Top 10 Alternatives to Pusher

Top 10 Alternatives to Pusher
Pusher Alternatives

Real-time messaging has become an integral part of modern web and mobile applications.

Whether it’s for live chat, notifications, or real-time updates, the need for reliable and efficient real-time communication platforms has never been more critical.

Pusher has been a popular choice for real-time features. It provides tools and infrastructure to implement real-time communication and push notifications seamlessly into their applications.

However, several alternatives offer unique features and capabilities. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about top alternatives to Pusher that can elevate your real-time communication experience.

What is Pusher?

Pusher is a cloud-based platform that provides developers with the necessary infrastructure to build real-time applications effortlessly.

It offers powerful APIs and SDKs that allow developers to add real-time functionality to their web and mobile applications. They can do so without the need for complex server-side code or infrastructure management.

Develop scalable real-time features

Pusher’s real-time communication product is designed to simplify the implementation of real-time features in web and mobile applications.

It provides a WebSocket-based infrastructure that enables developers to build interactive, collaborative, and engaging experiences.

  • Pusher allows you to stream data in real time to connected clients, enabling instant updates and live synchronization across multiple devices. It is particularly useful in applications where multiple users need to see changes made by others immediately.
  • Pusher organizes data streams into channels, which act as logical containers for related data. Each channel can have multiple events, representing specific actions or updates within that channel.

Send programmatic push notifications

Push notifications have become an important aspect of mobile applications. These allow developers to engage users even when they are not actively using the app.

Pusher’s push notification product provides a simple yet powerful solution. It helps to implement push notifications across multiple platforms.

  • Pusher supports push notifications on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to reach users on their preferred devices. With a single integration, you can send push notifications to users across different platforms.
  • Pusher provides analytics and metrics to track the performance of your push notification campaigns. You can monitor delivery rates, open rates, and engagement metrics to gain insights into the effectiveness of your notifications.

Top 10 Alternatives to Pusher

Company NameHeadlineKey Features
Back4appShip applications with the power of AIReal-time, relational queries; Push notifications; Customization; Privacy features
FirebaseGoogle’s Mobile and Web App Development ToolReal-time database; Scalable infrastructure; Firebase Analytics; Offline data synchronization
AblyReal-time Data Delivery PlatformPub/sub messaging; Presence; Message history; SDKs for various languages and platforms
OneSignalPush Notification ServicePersonalized notifications; Advanced targeting; Analytics and reporting; Multi-platform support
PubNubGlobal Messaging InfrastructurePublish/subscribe; Presence; Access management; Low-latency communication; IoT applications support
Socket.IOJavaScript Library for Real-time Web ApplicationsBidirectional communication; Automatic reconnection; Different namespaces and rooms; Data in various formats
AirShipCloud-based Messaging PlatformPersonalized notifications; In-app messaging; Analytics; Multi-platform support; Innovative features in mobile app space
PushyPush Notification Delivery ServiceCross-platform push notifications; MQTT connection; Fast delivery; Easy integration
SignalRReal-time Web Application Framework for ASP.NETReal-time messaging; Connection management; Integration with ASP.NET and Azure; Support for various transport protocols
AWS AppSyncFully Managed Service for Real-time Data SynchronizationGraphQL API; Real-time data updates; Integration with AWS services; Offline capabilities

Let’s have a deeper look at the best alternatives to Pusher that you must know.


Back4app is a Backend as a Service (BaaS) solution. It offers an extensive range of features and benefits to its users.

Back4app is an open-source provider that helps developers build applications without the need to get into Backend Development.

It allows for greater transparency, customization, and flexibility in development. Real-time, relational queries and push notifications are the key features of Back4app.

The real-time relational queries allow developers to fetch nested data from multiple classes in a single API call.

While, the push notification feature enables developers to send notifications to their users’ devices.

Back4app prioritizes user privacy and provides features to ensure data protection and compliance with privacy regulations.

Above all, developers can easily add features like chat, notifications, and live updates to their apps with Back4app.

Please read the article What are push-notifications to learn more about this subject and understand how to send notifications using Back4app.


Firebase is a mobile and web app development platform provided by Google. It offers a range of cloud-based development tools that help developers build, deploy, and scale their applications.

The Realtime Database of Firebase is a cloud-hosted NoSQL solution that allows real-time data storage and synchronization across all users’ devices. It enables developers to build apps that are always up to date, even when users are offline.

The Firebase Realtime Database allows developers to build apps that can sync data in real-time across multiple devices, providing a seamless user experience.

It also provides a scalable infrastructure that can handle apps with millions of users without compromising on responsiveness.

