What is Apache Usergrid?

Developing an application is very important in this era of digitalization and technology. However, it is not that easy for everyone to develop an application as it requires some skill set to develop a well-functioning application.

While the application development process has many requirements, Backend as a Service makes things easier for everyone. So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app or a web app, you can design the front end and connect it with BaaS.

Apache Usergrid is one of the BaaS providers that provides amazing services, and here we will be elaborating on how it brings the most value for you.

Apache Usergrid Overview

While most BaaS providers provide paid services for the users, it makes things very difficult for small-level businesses. However, Apache Usergrid is a platform that provides its Backend as an open-source platform which makes it possible for small and medium level businesses to develop feature-rich applications without any major concerns.

Although it is an open-source platform, it still compromises features and benefits whatsoever as there is a long list of features provided here.

Apache Usergrid Core Features

Apache Usergrid comes with many features when we talk about web and mobile application backend services provided here. So, the following are some of the features that Apache Usergrid provides.

  • SDKs for development

Apache Usergrid understands that everyone is not a developer and that developing applications from scratch and adding features to the applications is not easy for everyone. So, it provides SDKs for development.

It makes developing Android and iOS application backend development very simple and easy. Meanwhile, you can add a lot of functionalities and features quickly without any issues.

  • Database application

Most of the applications need to be connected to the internet. There is constantly a need to store some data. Whether it is the details that customers provide or the product information database is important.

Apache Usergrid provides a NoSQL database featured application development to make the Backend development process easier for users, ensuring that anyone can add database functionality to their applications.

  • User management

Features like user management bring a lot of value to the application, increasing brand credibility. Apache Usergrid enables the users to develop an application backend with user management and registration features to make an enterprise-grade application.

  • Data storage

Apache Usergrid not only provides a database feature for application development, but you can also store files here in the file storage system. It can take the following files.

  • Text
  • Videos
  • Images

It has features like automatic content detection and URL access control.

Apache Usergrid Advantages

While the features make Apache Usergrid an amazing platform, its advantages further increase the value for the users. So, here are some of the advantages of using Apache Usergrid.

  • Develop your application with ease

When you use Apache Usergrid, you only need to design the front end and connect it with the BaaS. In this way, you can easily develop a feature-rich application whether you are looking to develop a mobile app or web app.

  • No need to miss any features

While some of the BaaS provides make you compromise on some of the important features, it is not the case here. Here you can easily develop applications without the need to miss any of the features.

  • No need to manage hardware or a team of developers

One of the most important advantages here is that you do not need to manage a team of developers for developing your applications. Moreover, you do not need to maintain hardware for your Backend, which saves a lot of cost at your end.


While having an application is very important, there is hardly a way for small businesses to develop amazing applications.

Apache Usergrid is a platform that comes with amazing features to make it possible for everyone to develop amazing and feature-rich applications with the help of its Backend as a Service.


What is Apache Usergrid?

It is an open-source backend as a service.

What are the core features of Apache Usergrid?

– SDKs for development
– Database
– User management
– Data storage

What are the advantages of Apache Usergrid?

– Ease of use
– No hosting hassles
– Complete feature set

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