Top 10 Google Cloud Functions Alternatives

This article will explore ten of the best Google Cloud Functions Alternatives. The list includes AWS Lambda, Google App Engine, Azure Functions, etc.

Serverless computing is getting popular every passing day because of its amazing benefits. Many service providers provide exceptional cloud functions to let developers successfully develop without worrying about resources and servers. However, one important thing that everyone needs to consider is selecting a service provider.

Here we will be discussing the value that Google Cloud Functions brings and the top 10 alternatives you can select for it.

Google Cloud Functions Overview

As part of the Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Functions from Google is an environment for serverless execution that allows developers to build different cloud services and connect them. It works like a charm for several developers because of the simplicity in coding and the single-purpose functions that are event driven. So, those functions can only be used as a computer service for one purpose.

The good part is that it is a completely managed development environment, so there is no need to worry about any infrastructure resources, servers, or anything else when developing on it.

Amazing benefits of Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions comes with a lot of benefits. Some of which are:

  • Supports multiple programming languages
  • There is no need to update the firmware or patch the OS.
  • It’s cost effective
  • It works with asynchronous workloads for better performance
  • Building event driven applications here needs no additional servers
  • The apps here only compute service when an event triggers them, which means it is a very affordable option

These were some benefits, and many others make Google Cloud Functions one of the best choices.

Top 10 Google Cloud Functions Alternatives

Google Cloud Functions brings an amazing experience with lots of features and benefits. However, sometimes it is not the best choice. In such cases going for Google Cloud Functions Alternatives will be the right option. So, here are some of the best Google Cloud Functions Alternatives that you can go for.

1.     AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is among the first serverless computing options available in the world. It comes with strong support from the Amazon Web Services team, and it allows you to develop in Python, C#, JavaScript, and several other languages.

If you feel that Google Cloud Functions makes things complex for you, the compute service will be much more simplified. On top of everything, it brings affordable solutions for everyone.

2.     Azure Functions

Next up on the list is Azure Functions, which Microsoft manages and provides. It allows you to select the development language of your choice from many different languages like C# and Python and allows continuous deployment. This feature helps in better feature development and encourages proper integrations.

The developer experience on Azure Functions is amazing because of Azure’s team’s multi-language options and debugging support.

3.     Google App Engine

If you are looking to stay within Google’s Environment, but Google Cloud Functions is not the right choice, you must check Google App Engine out. It is also a cloud computing Google platform that provides web application development and hosting features.

All of the serverless development and hosting happens in data centers managed by Google. So, the development and deployment experience is amazing.

4.     Cloudflare Workers

Do you want your serverless applications to run for free? Well, Cloudflare workers might be the right option for you. It comes with free and paid services that run on the global cloud network managed by Cloudflare. Developing your serverless application on this platform means that it will easily run significantly faster than most competitors.

5.     Twilio Runtime

Say that you are into some development work done using Node.js, including static files. Apart from that, your major requirements include hosting and maintenance as basic functions, with scalability as a basic requirement.

Twilio Runtime is a serverless environment that can meet all of these requirements with no additional efforts from your side. In this way, you will only need to focus on the features and functions of the application while the Twilio team will be managing all other stuff for you.

6.     Heroku

Pay as you go is getting popular with time, and most people like it. However, it is not the best choice for everyone. Heroku brings the right serverless application developing and running environment for such people.

Here you pay monthly, and the instances are always running for you, meaning you get the best performance. Adding third-party add-ons is also allowed here for the best features in your application. Not only this, but it also provides tools for deploying, managing, and scaling with ease.

7.     Oracle Cloud Functions

When you opt for Oracle Cloud Functions, you can easily develop and run your application in the serverless environment from Oracle. All the basic developer-friendly features are available, like salability, management, and integration with other Oracle functions.

All of these make it an amazing Google Cloud Functions Alternative for developers looking to stay away from complex development.

8.     IBM Cloud Functions

This software platform provides IAM(identity access and management) features and its serverless application running environment. The experience here is very stable considering that everything is present on the IBM cloud, known for its security and reliability.

9.     Alibaba Cloud Function Compute

Alibaba Cloud Function Compute can be your choice if you want an extensive list of features. You start with benefits like scalability and security, and this serverless computing option from Alibaba Cloud leaves no feature behind. It provides pay-as-you-go services so that you can have very affordable services.

10.  Knative

Do you need an open-source serverless option? Knative brings the right options for you by providing everything from deploying to running your applications on serverless environments. It provides scalability where you can increase the computing model for better productivity. Similarly, you can reduce operational costs.


If you decide to move towards Serverless computing and event driven application development, you first need to decide which service provider you will be using. It is one of the most important things in the whole development process.

So, you must select the service provider according to the application requirements. Although Google Cloud Functions is an amazing choice, in some cases, it may not be the best choice for you, and you can go for google cloud functions alternatives.


What is Google Cloud Functions?

Google Cloud environment for serverless execution that allows developers to build different cloud services and connect them

What are the alternatives to Google Cloud Functions?

– AWS Lambda
– Azure Functions
– Google App Engine
– Cloudflare Workers
– Twilio Runtime
– Heroku
– Oracle Cloud Functions
– IBM Cloud Functions
– Alibaba Cloud Functions
– Knative

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