Firebase Analytics provides insights into user behavior and app usage, helping developers make data-driven decisions to improve their apps.


Ably is a real-time data delivery platform that provides a suite of APIs for building scalable, reliable, and secure real-time features.

It offers features such as pub/sub messaging, presence, and message history, along with SDKs for various programming languages and platforms.

Ably ensures the guaranteed delivery of real-time messages at scale, enabling seamless user experiences.

It can handle millions of concurrent connections and simultaneous running events, making it suitable for applications with high traffic and demand.

With its focus on performance, reliability, and global infrastructure, ably is a compelling alternative to Pusher. The fact is especially truer for real-time messaging and data streaming use cases.


OneSignal is a robust push notification service that can be used as an alternative to Pusher for real-time updates.

It enables developers to send personalized notifications to their users across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.

OneSignal offers advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities, allowing developers to deliver relevant and timely notifications.

OneSignal allows developers and marketers to send push notifications to users on various platforms, including mobile devices and web browsers. You can send notifications to users who have subscribed to your website with it.

OneSignal allows you to display messages within your mobile app, providing targeted and contextual information to your users.

Above all, it offers analytics and reporting features to track the performance of your notifications and campaigns, helping you optimize your engagement strategies.


PubNub is a real-time communication platform that offers a global messaging infrastructure for building scalable and reliable real-time applications.

It provides features such as publish/subscribe, presence, and access management, along with support for various SDKs and integrations with popular frameworks and platforms.

With its focus on low-latency communication and high availability, PubNub is a strong contender for real-time messaging and IoT applications.

It powers apps for various purposes, including virtual work, play, learning, and health. PubNub Provides a base for online chat, remote IoT control, geolocation, live events, and real-time updates across numerous industries.

Socket.IO is a popular JavaScript library enabling real-time, event-based, and bidirectional communication between web clients and servers.

It offers a simple yet powerful API for building real-time applications and supports various transports. These transports include WebSocket, AJAX long polling, and more.

  • With its wide adoption and active community, is a strong solution for web-based real-time communication.
  • Socket.IO provides additional features beyond plain WebSocket, such as automatic reconnection, support for different namespaces and rooms, and the ability to send and receive data in various formats.

Above all, Socket.IO allows for bi-directional communication between clients and servers. It means that both the client and server can send and receive data in real-time.


AirShip is a cloud-based messaging platform that provides push notification services for mobile and web applications.

It offers an easy-to-use API and a range of features, including personalized notifications, in-app messaging, and analytics.

AirShip supports multiple platforms and offers integration with popular development frameworks.

Airship has been at the forefront of delivering innovative features in the mobile app space. They introduced push notifications and in-app messages.

It also launched the world’s first no-code native app experience editor. Their platform aims to help brands capture the value of mobile app customers, who are more valuable than non-app customers.


Pushy is a platform that provides lightning-fast and highly reliable push notification delivery for mobile devices worldwide.

It offers a cross-platform solution for sending push notifications to apps on Android, iOS, and the web.

Pushy uses its own background MQTT connection, which is a lightweight and battery-efficient protocol. It ultimately helps to improve notification reliability on Android devices.

Pushy consistently achieves delivery speeds of less than one second for connected devices. The platform provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation.

It helps make it straightforward for developers to integrate the Pushy SDK and start sending notifications quickly.


SignalR is a real-time web application framework for ASP.NET that enables bidirectional communication between clients and servers.

It provides features for real-time messaging, connection management, and integration with ASP.NET and Azure services.

With its support for WebSocket, server-sent events, and other transport protocols, SignalR is a powerful option for building real-time web applications on the Microsoft stack.

SignalR can be hosted on-premises or used with Azure SignalR Service, which provides a fully managed platform for handling concerns like performance, scalability, and availability.

AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables real-time data synchronization and offline capabilities in mobile and web applications.

It offers a powerful GraphQL API for building real-time applications and provides automatic synchronization between client and server data.

AWS AppSync integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, making it a comprehensive choice for developers.

AWS AppSync enables developers to publish real-time data updates to their applications. It allows applications to receive real-time updates as soon as the data changes, providing a more interactive and dynamic user experience.

Please read the article Implementing GraphQL APIs for further information building an API.


Pusher has been a popular choice for real-time communication in applications, but there are now numerous alternatives available.

These alternatives offer similar or even enhanced features. Whether you are looking for a Backend as a service platform, a push notification service, or a real-time messaging system, don’t worry.

The top alternatives we have mentioned here can meet your requirements. Consider your application’s needs, scalability, and ease of integration when choosing the alternative that best suits your project.

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