How to make an app similar to Instagram?

How to make an app similar to Instagram?

App development has grown to a full-fledged industry of its own. So, if you are thinking about achieving something great, you might as well consider going into the app development industry. Perhaps, you would want to build an app like Instagram.

The million-dollar question is how to go about developing an app that scales seamlessly like Instagram. Well, you don’t have to bother your head with the hassles. We have outlined a step-by-step procedure to create a photoblog/picture-sharing app like Instagram. You might be getting this guide for free, but the information here can save you tons of money in development costs.

The baseline is that you need in-depth planning before venturing into any app development project. So, this guide has streamlined the entire procedure for you. Here it goes:

  1. Do market research to pinpoint the audience for your app.
  2. Create an MVP – Minimum Viable Product
  3. Create an app concept with USPs that differ from that of Instagram.
  4. Explore the leading photo-sharing apps.
  5. Streamline vital factors such as goals, budget, the scope of the app, technologies to use, and the likes.
  6. Develop and a captivating advertisement and app promotion strategy right from the start of the project.
  7. Create a channel for receiving feedback from app users so you can implement user-defined features.
  8. Select a reputable app development agency to help you build a photo-sharing app like Instagram.
  9. Plan for all phases of the development cycle, including designing, development, testing, and launching.
  10. Monitor and fix bugs. Keep an eye on your competitors and update your app to add desirable features.

So, let delve into the app development details.

The procedures for creating an app like Instagram

Perhaps you have wondered what it entails to design an Instagram-like app. This guide will break down the complicated process to give you a complete overview of the tasks involved. So, the first step is to define an approach towards achieving your goal. Once you have determined the key features that you want to implement, you have crossed the first hurdle.

If you want inspiration, simply look at the Instagram app. After all, the app is the leader in the picture sharing niche. Study the refined and user-friendly interface of the app. In spite of the stylish design, the app makes it easy for users to navigate through the functions. So, pay attention to making your app easy to use and creating an elegant user interface. You can check this article below for a detailed guide on creating an app. The ultimate 13 steps to make a successful app.

Save Money Development

Create a Unique MVP

Don’t forget that the first version of your app should not be bloated. All you need is the minimal features that make your app functional. After that, you should focus on the design, the app concept, and the app branding. Now, if you want to create an app like Instagram, here is the stuff you need to put in place.

  • A refined user interface that gives an excellent user experience.
  • Simple to use user navigation features.
  • Streamlined feed that the user can optimize from the app options.
  • Elegant app visual and graphics elements.
  • A functional app that is free of bugs.

An Analysis of the vital features in a photo-sharing app

If you want to create an app like Instagram, pay close attention to the development procedure outlined below. After listing the crucial specifications of the app, simplify the structure, and create a mind-map towards the development. Below are the barest minimal features your app should have.

Registration and sign-in.

  • The users should be able to create an account quickly.
  • Sign in with personal details or through another social media account.
  • Features to verify the email address.
  • Reset password when the needs arise.

Create a post

  • Take a picture from the integrated app camera and upload it instantly.
  • Upload in an image from the galley of the mobile device.
  • Tag the post and mention people in the post.

Edit Profile

  • Add new data to an existing profile.
  • Edit existing data in a profile.
  • Delete the current information from the profile.

Optimize App Feed

Subscribe to update from pages, profiles, and accounts.

  • Tag shared posts.
  • Comment on shared posts.

Social Features

  • Sharing of posts with others.
  • Sending invites to use the app.

Customizing Images

  • Add filters to the picture uploaded.
  • Perform basic image editing like rotating and cropping.
  • Advanced image adjustment, such as saturation, contrast, and much more.

GPS Functions

  • Pinpoint the location where the image uploaded was clicked.
  • Pinpoint the location where the shot was taken and add the data to the post.


Send personal messages containing text and images to contacts.

Push Notifications

These features send push notification to users regarding recent messages and updates to posts.

Search Features

  • Search posts based on Tags.
  • Search posts using profile names or names of the user.
  • Search posts based on the post description.

Using An App Template for your Project

Would you be glad to access utilities that give you a head start in your app development project?

Well, there are several prebuilt app templates that you can use to kickstart your app development project.  This resource will save you loads of cash and expedite your speed to the market.  Here are some app templates you will find useful for developing an app like Instagram.

Instagram Clone App . This template was developed by Swift UI

Pikky – This Android/iOS template is a similar social media app.

CamFun – iOS-based picture sharing app template.

