Firebase vs AWS

Firebase vs AWS

Mobile and web development has gone a long way in recent years. Modern applications contain more robust features while hosting a web or mobile application somewhere you need more than just a hosting service. Different big companies such as Amazon and Google are offering everything you can ask for in this field. However, with serverless architectures’ availability, more and more developers and companies are preferring to choose a serverless route.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services is a broadly adopted and most comprehensive cloud platform in this world. It is offering more than 175 full feature services from its data centers all around the globe.

AWS is offering highly flexible, scalable, reliable, and customizable cloud computing solutions that are entirely easier to use, and Amazon is offering a comprehensive and affordable cloud platform. This platform has been developed with a fantastic combination of packaged software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service offering. 

AWS is offering a more comprehensive range of global cloud-based products for business purposes. Some of the most common products are including storage, development tools, analytics, database, networking, and much more. And most amazingly, all of these products and services are available with a pay as you go pricing structure. It means you only have to pay for the services you are utilizing, unlike other similar services in which you have to pay for a complete package whether you are using all of its services or not.

All and all, AWS is a secure and flexible platform which is offering a more comprehensive range of functionalities to help businesses and individuals grow in the best possible way.

Benefits of AWS 

Do you want to know why AWS can be an advantageous option for you to choose? Look at the benefits of AWS enlisted below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

Less Expensive

Considering that AWS is not a managed service, it will be, in most cases, cheaper in comparison to Firebase. Also, AWS allows long term contracts that provide up to 75% compared to the standard rates.


AWS will also deliver more flexibility in comparison to Firebase. On top of that, you will be able to install open-source products and migrate to another service freely.

Reliable APIs 

AWS is offering reliable APIs in different programming languages meant to help your infrastructure in the best possible way. Whether it is about taking backups or launching a new component, everything is likely to get with AWS APIs.

More functionality 

AWS is offering more features and services as compared to any other cloud service provider. AWS is based on emerging and latest technologies that can let users experience the most in-depth functionality within other services too.

Highly secure services 

AWS has been designed and developed to offer the most flexible, secure, and reliable cloud computing environment. The core infrastructure of AWS has been built to satisfy the security requirements of even susceptible businesses worldwide. AWS is backed by in-depth and robust security tools which can support security standards with ease.

Pay as you go pricing model

AWS is offering highly scalable and flexible cloud computing services, which comes with a fantastic price model. With AWS, you only have to pay for the services which are needed for your business. Most amazingly, you can also scale these services whenever required without any problem. Now you can easily think about having infinite space for your archival and backup needs and can launch new server, downscale or upscale servers, and much more as per your needs.

What is Firebase?

Are you a developer looking for a robust platform that can let you develop web and mobile applications in a more effective way? Then Firebase is a solution you can account for with ease. Firebase offers a fantastic range of services and can serve as the best application development platform with a broader range of services and tools.

Firebase is a BaaS – Backend as a Service owned by Google. These services and tools will keep you from creating an application from scratch every time and are meant to let you build high-quality mobile and web applications at a faster pace. 

Firebase is a useful cloud computing service model that helps developers connect their applications with APIs and back-end cloud storage extracted by the back-end applications. Most amazingly, Firebase has been built on the infrastructure of Google.

Benefits of Firebase 

Now, this is the time to analyze different benefits of firebase, which developers and businesses can get to make their processes simpler and faster:

Managed Service

Firebase is a managed service and takes care of the infrastructure. You will not need to worry about scaling up/down instances because Firebase will take care of that for you. Also, it will monitor your app on 24/07 to make sure your apps run smoothly.

Google Analytics has made Firebase smarter 

Tracking down a user’s journey has become easier and more convenient with Firebase, even on different devices. It can let you identify whether the user is using your application on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Export of data with Google Analytics to BigQuery has also become more manageable now. This benefit can help developers in engaging more users more effectively.

Real-time database 

Firebase is offering a cloud-hosted real-time NoSQL database that will let you store and synchronize data. This benefit can make it easier for developers to access application data with any device and create collaborative features more amazingly. It can also assist developers in back-end code execution, which can respond to the events created by databases.

Crash reporting for quick bug fix 

There are a lot of applications that are suffering due to bug issues. Bug issues can slow down the speed of navigation, and ultimately users opt-out for such applications. Consequently, user engagement and rating of such applications start to decline over time. However, Firebase offers a fantastic feature of crash reporting, which will let you fix bugs immediately as they will occur. Users will be able to experience improved application performance.

Fast and secure 

Firebase offers a complete set of tools and services that are essential to speed up the application development process. However, high-class security protocols are ensuring your application and data security in the best possible way.

Firebase vs AWS | The differences you need to know

  • Firebase provides a managed service
  • AWS has provides a managed and non-manages services
  • Firebase platform is proprietary technology from Google
  • AWS works with open-source and proprietary products
  • Firebase runs on top of Google Cloud
  • Firebase is a Backend as a Service
  • AWS is a Infrastructure as a Service provider
  • Firebase provides less flexibility in comparison to AWS
  • AWS is cheaper for some services
  • AWS is usually better for large and sophisticated project
  • Firebase is an amazing option to reduce time to market

Firebase vs AWS | Comparison Table

Parent CompanyAmazonGoogle
Launch Date20062011
> 10,000200 – 500
Core FeaturesVirtual Machines
Block Storage
Load Balances
Realtime database
Scalable hosting
Server-Level AccessYesNo
PricingCheaperMore expensive
Pricing ModelFree Tier
Pay as you go
Free Tier
Pay as you go
Ideal for Large and sophisticated projectsReduce time to market and have an end-to-end app development experience
Famous AppsNetflix


This article compared the differences between Amazon Web Services vs Firebase. 

AWS is an IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service provider, a pioneer in providing cloud services, and the most used service worldwide. It provides virtual machines, storage, server-level access, and in most cases, is a more affordable option vs. Firebase.

Firebase is a BaaS – Backend as a Service provider from Google. It provides a managed service, scalable hosting, and an end-to-end app development platform.

The ideal choice will depend on your project requirements. AWS is usually a better choice for more sophisticated projects that require server-level access and lots of customized coding. On the other hand, Firebase is a great option to reduce the time to market, accelerate app development, and have hassle-free hosting.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service is a broadly adopted and most comprehensive cloud platform of this world. It is offering more than 175 full feature services from its data centers all around the globe.

What is Firebase?

It’s backend as a service platform acquired by Google that speeds up mobile app development.

What are AWS benefits?

– Price
– Flexibility
– Broad range of features
– Scalability

What are Firebase benefits?

– Managed service
– Scales up/down the infrastructure for you
– 24/07 monitoring and support
– Real time database, analytics, crash reporting

What are the differences between Firebase and AWS?

– Firebase provides a managed service
– AWS has provides managed and non-manages services
– Firebase platform is proprietary technology from Google
– AWS works with open-source and proprietary products
– Firebase runs on top of Google Cloud
– Firebase is a Backend as a Service
– AWS is a Infrastructure as a Service provider
– Firebase provides less flexibility in comparison to AWS

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