List of IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS providers

Have you ever considered to move your business to the cloud? If yes, then here are some of the most important acronyms for you to wrap your head around. 

  • IaaS 
  • PaaS 
  • BaaS

These are the three major types of cloud computing. Some of these you might have heard before. However, all of these are experiencing a surge in their popularity as more and more businesses are moving to the cloud. 

Introduction to IaaS, PaaS, BaaS

However, to understand things more, let’s have a look at the definitions of each below:

IaaS Definition 

IaaS is known as Infrastructure as a Service. It comprises physical and virtualized resource collection that provides consumers with all the basic building blocks required to run enterprise workload and applications in the cloud. 

IaaS providers are managing large data centers, commonly all around the world. These data centers are containing physical machines required to power abstractions’ various layers on top of them. And these are made available for the users over the web. 

PaaS Definition 

PaaS is also known as Platform as a Service. PaaS is a complete environment of development and deployment in the cloud. It comes up with all the resources that enable its users to deliver anything ranged from cloud-based sophisticated enterprise applications to simple cloud-based applications with ease. 

Please read IaaS vs PaaS to better understand the differences.

BaaS Definition 

BaaS is also called Backend as a Service. It’s a cloud-service model in which developers usually outsource all of their backend functionalities of a mobile or web application. So, they can get more time to manage their frontend and enhance user experience with their applications. 

IaaS Differences with PaaS and BaaS

Now you can use cloud platforms for almost all of your processes and systems. However, whenever you move from IaaS to PaaS to BaaS, you will add service layers or value segments to your apps. Here is a quick overview of how:

  • IAAS = IaaS is based on cloud-based services such as servers, networking and storage, usually, come up with pay as you go model. 
  • PAAS = Just like IaaS, PaaS also provides Infrastructure including storage, networking and servers along with middleware, development software or tools, database management systems, business intelligence tools to deploy, manage and scale applications. 
  • BAAS = However, BaaS is a combination of all the available services in PaaS and key features to develop the Backend. Here are some BaaS project examples.

Top 20 IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS providers

Here are some of the best IaaS, PaaS and BaaS providers that you must know. 

Digital OceanIaaS
Engine YardPaaS
Google CloudIaaS
AWS AmplifyBaaS
Google App EnginePaaS
Alibaba CloudIaaS
Cloud KitBaaS
Game SparksBaaS

Keep reading to know more.

1.    Back4app

Back4app is an amazing BaaS provider whose products are based on multiple open-source technologies like GraphQL, NodeJS, etc. Back4app is an open-source backend that helps developers develop scalable, reliable and feature-rich applications without reinventing the wheel. 

2.    AWS

AWS, also known as Amazon Web Service, is another amazing and value-added solution offered by tech and ecommerce giant Amazon. 

However, this is a widely used IaaS provider for businesses. At the same time, it is also offering PaaS and BaaS services for its huge client base. It is a cost-effective solution and offers features like Savings Plans.

3.    Heroku

Heroku is an effective cloud-based, open language applications system. It is based on an effectively managed, secure container system and lets developers experience a high level of reliability, scalability and flexibility with ease. 

4.    Firebase

Firebase is another most amazing web and mobile applications development suite that provides developers endless possibilities of developing innovative and futuristic applications.

It can even help developers create lucrative server-free applications or push notifications on the smartphones of users in a secure, simple and scalable manner. 

Most importantly, real-time databases are the best among all other key features of Firebase

5.    Digital Ocean

It is an amazing cloud computing solutions provider with robust IaaS features with a lucrative agile server setup. It is a commonly used service for affordable hosting solutions and well-known for its scalability and flexibility. 

6.    Engine Yard

Engine Yard is another PaaS provider that can let you configure, automate and deploy applications in a secure cloud environment. This powerful and effective cloud-based management software is here to help developers and DevOps to monitor, provision and control their mobile applications. 

7.    Google Cloud

Another market-leading cloud computing solution provider backed by Google. It comes up with an extensive cloud resources collection. It can even let you access modular cloud offerings and management components with ease. 

8.    Backendless

It is a general-purpose platform meant for mobile application development. Surprisingly, it comes up with 4-pillers including:

  • Web hosting service 
  • BaaS framework 
  • A services marketplace 
  • API generation engine. 

