What Projects Are Best Suited to BaaS?

What Projects Are Best Suited to BaaS?

What Type of Projects Are Best Suited to BaaS?

Reading this article you will discover five types of projects that you can develop using a BaaS – Backend as a Service. The list includes:

  • Social media apps (alike Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Real-time chat applications (alike WhatsApp)
  • Taxi apps (alike Uber)
  • Video and music streaming apps (similar to Netflix)
  • Mobile games

As technology is evolving with time and bringing more amazing solutions to make our lives easier and helping us handling various tasks of our regular lives more conveniently. However, when it comes to mobile technology then most people understand the fact that building and handling an effective mobile application or managing a software development solution is always tough. It is because mobile applications and web developers are facing tough challenges at the present time because of faster application development with the use of different types of programming languages.

Even the operating systems of the devices are also upgrading with the passage of time due to which developers are being pushed continuously to bring and update the variants of mobile applications that they build. While most of the web and mobile application developers are utilizing one by one network along with the server architecture which is not only time consuming but also a resource-consuming practice. However, the arrival of BaaS in the market of software development has helped to prepare the applications on cloud infrastructure which is bringing a heavier focus on scalability.

Introduction about BaaS

BaaS is also known as Backend as a Service, or mBaaS – Mobile Backend as a Service, which is a next-generation website and mobile application development approach. BaaS is allowing a highly cost-effective and easy way to develop the backend of mobile and web applications. These are the services that can provide the developers with a fully functional backend of any application. In simple words, BaaS is a more effective option which is providing the developers of mobile and web applications a more amazing way to hook up their development projects to the backend which are normally located in the cloud storage. There are various BaaS examples with an amazing range of features that developers have managed in a more effective way.

Five Examples of BaaS Projects

mBaaS is one of the most amazing solutions which is helping the developers to manage their projects, servers and other necessary features addition in the best possible way. This is the time when developers are able to integrate different services with their platforms to improve performance with ease. Do you want to know what are the best BaaS projects which can be beneficial for you to know? Well, here are 5 best BaaS use cases which are surely going to be better for you to understand how BaaS can be utilized in the best possible way.

Social Media App (similar to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Most of the social media applications are having login panels, different types of data to store on databases (Text, images, videos, posts or comments, etc.). Even more, various platforms are also offering private real-time chats, and push notifications. Well, the features of BaaS such as push notification, data management, real-time databases, user authentication, and email verification can help the developers to manage the backend services of social media applications in the best possible way. Even more, at the present time, various social media platforms are also offering the services of connecting your account with other platforms (such as linking Instagram with Facebook, Twitter, etc.) this can be managed with third-party integrations with ease.

Real-time chat apps (similar to WhatsApp)

When it comes to creating a chat application that can allow the users to chat in real-time just like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, etc. then these are the applications that actually demand a lot from the backend of the application. Even more, it normally makes various API calls, for example, search filters, cloud storage, messaging and of course real-time database access. However, at the present time, developers are not finding it hard to manage their Real-time chat application projects. It is because the push notification, social media integration, real-time databases, data and user management, etc. are helping a lot to manage the things in a more effective way. BaaS is not only helping to make the applications efficient but also allowing the developers to create more attractive frontends.

Taxi Pick Up Apps (similar to Uber)

Managing the backend of the applications which not only required to manage the general features like push notifications, user authentication, etc. but also needs to manage the location-based features in a more effective way has become easier than ever before. The most common examples of such applications are taxi pick up apps just like Uber. However, BaaS can help the developers to manage the backend of these applications with Geolocation. It is one of the most important features which can help more in the development of location-aware applications. With the help of BaaS geolocation, a developer can add location-related tasks immediately in their project. Even more, these geolocation services are arriving with console enabling management, high security, and effective data policies. Even more, it can also provide a highly attractive and detailed interface to view your entire location related information more effectively.

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Video/Music Streaming Apps (similar to Spotify / Netflix, Hulu)

As a movie lover, most of the people spend a lot of time on Netflix, Hulu or similar other platforms. However, to get movies, serials or seasons from the databases require to build an effective database application on the top of the API. Well, BaaS can help the developers to manage different databases simultaneously. Even more, it can also handle the subscription process with the help of user authentication and email verification processes.

Games (trivia, puzzles, educational)

Most of the educational, puzzles and other types of games require user registration, track progress, easy control, customized assignments, etc. All of these essential backend services can be handled with BaaS features just like user authentication, database optimization, logs, etc. with ease. Even more, BaaS options are also offering easier customization options which can let the developers modify the services as per their needs.

See a real-life example below:

Trivia Game


As the consumer demands and needs are continuously growing along with the rise in the competition among the mobile and web applications developers. While BaaS can help the developers at every step of backend development. BaaS are the options which are also providing all of the important features such as sending a push notification, sending messages, social media integration, and connecting with the third-party services (cloud-based).  Well, there exist a great variety of features and amazing options that developers can utilize in their various projects.

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What are the best projects to run on BaaS?

– Social Media Apps
– Real time applications
– Streaming apps (video, music, etc)
– Games

What are the key BaaS features?

– Database abstraction
– APIs (GraphQL and REST)
– Authentication
– Social Login
– Push-Notifications
– Scalable Hosting

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