predictions will help you to make custom predictions as well. You can make these predictions on any conversion event defined in analytical data. 

  • Export predictions for more analysis 

You can export Firebase Predictions to BigQuery for enhanced analysis. You can even automate this export feature to make the most out of it with ease. 

Firebase Predictions Pricing

The Firebase Predictions tool is FREE to use. You can use this tool to improve and boost your applications without spending even a penny on this. Therefore, this can be one of the best opportunities for you to learn and make changes in your applications to make the most out of it for free.


Firebase Predictions is a tool that is using analytical data of your app to predict or anticipate user actions for it. You can use Firebase Predictions with different other services to make the most out of it with ease.


What is Firebase Predictions?

It’s a service from Firebase that assists users to predict behaviors employing Machine Learning technologies.

What are Firebase Predictions advantages?

Personalize experience
Targeted In-Message Campaigns
Advanced analysis with BigQuery

What is the cost of Firebase Predictions?

The service is FREE to use.

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