Sentry vs Firebase | Which is the best?

Suppose you have created an app and are looking for a cloud-based platform that offers complete access to mobile-centric services, including real-time database, authentication, analytics, and others.

In that case, you should look at platforms like Sentry and Firebase. Both have advantages, and you should carefully examine their features to choose which one gives you the most outstanding service for your needs. 

Sentry Overview

Sentry is a cloud-based crash reporting platform. It gives you precise and real-time visibility into app performance.

It provides you with all the information you need to reproduce and fix the app crash issue. This platform informs you about any errors or exceptions that your app users may face when using it.

The Sentry platform organizes all of these problems into exceptions on a web dashboard so you can identify and filter through them to find and fix the root cause of the crash issue. 

Sentry Features

Sentry is an excellent crash detection and fixing tool for your mobile app. It has many capabilities that assist app developers in identifying and repairing app crashes. Some of the critical features of this app include the following:

  • Distributed Tracing

It is an effective monitoring tool that connects the activities and requests that occur among various services. This tool enables developers to follow any end-to-end request as it passes from one service to another.

Distributed tracing allows engineers to spot performance bottlenecks or faults in particular services that may affect the overall system. Distributed tracing can also be used to troubleshoot web applications. 

  • Trace View

Trace View is another crucial feature of Sentry. It provides you with a clear line between different transactions across your projects.

You can use this line to check bad performance’s primary cause. Checking poor performance can be accomplished by delving deeply into the details of each trace and crisscrossing between front and back and transactions within that trace. 

  • Trace Navigator

This is another crucial feature of Sentry. The trace Navigator provides you with the context you need so that you can visualize the details and link them to the larger picture in a single glance.

Trace Navigator’s minor map feature lets you view related issues and children’s transactions. The mini map allows you to skip between performance concerns and associated errors and order details such as browser, device, and operating system. 

Sentry Pricing

Sentry offers four different pricing plans. These plans cater to the demands of different app developers and their unique requirements.

  • Developer

This free plan offers limited performance and error monitoring. Some features include release tracking, support for all languages, and access to community forums.

  • Team

For this plan, you must pay $ 26 per month. It offers core error and performance monitoring features. It also allows you to monitor flexible event volume. This plan allows unlimited numbers, third-party integrations, and metric alerts.

  • Business

This is one of the most comprehensive plans of Sentry in which you get standardized error and performance monitoring ability.

The pricing plan for the business model is $ 80 per month. Some important features you can access in this price segment are advanced analytics, SAML support, cross-project visibility, and a custom dashboard.

  • Enterprise

This segment of Sentry offers complete platform monitoring with cross-project insights. The price of this plan depends upon the requirements of an individual organization and what they want to do.

Its highlights include data locality options, single and multiple options, priority support and SLAs, security, and compliance.

Firebase Overview

The Firebase application development platform gives app developers a range of tools that assist them in creating mobile apps and optimizing their performance, reporting any crashes, and resolving them. 

Firebase Features

This cloud-based platform provides several tools for identifying and resolving app crashes. It also contains various analytical functions, allowing app developers to monitor its performance. Here are a few important features of Firebase:  

  • Cloud functions of Firebase  

You can use Firebase to run some backend code to create some new events remotely. This is very important to test the app remotely to find the issues creating performance issues in the app.

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging  

You can send notifications to your application using Firebase’s Cloud Messaging service. It is one of the most used features of this platform. 

  • Crashlytics 

Another essential feature of the Firebase architecture is crashlytics. If a crash occurs in a Firebase app, this functionality reports it to the Firebase console.

This report contains detailed information about why the incident occurred. It also informs you of the OS version the app was operating on.

Crashlytics significantly assists app developers in determining the valid reason for the problem and resolving it so that the user does not encounter a similar issue in the future. 

  • Allows remote configuration  

Firebase’s remote configuration capability is quite powerful, allowing you to change the app’s appearance even when it is not updated. 

Firebase Pricing

Firebase only offers two pricing options: the free Spark plan and the Blaze plan, in which you have to pay according to how many features you are using.

  • Spark plan

This plan is for developers who want to test their concepts and check their apps. It includes 360 MB/day of data transfer, five GB of data storage on the cloud, and 10 GB of hosting storage.

  • Blaze Plan

This plan is for professionals, and in this plan, you get all the services you can access in the free program.

Additionally, if you want to buy a further 10 GB of hosting storage, you must pay $ 0.026/GB. After completing the 360 MB, you must pay $ 0.15/GB for any additional data transfer. 

The Firebase platform has extra pricing features; check out their website for more information. 

Firebase vs Sentry Comparison

OverviewPerformance monitoring and error tracking platform.App development platform.
Parent CompanyIndependent
Series E
Date foundation20152011
Free tierYesYes
PricingTeam – $26/month
Business – $80/month
Enterprise – Under quote
Pay as you go
Featured clientsDisney


Both Firebase and Sentry are fantastic platforms.

Choose Firebase if you want a comprehensive app development platform that includes app monitoring, testing, and problem-fixing functions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a crash issue identification platform, then choose Sentry. It helps you find out the crash issues so that you may fix them.

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