What is Firebase Remote Config?

This article will explain the Firebase Remote Config service, core advantages, features, and pricing.

Firebase is one of the most unique and highly efficient development platforms for mobile and web apps that Google now acquired in 2014. However, over time Firebase keeps adding some essential yet unique tools in its suite. It is currently offering 19 different beneficial and practical tools for application developers, testers, and marketers. All of these things are making Firebase a necessity for all application developers. 

More amazingly, Firebase offers plenty of unique features for its users to help them develop better apps in the best possible way. It allows developers, testers, and marketers of applications to monitor and improves application quality besides other benefits. 

Overall, Firebase offers excellent tools under one roof, and Firebase Remote Configuration is one of such solutions that are highly effective and pretty easy to learn. 

This article will dive deep into Firebase Remote Config to better understand the things in this regard.

What is Firebase Remote Config?

Firebase Remote Config is one of the most effective cloud-based services that can let you change your applications’ appearance and behavior without even publishing the update of your app.

Most amazingly, you can use this cloud-based service for unlimited daily users at no cost. 

Even more, it is also one of the most recommended Firebase tools for the app updates check. 

When you are using a Remote Config, you can create default values that will be in-app to command your application’s overall behavior and appearance.

Later you can utilize the console to update these values and Remote Config REST API for overriding default values for all users of your application or even for a specific group of your users’ base.

In a nutshell, we will be able to maintain the required key-value pairs on the server-side. However, we can fetch those values from the client-side to deal with REST APIs.

Later, these values can be used for application updates or alter your preferred applications’ appearance or behavior.

It will also be able to check updates frequently and use them with an insignificant impact on its performance. Overall, it can let you do plenty of things with your apps as per your requirements or preferences.

Firebase Remote Config Advantages

With a Remote Config tool, you will be able to change your application’s appearance and behavior on the fly. You can use the Firebase console for this. 

Even more, tracking your app performance is also more comfortable with Google analytics. However, Firebase Remote Config can let you customize your audience segment, split app tests to check improvements performance, and release new content without waiting for any app store approval.

With Remote Config, it will become easier for you to make changes in your apps’ server-side parameter values. It can let you change your app theme or color to match any specific seasonal promotion to make it more attractive for app users. With this, you don’t have to publish a new update. 

More amazingly, Firebase Remote Config can help you to offer an exclusive app experience for a specific audience segment. You can use different parameters, including app version, property, OS, language, location, or anything else, to segment your target audience.

It can be one of the best solutions to run AB Testing experiments effectively to optimize your application more effectively. 

Firebase Remote Config Features

Well, here we have incorporated some of the significant features of Firebase Remote Config that you must comprehend to understand more about it:

  • Prompt roll out to app changes 

The Remote Config can let you make changes in the default app appearance and behavior by changing the server-side parameter values. 

  • Easier user-base customization 

The Remote Config can let you customize your app audience based on different user-based aspects, including language, app version, and more.  

  • AB testing for apps’ improvement 

You can utilize a random percentile of Remote Config with AB testing improvements. Google Analytics will help you to boost your app performance in different areas of the app with ease. 

Firebase Remote Config Pricing

Firebase Remote Config is a free service to use by Firebase and can help you to make instant changes in your applications without any problem. 


So that’s all about Firebase Remote Config, its advantages and key features, and much more. All of this information certainly has given you a deep dive into what Firebase Remote Config is and why it can be the best solution for you to make changes in your apps. 


What is Firebase Remote Config?

It is a cloud tool part of Firebase that permits users to modify an application’s behavior and look without asking users to download a new version of the app. 

What are the core features of Firebase Remote Config?

– Roll out changes
– Customize app for different users
– AB testing

What is the price of Firebase Remote Config?

Firebase Remote Config is FREE to use.

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