Top 10 jQuery Alternatives

Top 10 jQuery Alternatives
jQuery Alternatives

This article will explore ten of the best jQuery alternatives. The list includes React, Javascript, Vue, Bootstrap, Cash, Zepto, etc.

These days most applications are being made to work primarily on the web. It brings many benefits for an end-user present on the client-side.

However, the developers need to focus more on different things. jQuery has been there for more than 15 years now, and its popularity for HTML scripting was because of bringing more features with less code to any web app.

While it is still an amazing software library, it does not meet certain requirements most efficiently. It is what we are here for. Here we will discuss the top 10 alternatives to jQuery that you can use.

What is jQuery?

jQuery has been one of the favorite choices of most developers working on web apps. It is an open-source and free software library with many benefits for the developers.

It is lightweight in comparison with JavaScript. At the same time, it is extensible and versatile for developers.

Using jQuery also makes the web pages load quickly because of its Backend technicalities. Apart from these, there are a lot of different advantages and disadvantages of jQuery, as discussed below.

jQuery Advantages

the following are some of the best advantages of jQuery

  • JavaScript enhancement

jQuery works as JavaScript enhancement, meaning that you will not have to go through the learning curve if you already know JavaScript.

  • Ability to code simple

JQuery is very simple in terms of working and reading. It is also very clear and reusable.

  • Ease of use

Using jQuery is easier if you compare it with other JavaScript libraries and JavaScript itself.

jQuery Disadvantages

While jQuery brings many features and benefits, there are some disadvantages to it. Below are some of them

  • The library is huge to download

The jQuery library is too huge to download, so it may take longer than expected to get started with it.

  • Hides parts of the JavaScript

Coding in jQuery has abstraction in it. It hides the parts of JavaScript in the code, which sometimes makes code complex to understand and learn.

  • jQuery DOM APIs are obsolete

The browsers these days have become much more advanced. Nowadays, browsers can do the same things which jQuery DOM APIs do. So, it gets obsolete.

Top 10 jQuery Alternatives

There are many different options that you can use as a jQuery alternative. Here are the top 10 out of all the available options.

1.     React

The best alternative to jQuery is React because it fulfills most developer requirements in the best way possible.

It is a JavaScript library where you can create a user interface with ease, making it good for web app development on the client-side.

Adding new features in the future is easy, and it does not require any new code. It is only because of the component-driven model of React.

2.     JavaScript

Using Native JavaScript can be your best choice if you want a jQuery alternative because of the feature set it brings.

It comes with independence, better control, a simple coding environment, an arrow function, and many browser technicalities.

Although in terms of functionality, it is great, it may not be as easy to use in terms of coding as jQuery. 

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3.     Vue

A JavaScript framework that makes a good open-source alternative to jQuery. It is ideal for creating user interfaces for web apps.

It can also be your best choice for making Mobile and Desktop apps. Vue comes with features like versatility, event handling, transitions, animation, virtual DOM, and more that ensure that it is not behind jQuery in terms of development. Vue also offers flexibility.

4.     Umbrella JS

Umbrella JS allows you to use native JS methods, making it a famous jQuery alternative. There are only a few changes in its Syntax, and apart from that, everything is the same.

Umbrella JS is small in size and is easy to use. The small size makes loading speeds faster, even on mobile devices.

In terms of developer support, it comes with good documentation. Code reusability is a feature that makes it even more valuable.

5.     Chibi JS

If your specific requirement is getting a library of small size, then it is your best choice. Responsiveness is great, and the websites load quickly when developed with Chibi JS.

It comes with good support for a wide range of modern-day browsers. So, the web app performance is good with Chibi JS.

6.     Syncfusion Essential JS2

It is a JavaScript UI controls TypeScript library with features including lightweight nature, lower learning curve, and overhead.

Similarly, it comes with a modular library that makes web apps more feature-rich. If you want reliability in performance, then Syncfusion Essential JS2 is your best choice.

7.     Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for creating web apps that are responsive and work well on mobiles.

Design templates allow easy customization, making interface designing easy here. Similarly, it is easier to learn in comparison to jQuery.

Bootstrap always focuses on making websites as responsive as possible with all its features and Backend technicalities like styles, utility classes, and structure.

8.     Cash

Cash comes with a basic syntax like jQuery, and it provides all the fundamental features that one will need.

However, it comes with good support for almost all browsers over IE10+, making it a popular plug-in option. The small file size of only 8KB makes it very attractive for developers, making handling easier.

9.     Zepto

Zepto is an open-source library with a large library of APIs compatible with jQuery.

It makes it an amazing jQuery alternative because these APIs allow you to get most of the features similar to what you will get from jQuery.

These APIs are flexible and come with an MIT license. Getting started with jQuery is not difficult as long as you know JavaScript.

10.  Angular JS

Google powers Angular JS, and it is an open-source framework that comes with amazing extensibility.

Angular JS is a perfect choice for many domains, including Business Analytics, eCommerce, and IoT. Its key features include quick development with an agile development approach and usability.

These development-easing features make using Angular JS a delight for the developers.


Efficiency in software development means doing the job in the best manner. The selection of the wrong technology or language often acts as a barrier or bottleneck for programmers’ efficiency.

If you were also facing some issues with jQuery, we hope that now you know which of the jQuery alternatives is the best for you.

Selecting the best one from the options above will make your development process easy. Similarly, it will make future updates efficient and simple.


What is jQuery?

Open-source and free software library with many benefits for the developers.

What are the pros & cons of jQuery?

Pros: Javascript enhancement, ability to code simple, easy of use
Cons: Huge to download, hides parts of the Javascript, DOM APIs are obsolete

What are the best alternatives to jQuery?

– React
– Javascript
– Vue
– Umbrella
– Chibi
– Syncfusion Essential JS2
– Bootstrap
– Cash
– Zepto
– Angular

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