Vercel vs DigitalOcean | Which is the best?

This article will explore the differences and similarities between Vercel vs DigitalOcean. It will provide an overview of each provider, features, and pricing structure.

With the emergence of the world of technology, cloud computing is coming up with a wide range of opportunities, features, and capabilities for the world.

Keeping this approach in mind, developers are opening up to new ideas and applications powered by the solutions of cloud computing vendors.

No matter if it is Vercel or DigitalOcean, most leading software infrastructure providers have started creating and implementing new strategies in their respective cloud services for enhancing client outcomes.  Simply put, without proper cloud computing, businesses cannot achieve their intended growth. 

Both Vercel and DigitalOcean have proven themselves in the long run as capable cloud solutions providers.

They are currently in the phase of providing extraordinary benefits to businesses across a plethora of sectors. But which one should you opt for? Take a look at the information given below. 

What is Vercel?

Vercel is a widely known cloud platform that enables developers to host websites and their services that are meant to scale automatically, deploy instantly, and need no supervision in the long run.

Vercel was founded in 2015 by Guillermo Rauch. Since its very establishment, it has been offering an intuitive user interface having minimal configuration throughout for hosting static site generators like Hugo or Gatsby and various other CMSs such as WordPress, Contentful, or Prismic.

Features of Vercel

Vercel simply has a wide array of features that requires zero configuration and seamless deployments. To know about them, read on.

  • Scalability

Each layer of Vercel’s infrastructure scales up and down dynamically. This scaling moves from their ingress layer to their storage, functions, and caching systems.

  • Intelligent Edge Caching

The Edge of Vercel is designed to preserve copies of metadata for avoiding and tolerating outages, and effectively maximizing autonomy. The framework integrations that Vercel holds ensure optimal purging and caching.

  • Atomic Deploys

All kinds of Vercel deploys are immutable and each domain acts as a pointer. Deploying and reverting is simply an atomic swap operation.

  • Always Fast and Online

Atomic deploys and reverts ensure that the successful provisioning and acquisition of resources and metadata is moving forward efficiently. This again ensures that user traffic never becomes slow or sees errors or bugs.

Pricing of Vercel

Vercel provides a huge variety of services at distinctive costs that you should always consider knowing. Read on to know about the pricing of Vercel.

  • Hobby – Free or $0 Per Month

This plan is exclusively made for non-commercial or personal projects.

  • Pro – $20 Per Month

This plan is particularly aimed at providing services to small teams who keep a collaborating approach every single time.

  • Enterprise – Custom

The Enterprise plan is simply a custom plan that is made for teams who have more performance needs and security.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is referred to as one of the top cloud hosting providers in the world that offers cloud computing services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Intending to provide multiple services, DigitalOcean’s primary offerings are for website and application hosting cases. This cloud hosting provider comes with an easy-to-use feature and extensive guides for helping users through complicated setups.

Currently, DigitalOcean is considered one of the leading cloud service providers in the United States of America. Further, in 2018, specifically in January, it was entitled as the third-largest cloud hosting company in the world in respect of web-facing computers.

Features of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean provides a wide range of opportunities to business owners and developers around the world with its extraordinary features. To know them, keep reading.

  • Storage Limits

DigitalOcean has clear, pre-determined storage limits that are associated with one of its hosting plans. Its storage limits have the flexibility of getting expanded if the normal site usage exceeds.

  • Bandwidth Allowance

DigitalOcean outlines the amount of data that you and your visitors can easily and cumulatively upload and download over a given period.

  • Control Panel Integration

DigitalOcean has integrated hosting plans that either have proprietary or open-source web hosting control panels. These integrated plans are executed by using a graphical user interface (GUI) – that exclusively facilitates access to additional web hosting management features.

  • CMS Support

DigitalOcean effectively allows for a wide range of content management systems to be used, especially when hosting and managing websites.

Anyone can get one-click support from DigitalOcean or have rapid installations of CMS tools.

  • Web Framework Support

DigitalOcean provides extraordinary support for a huge variety of server-side coding languages along with various top versions of the web frameworks.

Pricing of DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean has a total number of 10 plans that are considered ideal for all kinds of use cases. Keep reading to know about the pricing.

  • Droplets – $4 Per Month

This plan includes deployment in seconds, on-demand scaling up, and running any workload.

  • Kubernetes – $12 Per Month

This is a simple manageable plan with the free control plane, automatic scaling, and high availability.

  • App Platform – ­$0 Per Month

This plan helps build, deploy, and scale apps in real time. It also provides fully managed solutions with zero infrastructure management.

  • Functions – $0 Per Month

This plan helps you build great applications and enables you to pay exactly for what you use. It helps in scaling automatically.

  • Databases – $15 Per Month

This plan involves worry-free setups, easy migration, and proper maintenance along with automated failover and free daily backups.

  • Spaces – $5 Per Month

This plan includes Se-compatible object storage and is considered highly scalable.

  • Volumes – $10 Per Month

It includes block storage, easily scale block storage, resizing when needed, and moving them between droplets.

  • Load Balancers – $12 Per Month

This plan helps improve performance, availability, and scalability. It is compatible with Droplets and Kubernetes.

  • Container Registry – $0 Per Month

With this plan, you can easily store and manage private container images.

  • Support Plan – $0 Per Month

This plan helps you find smart answers to common questions, develop guidelines with the help of experts along with getting free email support.

Vercel vs DigitalOcean Comparison

OverviewPlatform to deploy websites and frontend frameworks. Cloud provider of IaaS, PaaS, and databases services.
Managed servicesYesManaged and not managed
Parent companyIndependent
(Series D)
Core featuresPreviews
Frontend infrastructure
Edge functions
Next.JS Live
Virtual machines
App platform
Featured clientsMeta
Free tierYesFree credits
Paid plansStarts at $20/moStarts at $4/mo


The above-mentioned facts about Vercel and DigitalOcean are extremely crisp which can ideally help you choose the right platform for your business.

Both are effective in their own ways and, therefore, make it hard for you to decide and form a conclusion. Since they are considered the leading cloud service providers in the world, choosing any of them for your business would be great and effective.


What is Vercel?

Platform to deploy websites and frontend frameworks.

What is DigitalOcean?

Cloud provider of IaaS, PaaS, and databases services.

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