Top 10 Kotlin Alternatives – Which is the best?

This article will explore ten of the best Kotlin alternatives. The list includes Python, Java, Golang, Flutter, React Native, Ruby, etc.

A computer system works on several components. The programming language is one of the major causes of how certain tasks are completed smoothly. 

Without using a programming language, there can be no coding or decoding in your system. That means several alternative aligned tasks cannot be operated. But with software development languages like Kotlin, you do not have to worry more. 

It is an extremely safe and reliable programming language that has quite a lot of alternatives. However, today we will discuss further the top 10 alternatives to Kotlin in detail.

What is Kotlin programming language?

Before we dive into the details of the Kotlin programming language, we must know that it is an open-source programming language. That means it is always available for everyone on the web pages. 

Moreover, Kotlin programming language is very easy to learn and understand since it supports a syntax system similar to Java. That is another computer software language.

There are many reasons why Kotlin programming language is considered among the usual choice of most IT users and developers. However, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Reduces the number of problems and crashes.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Increases work efficiency.
  • Offers faster speed.

All the points mentioned above highlight why Kotlin is considered a reliable programming language

Top 10 Alternatives to Kotlin

Now, with the increasing hype and fame for the Kotlin programming language, people want to discover something similar. Therefore, some of the top 10 alternatives to Kotlin language are described in detail below.

1.     Python

Python language is an outstanding alternative to Kotlin software language. It is acknowledged as one of the best and among the common object-centered and high legibility languages.

The foremost cause for this language getting all the publicity is its advanced production in a rapid period. 

Some emphasized whys and wherefores for Python being used by most users as an alternate to Kotlin are as follows.

  • Proposals programmed accomplishment of tasks.
  • Appropriate scrutinizing of files.
  • Offers a high speed.
  • Improved output.

2.     Java

Java is also an additional overall program design language focused on objects. It is a vital computing software program language used for the progress of numerous applications.

It offers a very fast, consistent experience with exceptional operating productivity. Some of how most users benefit from the Java language are mentioned below.

  • Bids a vast variety of application expansion tools.
  • Required for managing large sets of data.
  • Used for various science-related compartments.

3.     Golang

Golang language is also among the list of top 10 alternatives to Kotlin. Golang is also stated to like Go. It is an open-source software development language typed statically with proper base compilation.

The users access it in a way that makes it easier, simpler and dependable for the IT users to work with. Some emphasized motives for why you must choose Golang as another language to Kotlin are as follows.

  • Easy and simple adapting approaches.
  • Good standard work and syntax.
  • You can use it without any privacy issues.

4.     Flutter

Flutter is again an open-source language and is available to everyone on websites. It is known to have backup support by Google.

It is an excellent language for coding in a simple way. It has various grounds on which it can meet the ends of users, and some of them are as follows.

  • Offers a single base for coding.
  • The quick development of applications.
  • Variety of widgets.

5.     React Native

React native is also an open-source programming language and is believed to be quite useful. It has quite a strong performance and is mostly driven by the community.

The React native language is backed up by famous applications like Facebook. Some highlighting features of React native are mentioned below.

  • Allows live reload.
  • Ideal to be used by mobile phones.
  • Permits for the codes to be reused.

6.     Swift

Swift also tends to be one of the all-purpose processer languages believed to be used to produce codes. The fundamentals of this language are grounded on the reliable method for the operators.

The Swift language aims to make advanced performance applications for mobile phones and desktops. A few of the key features and pros of opting for Swift as an alternative to Kotlin are follows.

  • Permits easy programming and decryption
  • Varieties that are existing a single side.
  • Main or fixated input of encrypting of data.

7.     Ruby

It is also an open-source program design language referred to as an interpreted language. It is also a multipurpose software development language that bids uncountable profits to the operators.

It has an analogous running syntax to Python and Perl user interface design languages. It offers the below-mentioned benefits to its’ users.

  • Excellent language to be used by the beginners.
  • Protects against malware.
  • Offers authentication and zero error messages.

8.     TypeScript

TypeScript is a programming language that is quite similar to JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language, whereas, TypeScript is an object-oriented coding language.

Furthermore, TypeScript is ideal for analyzing any sort of errors in the early stages. It lowers the causes of errors and, in return, increases productivity levels.

Some of the reasons why TypeScript is known to be among the alternatives to Kotlin are mentioned below.

  • Supports JS libraries.
  • It is a portable coding language.
  • Easy to read and decode.

9.     Elm

Elm is yet another software design language driven by a compiler, which means that the general operating time is fast.

Elm programming language is also typed statically, making it quite easy to detect problems and solve them at the moment.

Some ways in which users can be benefitted from Elm coding language are as follows.

  • Extremely safe and reliable.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Simple syntax system.

10.  Haskell

Haskell is a totally practical and all-purpose software design language. It works ideally for the entering of codes as scientific terminologies.

The Haskell coding language commonly opts in the section of research and other educational purposes. Furthermore, the Haskell coding language is also among the statically typed software program coding language. 

Some key features of the Haskell language are mentioned below.

  • Inputting of data as Polymorphism.
  • Allows the matching of patterns.
  • Supports Monads, combinators and much more.


Thinking of some top alternatives to the Kotlin coding language? Then make sure to give the mentioned top 10 alternatives to Kotlin are brief look. You can decide on anything which seems easy for you.


What is Kotlin?

A modern, cross-platform, statically typed programming language.

What are the pros and cons of Kotlin?

Pros: Less code, cross platform, modern
Cons: Still no Java, compilation speed

What are ten of the best Kotlin alternatives?

– Python
– Java
– Golang
– Flutter
– React Native
– Swift
– Ruby
– TypeScript
– Elm
– Haskell

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