The availability of three pricing tiers makes Backendless a more flexible option for anyone. 

9.    Azure

It is another best Backend as a Service platform in our list, which Microsoft backs. It allows developers to create user-engaging applications quickly. You can utilize the mobile application features offered by Azure to build both native and cross-platform apps quickly for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. 

10. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is another amazing product offered by Amazon Web Service. 

It is a JavaScript-based library for the frontend. It is also helping developers to develop cloud-based applications without greasing their elbows into technicalities. 

Overall, it has made the process of developing lucrative yet stable applications pretty easier.

11. Google App Engine

It is another cloud-based computing service provider that can let you host your applications in an existing infrastructure of Google. It is an effective PaaS solution that can let developers get high-performance hosting services. Even more, it also offers easier resource management and enhanced scalability for added convenience. 

12. Linode

Linode provides VPS hosting services for Linux servers. Even more, it is offering an extensive range of services such as networking resources, storage, computing resources, along with an amazing marketplace. 

Businesses who want to fulfill all their hosting and infrastructure requirements for their growing needs can benefit from Linode’s services with ease. 

13. Kuzzle

Kuzzle is one of the most amazing yet efficient, ready to use backend solution which you can host easily on your Infrastructure. This platform is meant to power and unifies reliable, stable and innovative mobile and web applications. 

14. Vultr

It is a powerful IaaS provider based on high-performance SSD cloud servers that are boasting a global footprint. It is meant to offer the most efficient and reliable hosting service for app developers worldwide. 

15. Kinvey

It is an enterprise-oriented BaaS provider. However, in 2017, this solution was acquired by Progress Software. Since then, Kinvey is a part of this great organization and offers amazing solutions and features to develop applications faster than ever before. 

Most importantly, this BaaS framework also has built-in HIPPA compliance to make things easier for you. 

16. Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is a serverless computing platform that is meant to provide you all the essential services required to develop and deploy your applications or services without even greasing your elbows in the tough processes of managing your Infrastructure on your own. 

Most amazingly, you can enjoy a test drive of this platform with its free trial before investing any money into it. 

17. Dokku

Dokku is one of the best PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions, allowing you to configure and deploy an application to a development environment on a distinct server. Dokku is based on Dokur, a container system based on Linux to manage all of its deployments in the best possible way. Even more, it allows users to deploy their applications or services on a remote server as well. 

18. Cloud Kit

It is a Backend as a Service solution by Apple. It is meant to work with Xcode in an integrated way. It will let you sync data between different applications, store app data, sync data across multiple devices, and do much more without writing any code. 

19. Game Sparks

Even though Game Sparks is another BaaS provider that AWS owns, this provider mainly focuses on providing back-end solutions for gaming applications. With its list of extensive features, Game Sparks is here to make your game development process super fun and simple. 

20. Parse

Parse is an interesting backend framework that is here to speed up the mobile applications development process. It comes up with technical yet detailed documentation, which can make it simpler to use for developers. Ultimately, developers can build feature-rich applications with ease. 

Most amazingly, many developers are backing this platform, and the framework is entirely free to utilize. 


Overall, all the cloud computing models, including IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS, are important to dramatically reduce the workload of enterprises. However, when it comes to choosing the best available IaaS, PaaS or BaaS provider, things can become pretty overwhelming due to the availability of numerous options in this regard. 

However, here we have brought a list of the 20 best IaaS, PaaS and BaaS providers, which will make selection easier for you.


What is a IaaS?

IaaS is based on cloud-based services such as servers, networking and storage, usually, come up with pay as you go model. 

What is a PaaS?

Just like IaaS, PaaS also provides Infrastructure including storage, networking and servers along with middleware, development software or tools, database management systems, business intelligence tools to deploy, manage and scale applications. 

What is a BaaS?

However, BaaS is a combination of all the available services in PaaS and key features to develop the Backend. 

What are the best IaaS, PaaS, and BaaS providers?

– Back4App
– Heroku
– Firebase
– Digital Ocean
– Engine Yard
– Google Cloud
– Backendless
– Azure
– AWS Amplify
– Google App Engine
– Linode
– Kuzzle
– Vultr
– Kinvey
– Alibaba Cloud
– Dokku
– Cloud Kit
– Game Sparks
– Parse

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