Instagram Clone Technology Stack

Choosing the right technology is one of the essential things to do while learning how to make an app like Instagram. For instance, you would want to select a platform for your app development. Would you like to develop on Android or iOS? Either way, the best route to follow is native development. That is how to build an app that has excellent performance and delivers a superior UX.

If you would like to develop the first version of your app for iOS, you can use Swift and XCode as your development platform for the best result. If your preferred platform is Android, then you can develop on the native Android Studio that gives you the option of using Xamarin or Java.  The third option is to use a cross-platform development platform. But cross-platform development might not give you the best of Visuals and UX.

We recommend that you use a Backend-as-a-service for handling the server-side tasks of your Instagram clone app. This approach will save you lots of money in development costs and also expedite your speed to the market. Moreover, mobile Backend-as-a-Service can double the productivity of your app development. Check this article to learn more about How an MBaaS Creates Value for your app development project.

There are several technology stacks you can use for your backend while developing an app like Instagram. Here are some of them.

  • Backend as a Service
  • Swift
  • MongoDB or Postgres
  • Java

Apart from coding the app, you must have server resources in place that can handle clients’ requests under heavy server load. So, you are better off using well-grounded backend service providers such as Back4Apps, AWS, or Firebase.

How to Monetize an App like Instagram

Your app is a business; that is why you are investing a small fortune to bring it to reality. So, monetizing your app should be integrated into the development plan. Just like Instagram, you can generate revenue from in-app purchases, advertisements, and features for online shopping.  Here are a few efficient ways of monetizing your Instagram-like app.

  1. Adverts and Sponsors: Your app is an excellent platform for businesses to advertise their products to a niche audience. You will earn revenue from adverts and sponsored content.
  2. Deal Offers: You can offer your app users exclusive deals selling your own product or affiliate products. Either way, you earn money when a user makes a purchase.
  3. In-App Purchases: You can encourage your active users to buy in-app features that give them more value from using the app. There are multiple ways to implement in-app purchases

The Final Touches

Here are a few things to consider in your quest to finalize your photo-sharing app.

  • Give the user access to an extensive picture editing option from inside the app. You can create features for adding filters, effects, textures, .and much more. These features will keep your app users coming back.
  • You can design your application to cater to various groups based on their interests. A typical example is having a feature for cat lovers. These types of features help build communities of dedicated app users.
  • Allow the users to share pictures from their mobile devices or PC without the need to log in or register on the platform.
  • Features for users to create themed albums that can only be viewable through an invitation from the album owner.
  • Create tutorials and user guides for using various utilities within the app, such as image editing functions.

Do you like this introductory article about how to make an Instagram App? To learn more, please read the tutorials below:

Step-By-Step Guide for Developing an App like Instagram

Here is a list of tutorials that presents a step-by-step guide for developing a mobile app like Instagram

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The Instagram Technical Documentation located in our Docs is also a useful resource.

Perhaps you are not a developer, you can still develop your own mobile app. Below is a list of carefully selected software development partners that can handle your project.

Development Partners


The core functions of a photo-sharing app are processing, storing, and sharing the images transferred from a user device. Your app should create a quality benchmark for images uploaded to the app’s platform.  This way, you will avoid the disrepute of sharing flawed, distorted, or blurred images. The platform users may hold the app responsible for the poor photos.  You should have a video sharing feature in the pipeline for future updates. Since videos are becoming more prominent on the internet. Adding support for videos will create value for your app users and also increase the popularity of your app platform.

We have come to the end of this guide. Simply follow the steps outlined here to create an app similar to Instagram. It’s now time to get started. Don’t forget that app development is a continuous journey. Think about the unique features you can add to your app that gives you an edge over competitors. That is how to climb to the top of your mobile app niche.

General FAQ


How to make an app like Instagram?

1 – Start with market research for your app
2 – Create an MVP – Minimum Viable Product
3 – Create an app concept with unique features
4 – Explore the leading photo-sharing apps.
5 – Streamline vital factors such as goals, budget, and technologies
6 – Develop captivating advertisement app promotion strategy
7 – Create a channel for receiving feedback from app users
8 – Select an development agency build the app
9 – Plan for all phases of the development cycle
10 – Monitor and fix bugs

What are the Instagram app features?

1 – Registration and sign-in.
2 – Create a post
3 – Edit Profile
4 – Optimize App Feed
5 – Social Features
6 – Customizing Images
7 – GPS Features
8 – Messaging
9 – Push-Notifications
10 -Search

Where can I download a Instagram clone?

You can download the Instagram clone using the link below:

Instagram Clone App Download

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