Top 5 Alternatives to Pusher

Whether it is application development or managing your developed application after deployment, it gets tough for the developers to manage things like server connections and data management across the whole user community. It isn’t easy because of the complexity of the task, but it is very time-consuming.

One of the best solutions for the developers is to use some tools or platforms that provide their services for the backend. Here we will discuss Pusher and some of the best alternative platforms that can be used instead of Pusher in data management and functionality.

What is Pusher?

The most hectic part of the application development process is adding functionality and data after the application has been deployed. These features, functionalities, and data need to be spread across all the users of the application. The most critical and complicated part is when the data must be sent on a real-time basis.

Well, Pusher is a hosted service that can assist you in all of these tasks. With Pusher, you can easily add functionalities and real-time data to any of your mobile applications and web applications as well.

Pusher Features

Pusher comes with a lot of features that make adding data and functionalities to your applications very easy. Some of the features of Pusher are listed below.

  1. Libraries can be integrated into the runtime
  2. Pusher works with several application development frameworks
  3. Highly scalable solution for all your needs

The Top 5 Alternatives to Pusher

Although Pusher has some great features, it may not the best solution for some users. If you think that Pusher is not the best choice for you, the following are the best five alternatives you can try.

1.    Back4App

One of the world-leading platforms for its managed backend services, Back4App is also great for its real-time data services. Based on open-source technologies, Back4App is a platform that comes with many features and benefits. You do not need to write a lot of code for any of those features and services.


Some of the best features of Back4App are below.

  • Real-time queries
  • User management and authentication
  • Cloud functions
  • Email notifications and Push notifications
  • Scalability options

2.    Firebase

In this era of online technology, every application has some basic needs, of which one is an excellent hosting service. Other than this, other features are related to better development experience and user experience as well. While Pusher focuses more on APIs and Real-time data and functionalities, Firebase is a platform that focuses on a lot of things more.

It is a platform backed and offered by Google, so the experience of hosting and creating applications here is excellent as compared to other options. Additionally, it has similar features as those of Pusher, like real-time APIs.


The following are some features of Firebase.

  • Realtime databases
  • Integration of Machine Learning algorithms
  • Authentication and hosting.
  • Cloud functions and cloud storage
  • Analytics and Crashlytics

3.    PubNub

One of the essential requirements from all types of applications is that of real-time messaging. Whether you are designing an e-commerce application or a trip planner, messaging services are in need in all of them. However, adding this feature and managing the real-time server management and communication is not an easy task.

PubNub is a platform that can help you in building great applications with all of these features. The best part is that you can use the real-time APIs for adding this type of feature to your application.


PubNub comes with a lot of essential features for the developers. Some of those features are below.

  • In-app chat
  • Location tracking
  • In application chatting and messaging
  • Push notifications

4.    One Signal

One platform that is very popular for sending push-notifications is One Signal. It is a platform that offers exceptionally well services for things like customer engagement solutions. All you need to do to get all of its services are installing the SDK.

The best part about One Signal is that it is under use by many international clients and businesses, and it deals with over 8 million messages daily.


The following are some features and aspects of working of One Signal.

  • It has mobile and web application Push Notification services.
  • In application messaging
  • Email and SMS management services

5.    Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Pub/Sub services from the Google cloud platform are also one of the most reliable and durable services if you are looking to get messaging services integrating into your application. The best part about sis that it has the backing of the reliability of Google, which means it will perform exceptionally well in all of the world’s Google regions.

Apart from the messaging services, you can also implement Google Cloud for its other features to make your application perform very well and have many new features. It keeps adding to the features which make it a very good choice.


The following are the features of Google Cloud Pub/Sub services.

  • Durable message storage
  • Asynchronous messaging services.
  • Real-time messages delivery
  • Consistent performance
  • High availability.


The world of application development and updating has become very fast these days. It is all because of the managed services that make it very easy for the developers to create stunning applications in terms of features and functionalities. One issue that is mostly faced is adding data to the application in real-time.

Well, tools and platforms like Pusher provide their services to achieve all of these kinds of tasks. However, Pusher might not be the perfect choice for some people.

So, here we discussed some of the best alternatives that can be used instead of Pusher. Make sure that you select one after considering its features for getting the best tool for your requirements.


What is Pusher?

It is a managed service that provides scalable real-time functionalities and push-notifications.

What are Pusher core features?

– Realtime APIs
– Push-Notifications

What are the best alternatives to Pusher?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– Pubnub
– Google Cloud
– One Signal

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