What tech stack does Stripe use?

What tech stack does Stripe use?
What tech stack does Stripe use_

Do you want to get your business a full-stack payment processor? Many of the businesses continue to turn to Stripe in this regard. It is mainly because this helps simplify the check-out process efficiently for their businesses.

Don’t you know about the Stripe tech stack yet? Then simply keep reading this article as it will let you walk through important aspects of the Stripe tech stack. You can get to know more about it with ease.

So, here we go:

What is Stripe?

Well, simply Stripe is an online payment and credit card processing platform commonly used by businesses. When any customer buys a product online, they have to deliver the purchasing funds to the seller. Inserting a Stripe will help to perform this task with utmost convenience.

Stripe can offer you a safer and more efficient funds processing solution via bank transfer and credit cards. Stripe will then transfer these funds to the account of the seller automatically.

Most importantly, the Stripe platform comes up with both a credit card payment gateway and payment processing platform a well. As both of these are essential to make online transactions more successful and convenient for your customers.

Overall, Stripe is the simplest, easiest, and most efficient online payment processing platform that you can consider for your business.

History of Stripe

Stripe was founded by 2 Irish brothers named John and Patrick Collison in Palo Alto, CA. The service was incepted in 2009. However, Stripe received massive funds from different entities.

These also include Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, co-founders of PayPal, venture capital firms such as SV Angel, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Liam Casey, an Irish entrepreneur.

The company later moved to San Francisco from Palo Alto in 2012.

While Stripe made its very first acquisition in March 2013. Kickoff was initially a task-management and chat application.

Also, in 2021, the company announced its relocation from the South Market area of San Francisco to Oyster point, in South San Francisco’s neighboring city.

In February 2022, the company appointed Mark Carney and the Bank of England governor to the Stripe board.

Currently, Stripe is offering multiple services. These services include:

  1. Corporate finance
  2. Payment processing
  3. Credit cards and loans offered for businesses
  4. Stripe Climate

What are the advantages of Stripe?

Over time Stripe tech stack is gaining more and more popularity. That’s too for a good reason. Let’s get to know about the key benefits of Stripe below to understand these reasons better. So here we go:

1.     Highly communicative

The interaction of Stripe developers with the management programmers is highly effective for the ones using Stripe. It is mainly because the key feature of Stripe to listen to their users and developers’ community keenly is the most beneficial aspect of the company.

2.     API

Luckily, Stripe is offering a higher level of flexibility to both programmers and developers. It is meant to offer them a rich and robust experience via Stripe API.

The API of Stripe has a resource-oriented HTTP and URL to regulate error codes effectively. Additionally, Stripe checkout is quite a useful solution for developers.

3.     Top-notch customer support system

Freenode is an excellent customer support system for Stripe. It is basically a chat-based community consisting of technology users and professionals. Additionally, online Stripe support is also remarkable from this platform.

4.     The cost-effective payment processing platform

Whenever it comes to choosing the right payment processing solution for your business, the cost of that solution is usually the most important concern for businesses.

Fortunately, Stripe is one of the most reasonably priced payment and credit card processing solutions that you can have. Fortunately, it usually comes up with lucrative pricing plans for businesses without any cancellation or monthly fee.

5.     Easier to use

Overall, Stripe is the best payment and credit card processing solution equally for any organization and startup. Most importantly, this payment processing solution can get payments from multiple sources, including Android Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards, to ensure enhanced users’ experience in the best possible way.

6.     Highly secure

Security is always important for every business. Fortunately, offering highly secured payment processing solutions is also the utmost priority of Stripe itself. It is mainly focused on creating a developer-centric experience. Additionally, Stripe has also been investing in high-security consultants consistently.

Most importantly, Stripe is encrypted with AES-256 and offers an entirely safe payment processing solution in the best possible way.

What is the tech stack Stripe uses?

According to Matt Basta, software engineer from Stripe, the tech stack uses multiple languages. However, the major ones are Ruby and JavaScript.

Ruby is here to power up the backend services of Stripe mostly. These include Stripe.com, Stripe API, dashboard, and more.

However, on the other hand, the front-end of the Stripe tech stack is JavaScript oriented mostly.


Ruby is a completely object-oriented programming language created in 1993. It is an open-source programming language that is available on the web freely. It has multiple features similar to Smalltalk. However, the syntax of Ruby is way easier and more convenient.

Advantages of Ruby

Patrick Collison, details on Quora why he choose Ruby as the backend language from Stripe.

  • Ruby offers an entirely free framework that makes developers a more cost-efficient solution.
  • It is based on MVC architecture and instructs its users the view regarding how to effectively display results to the users efficiently and appropriately.
  • Modifying existing code and adding new lucrative features to your Ruby-based solutions is easier.


So, JavaScript is a dynamic and lightweight programming language. It is commonly used in web development to implement client-side scripts for user interactions. It is meant to create efficient network-centric applications.

Advantages of JavaScript

JavaScript is fast as it runs within the browser of the client immediately.

  • The syntax of JavaScript is fairly easier to learn.
  • Fortunately, JavaScript can be used on any web page, unlike other scripting languages available out there.

That’s all that you need to know about Stripe Tech Stack. Hopefully, you have gotten to know about it clearly here. You can use these languages to make things easy for you.

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What is Stripe?

Online payment and credit card processing platform commonly used by businesses.

What are the benefits of Stripe?

– Ease of use
– Ready to use APIs
– Best in class customer service

What is the tech stack from Stripe?

– Ruby
– Javascript

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